Expectant Gillian Anderson At The Emmys

Gillian Anderson, who is expecting her second child, was pregnant and proud at the Emmys. I believe she was nominated for her role on the BBC series, Bleak House.

Gillian Anderson



  1. alice says

    omg!! she loks soo stunning and she is jus glowing in that outfit!! She looks sooo happy an beautiful, good 4 her!!”
    But how many months pregnant is she?? it’s gettin bigger every day!! lol
    Can’t wait to see the little tigger!!

  2. andrea says

    hahaha i love the dress so chic did you see how slutty some stars looked
    Gillian was a breath of fresh air!would have been nicer in white though!?
    saw some other better pixs on the net ,the pic on here is not a good one.

  3. sparky says

    She looks good but I hate that dress. Looks as if she’s about to fly off on her broomstick cackling. LOL

  4. Diana says

    She sure does looks wonderful, she is big isn’t she! I saw pics of her out shopping in London recently, she looked so radiant and glamorous.

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