Angelina Jolie's Dad Not Helping Anything!

This is mostly sad, but a little but funny (in a sad sort of way!) …Jon Voigt (Angelina Jolie’s estranged Daddy) gave a well intentioned shout-out to his grandchildren at the Emmys, but called little Zahara the famous Latin singing sensation Shakira by accident. Oh well. Life goes on.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

The following text is all from the US Magazine website.

Voight: “Maddox just had a birthday. Happy birthday, Maddox! 5 years old – it’s a big one! You’re getting to be a young man, and I send my love to you. And send my love to…uh…Shakira…and…Shahira… [To reporter] Is it Shakira or Shahira?”

Reporter: “Zahara.”

Voight: “Shahara! Shahara!”

Oh well.


  1. nikki says

    omg John needs 2 learn his grand childrens names!
    ever kid counts no matter what!and Shiloh is a cutie!!!!!!!!!!lol

  2. dori says

    I don’t believe he ever said adopted children don’t count. Where exactly did you get that misinformation?

  3. Angie says

    Hearing about this made me think back to when I was being difficult and my dad would intentionally mis-pronounce names of my friends to get my attention. Maybe NOT the best tactic for Jon to get Angie’s attention, but I think maybe he was going for something along those lines???

  4. Milly says

    I think that he is ridiculous! All adopted children count. He should remeber his grand-childrens names because he is there grandfather even if he isnt allowed to see them. He seems to remeber all his scrips for his movies…then names should be simple espicially if they are your family.

  5. dori says

    I can’t understand how Angelina can’t find a way to make peace in her family. He honestly means well, for a man who isn’t allowed to see his granschildren I’m not surprised he can’t remember their names. He so obviously wants to be a part of their livesHe was practically begging on public television. My heart goes out to him. I think Angelina is a cold hearted you know what. , not her dad. Give the guy a break!

  6. braydie says

    lol i do to when im on the job at a location and my laptop cant get internet. but im glad your back somewhat anyway lol, no matter how much we disagree or agree i miss your views!! talk to ya soon!

  7. carleigh says

    Computer had to be rebuilt Braydie got a lovely little computer wrecking trojan’s still in the hands of my ex the LAN network admin and he is going to have me up and working by this coming Sunday…I am having babyrazzi withdrawl majorly! LOL

  8. carleigh says

    Maybe he and Tom Cruise should get together and compare public images over bowling! Idiots!

  9. braydie says

    blood or adopted M and Z are his grandchildren same as Shiloh. Just becuz he isnt in there lives doesnt mean he shouldnt want to know about them…but this man doesnt even know Z’s name? J.V. is a man that is going to have no one in his life if he continues to be such a dick.

  10. Lisa says

    Angies parents did not provide a loving stable home environment for her according to what I’ve read. JV has always seemed a bit self-absorbed and no wonder she is out there

  11. KellyMay says

    “So why is everyone mad at Jon? Maybe he is just old and can’t remember what he had for breakfast let alone names of kids that his daughter won’t even let him see?”
    Team A that made me laugh but it’s kind of sad, she’s lived an interesting life! Anyone know her beef with Dad I know he said once she needed mental help but he obviously said that for a reason, or is it just over her life choices?!?

    She is an odd duck but that is her Dad too.
    I think the point that almost everyone in the world knows the name of those children, shocking he doesn’t! I can’t watch the video, does he mention Shiloh?

  12. says

    Personally I think the fact that he can’t remember Zahara’s name is pretty insulting. Only because he is constantly in the press begging Angie to call him, and going on and on about how much he loves her children (even though he has only met Maddox that we know of) and then he can’t remember the childs name. Maybe he was plastered.

  13. says

    Oh Okay so it was the REPORTER who said that adopted kids don’t count. So why is everyone mad at Jon? Maybe he is just old and can’t remember what he had for breakfast let alone names of kids that his daughter won’t even let him see? He didn’t say adopted kids thing. Hhhuuummm something to ponder.
    Have a good night you guys.

  14. says

    Did john say the part about adoption or did the interviewer add it at the end? I couldn’t really tell. I also had thought that maybe the writer was making a smart ass remark and didnt actually mean to offend?

  15. says

    Did he actually say that adopted children don’t count? I don’t get nor can I read where that was said, everyone is just flying off the handle! Did he say anything about his biological grand-daughter Shiloh? He better cuz than that would be bullshit!

  16. carleigh says

    WOW, that’s harsh! Jon Voight is an over opinionated a-hole! This is just another prime example of WHY Angelina cut him out of her life and won’t let him near her kids!

  17. babyhates says

    He’s not allowed near her or her children because of stuff like this ! PLEASE everyone in the world know’s these 3 kids names !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s an a-hole and he should shut up from now on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also adopted children COUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Kristin says

    what do you expect, he’s not even allowed near the children, and then she will be all pissed off not knowing them

  19. gemma says

    Every child counts in every way. what a ridiculous thing to say. The person that said adopted children don’t count needs a reality check.

  20. braydie says

    I also have 3 adopted sons and what he said was stupid. all children count …maybe thats why angelina is so messed up, having a father like this.

  21. KellyMay says



    “This isn’t likely to have Angie climbing out of her Range Rover and into his arms anytime soon, but Voight shouldn’t feel too bad. Everyone knows adopted children don’t count anyway.”

    I’m speechless…

  22. Lisa says

    WHOA… my son is adopted!! I am highly offended by that comment. Where did it come from??????????????? It is extremely offensive and in no way funny.

  23. What????? says

    What do you mean, “adopted children don’t count anyway”???????????????? I’m REALLY hoping that you just cut and pasted what caption was posted from another website and it is not what you actually think. Please post a response because you are gonna tick off a lot of people!

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