1. Lisa says

    Did Christ get cheated on by Ed Burns?? Fill me in please about prior posts. Oh, yeah these two are beautiful, she is a rare beauty, quite striking

  2. Nicki says


    Please explain what you are talking about. This is Claudia Schiffer and her son Casper.. What have you heard?

  3. says

    Ugh, please….here we go for the next year around her husbands mid life crisis, yes he is THE STUPIDEST MAN ALIVE for doing what he did, and yes of course she is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN in the world….(how could that happen to Claudia Schiffer??) next please.
    In case you couldn’t tell I was being scarastic.

  4. sparky says

    Ok..I get the babies not wearing shoes but this little guy is 3, why isn’t he wearing shoes?? (especially since it’s so cold that mommy has to wear a turtleneck..hahaha). Looks kinda like he just woke up though; look at that bedhead! He’s a cutie!

  5. Angie in Indiana says

    Whats with the big poofy sweater, capris and sandals? I think Caludia has her seasons mixed up……..she does pull it off though.

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