Heidi Klum Sparkles At Emmys

I perused the pics of the women at the Emmys and Heidi Klum (pregnant and all!) looked the sexiest and brightest! That is amazing! She never ceases to amaze….if only pregnancy had been that kind to me! 🙂

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum



  1. carleigh says

    Stunning as usual! I just wish one little teeny tiny stretch mark…MMMMMMWWWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA..kidding she’s always impeccable and gorgeous!

  2. jay says

    This woman´s evil.That looks like a 7month old baby belly and she still can show off legs and shoulders. ! She´s looks so good,it hurts seeing her!

  3. says

    Ok, I get it I get it, you are in love with Heidi Klum………that said. The woman does look stunning. Wish I looked that good preggers.

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