Tom Cruise Morph & Recent Pic Of TomKat

US Magazine’s website has a totally nutty morph of Tom Cruise…it is a guilty pleasure to view and actually made me laugh out loud. That may sound mean, but I couldn’t help myself! Check it out here!
hTom Cruise & Katie Holmes

And here is a pic of Tom and Katie leaving the Yahoo offices in Santa Monica on August 24th.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

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  1. LUANA says

    Liked all your comments…brought some laughter to this old lady..Yes the coat is a question mark and maybe there is a transmitter, But I just think Katie needs to re grow up and leave that guy….He is going thru midlife crises…Wait: Do movie stars go thru that stuf or is it just left to us regular people..Tom Cruise you have lost my attention from the moment you jumped on the couch.

  2. labeachbird says

    Keep in mind that Santa Monica can be very cool and damp when fogged in, and the weather changes on a moment’s notice. Clothes like these are most appropriate and more comfortable on some summer days.

  3. braydie says

    I think scientologist make their “couples” try to look as much like brother and sister as they can. In any case they havent figured out a way for T.C. to grow 6 inches to match katie. 😛

  4. Elle says

    Right on, Lisa! And there is No Joy in pointing out how fake Katie seems to be smiling these days! I just wonder if she feels she MUST marry Tom Cruise now and not so much that she wants to be with him, rather maybe she is reaching a point where she doesn’t know how to be without him. Poor Suri. Poor Katie! And at the rate Tom’s career is going these days . . . Poor Tom, in a whole new way! Guess he will have to live on his measly Millions that he has stashed away. Although, he may continue to do well in the Industry, just not as well as he would have done had he kept a shred of sense about himself. Anyway, just wanted to acknowledge Lisa’s comment about Katie’s fake smile. As always, I wish Katie and Suri a Safe Escape!

  5. Lisa says

    I realize it is a paparazzi smile but all of Katies smiles look fake, so fake, I feel for this little lost girl.

  6. KellyMay says

    “TC would probably tell you to go exercise and the tooth will magically dissappear.”
    Oh Gawd that made me laugh so hard! The tooth is gone they pulled it, so the ache has subsided now just a hole in my mouth which is so weird. My jaw hurts like heck today probably from when he placed his foot on my thigh bracing his other hand on my jaw and reefing out my tooth, just kidding but it sure feels like that happened. I still have another baby tooth on the left side of my jaw so I will experience this again when that one dies. I hope my kids don’t inherit this, my mom didn’t get those adult teeth either as her mother didn’t either.

  7. Angie says

    KellyMay, as a woman who has paid her dentists’ mortgage many times over married to a man with teeth that are always going berserk, I totally sympathize. Hope you are better soon!!

    LOLOLOL on the transmitters….’ Ah copy that, Kate, turn left for the photogs…Over…’

    And as a girl raised Catholic, I had the idea pop into my head that perhaps the coat is similar to a hair shirt???

    Anyone who has not seen Scary Movie 4 MUST watch just for the last 6 minutes….a mah-velous Tommy Cruise impression of his crazy Oprah visit.

  8. says

    OUCH! KellyMay. I hope you feel better soon hun. That sounds not too fun. TC would probably tell you to go exercise and the tooth will magically dissappear.

  9. KellyMay says

    LOL Ugh it’s hurts to laugh emergency dental surgery this morning, I have baby teeth in my mouth still and one decided to die, my body absorbed one root exposing a nerve 🙁 Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Weird about the coat? I like the transmitter idea too or it’s a big ole wool dress in the middle of summer? Those two as much as I love them do not make sense anymore.

  10. carleigh says

    HI guys computer had a trojan virus some I am coming to ya live from school!! LOL…the coat is probably to hide the Scientology transmitors implanted in Katie’s arms or I still think she’s brainwashed by that scary cult and TC looks more and more androgynous as time passes by. I sooooo don’t like him! He creeps me out! I thought it was funny that Paramount dumped his creepy ass because they are sick of his weirdness and couch jumping apparently. I bet he wishes he had kept his AMAZINGLY BIG MOUTH SHUT! This is really gonna kick him in the wallet!

  11. Elle says

    I will try to find something Positive to say about these Two! Okay, Katie is looking Better, physically. She seems to be losing the baby weight and making an effort to dress nice and look more like her former self. Before meeting Tom, she was a Beautiful young woman and she seems to be returning to that attractiveness. However, I can’t help but notice Tom is still DRAGGING Katie around! I watched a recent video of them and, honestly, it looked as though he was dragging her and she could barely keep up with him. What is up with that? I still say that Katie’s smile continues to look about as Fake as we all know Tom Cruise really is! Katie, You Leaped before You Looked and that is So Sad. No amount of Money can compensate for losing your Soul.

  12. Angie in Indiana says

    LOL Angie, there is probably some scientology reasoning behind a heavy coat on a summer day. Like I said before…..ugh!!!!

  13. sparky says

    It looks like they have the exact same haircolor, doesn’t it? I think he got jealous of her long, sweeeping bangs, too!! LOL

  14. Angie says

    Hey now!! The Tom says his advisors told him the coat was just fine and damn it, she wears it cause he says so!!

    Scary-but I think the above is not humor but actual fact.

  15. says

    I was asking about the weather in Ca and NY a while back when some pics of Matilda (heath ledgers daughter) How can they dress like they do and not pass out from heat exaustion? BTW

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