Catherine Zeta-Jones & Family On The River Thames

OK…the fabulous Just Jared posted these pics a while ago, but I had to share them here! I am a HUGE fan of Catherine the Great…and I admit it! If a tabloid magazine devoted purely to Catherine existed I would be thrilled! I know it is bizarre, but that is just the way it is! Here she was photographed with hubby Michael Douglas, 5-year-old Dylan and 3-year-old Carys at a dock on the river Thames in Richmond, England.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Catherine Zeta-Jones



  1. says

    I have a feeling these are from someone who just happened to be there, as opposed to a paparazzi. I for one think I would keep my distance and take a pic If I saw a celebrity by trying not to invade them or something. It’s just nice to see someone other then Heidi for a change.

  2. sparky says

    Michael looks like one of those secret service guys that guards the president. These pics are pretty crappy considering you can see everyone else (especially the chick braiding her hair next to the guy on the cell phone) better than you can see any of the Douglas family.

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