Christa Miller At The Emmys

Christa Miller ( who is expecting her third child this fall/winter ) was absolutely luminous at the Emmys. She stars in the television series ‘Scrubs’ which her husband, Bill Lawrence, created.

Christa Miller

She has a 3-year-old son, William Stoddard and a 6-year-old daughter, Charlotte Sarah. Some interesting facts abour Christa are that she appeared on the first cover of Maxim magazine, was photographed as a toddler by the acclaimed Francesco Scavullo for an Ivory Snow ad with her mother (who was a model) and at age 3 was on the cover of Redbook magazine. Wow!

Here is an old pic of Christa with her daughter, Charlotte.

Christa Miller



  1. says, they have a copy of the Maxim cover. I have considered most of the ones I have seen to be trashy and sexist. I’m no advocate for sure, but the woman made the choice to be objectified that way. ANywho, she looks good on it, and not the least bit trashy IMO, she is glowing in the Emmy photo.


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