Britney In NYC Looking Country Fabulous

Britney flaunted her fabulous pregnant form after having lunch at the West Village, NYC restaurant Chin Chin on Thursday.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

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  1. nicola says

    strange that in the latest pics of her wiv her sis eatin ice cream, the ring`s back on…..go figure

  2. says

    Probably more a sign of fat fingers then anything. I know a lot of women who werent able to wear their wedding rings after the 6th month. Of course, she is rich, she could have bought one to wear in the meantime.

  3. nicola says

    On2 the Brit 4 a sec, anyone actually noticed in these pics that she`s not wearin her weddin ring???????? Is this a sign that she may av come 2 her senses??? Who knows?

    Not seen or heard anythin bout Kevin 4 a while now come 2 think of it

  4. nicola says

    I really want another baby, but my son`s on 18 months so I`m not really sure if it`s fair on him. I mean, he needs all of my attention at the moment and i don`t wanna be distracted from him. Any1 on here av kids close 2gether, u know, a small age gap??

  5. Nicole says

    I wonder if Britney realizes how different it’s gonna be having two young children instead of one. I didn’t realize it til my second one came. By the way I had a epidural for my first child but went au natural for my second child. I prefer the no pain but it was so much easier and faster with my second child didn’t even have to push. Anyhow best of luck to Britney.

  6. says

    I think that if I don’t have to be induced for the next one that I might be able to hold off on the drugs. I know I couldn’t handle the after without them though. To me, the whole process was not as painful as healing from the tearing.

    I remember reading about that woman in the coma. I have seen stories about woman who have given birth in caves all alone. I guess it comes down to how we all are really animals and nature makes us capable of doing this.

    I enjoyed my epi. My nurse was funny about it too. I made such a fuss when they gave me my iv’s. I hate needles. I was gritting my teeth and closing my eye’s. So anyway, when I was at a 6 and had been laboring for 6 hours the doctor came by and said “how about an epideral?” I was like “ok, sure”. So when they came in to do it the nurse could tell I was feeling a little worried if I was making a wrong decision. She looks and me and says “hey, after that IV drama I thought you would have pussed out way before now”. That was priceless.

  7. KellyMay says

    Sparky, that freedom is the best! I found walking was the best feeling and going up & down stairs, as crazy as that sounds! The only time I wasn’t on my feet was to deliver, I did try standing up t deliver and but it didn’t feel right. I wish I had tried on all fours or squatting (it opens the pelvic outlet up too 33% more then any other position) but hey what can you do and I don’t think I’m having any more babies myself.

  8. KellyMay says

    Kelley, that is very true! I read a story just before my second pregnancy about a woman whom was in a coma (car accident at 32 weeks), they maintained her on life support at 38 weeks she started labor. Her baby boy was born after 9 hours. Supposedly (from many books) if a woman is left to her own accord pushing should only take a few minutes because the body will do all the work if we allow it too. This is why epidurals make it difficult although a woman can be fully dilated the baby may not be in the proper position to come down, then she pushes for 3 hours and ends up exhausted or in surgery.
    That story was one of my driving forces that I could give birth if I let my body do it and it worked. I never experienced any labor with my first so I was still a little nervous but once it started my body took over. At times I felt like I wasn’t there just watching, weird eh!

    Angie it sounds like either way for you works well 🙂 I did ask for meds near the end but I didn’t realize at the time I was in transition so my midwife basically told me have the babe here or in the car on the way to the hospital. Now after lots of research almost all woman ask for something during transition or state they are giving up(and they usually vomit, I could not at the time understand why my midwife was excited when this happened but she knew the facts) being it’s the most difficult point of labor but the shortest, Thank God!

  9. Angie in Indiana says

    I’ve done it both ways, without drugs and with. My midwife delivered both of my sons. It’s a hard choice now for any furture kids that I have because I loved the sense of accomplishment when I did my birth drug free, and I loved the sleeping while I was in active labor and then waking up with a little “pressure” pushing and delivering with drugs. In my situtaion it is a “Catch 22”. I think it was a good point made that we each find what works best for us. And in the end a healthy baby is all that matters. I think some women underestimate their own bodies, its amazing what we can do!!!

  10. says

    I’m a bitch all the time, just sometimes I’m a bitch in a good mood. Britney is trying to so better. When I think about her Matt Lauer interview I just keep trying to tell myself, it STILL isn’t as bad as Tom Cuises, tee hee hee.

    KellyMay, one thing that sticks out in my minds from delivery is haw freaked out I was. My nurse (sensing that when I got sick when she told me I was at a 10 and it was time to push) told me about how a womans body is desinged to give birth. That if a woman layed there and did nothing, in most cases the baby could come out all on it’s own. I don’t know how true that is, but it made sense and it sure calmed me down. I don’t care if you talk about birth. Some of the things I have read here, made more sense then the message boards on

  11. Olivia says

    That was nice for me to read you say something nice about Britney, Braydie. Thank you for noticing and taking the time to mention she is doing better. Your kind words were heard and noted

  12. says

    The comments about flying when you so late in your pregancy, I wouldn’t do it, the baby’s safety would come first to me, jez I gave up everything from caffine to salt when i was preggers because its bad for the baby, but hey look Katie flew around everywhere till she almost gave birth so who knows.

  13. sparky says

    Thank you nicola, Angie, braydie, and Diana. Yes, I am a very busy mommy..somedays I love how close my kids are, other days it’s not so great!! Nap time is the closest thing to paradise I can get on a daily basis!!
    KellyMay- I really have no idea how I’d like to deliver; I was never allowed to really do anything other than lie there on the hospital bed so I don’t know how I’ll react to being able to do whatever feels right. I know for sure I’m not doing the water birth thing- I don’t even like to take regular baths!! LOL

  14. KellyMay says

    Your right Braydie but as I realized when I was in labor my husband had no clue what was normal and was scared to death so he really couldn’t do to much. Seeing me in that state was tough for him.
    I always tell my fathers to love their wives/partners that’s what their job is let me do the support. I also give them instructions Ie, cold cloths, rubs, counterpressure and they are all “yes man” at this point, it’s comicable to see some of these big guys just scurry around trying to help. Most woman say they get a doula for their husbands, the most asked question by husbands at birth is “What is happening and is she okay”. I always feel good when I can give that reassurance 🙂

  15. Diana says

    Britney looks great in these pictures, she looks so healthy and happy! Again, probably because her other half isn’t around!! 😉 All the best to you sparky! I hope that it all goes well for you! New life is simply amazing!!

  16. braydie says

    and i pushed enter and i wasnt done lol…… britney looks great …i never really cared for her or her mother methods when it comes to her past experience’s however she has shown improvement and i really want to see her do well. i hope the best for her and her new lil one…..
    CONGRATS sparky….best wishes!

  17. braydie says

    Doula’s are what husbands are supposed to be….but if your like me …you know how that goes. 🙂

  18. KellyMay says

    Kelley, it was priceless! My daughter was only 30 months when I had her brother, she was so excited to meet him and was right outside the room I delivered in and watched the birth. We had preped well with videos and she was never scared.
    Having a homebirth is a personal decision, as is medication. Like noted earlier the important thing about your birth is what you need to be comfortable hence (from another post) the stopping of adrenalin to help labor progress uneventfully. Every woman has their own reasons for the choices they make and for some like yourself epidural was a Godsend. Whereas my homebirth was what I wanted and achieved, ultimately we all give birth, the best way is our own way!
    Sorry I’ll stop talking about birth I truly could go on forever! My children and husband are well versed LOL

    A birth doula is a woman whom helps a laboring mom. They are trained to assist a woman with comfort measures, massage, breathing, focus, positioning and most importantly information. We advocate for our patients and help our families have the birth experience they want. A doula does not do anything invasive, they are solely for support. I also do breastfeeding support postpartum as well and some doulas specialize in hypnobirthing.

    Being a doula fulfills my birthing itch right now….

  19. says

    KellyMay I am totally rolling here. My budder is here. That is so sweet. I don’t know if I could go for the home birth thing. I went for 6 hours on the fire water before finally taking my epideral and wow! I’m sure if I had a Doula or Midwife there with me for the whole process (not coming in every 30 minutes or so) maybe they could help me through the process so I wouldn’t need the drugs. Lets face it, your on your own when they come out anyway! I would really have to think on it, but it is something that I will think about next time.

  20. KellyMay says

    Yes Angie they do head south sooner but in 20 years they’ll be at her belt LOL

    Sparky, my homebirth was amazing!!! Oh I long for the day that I’ll get to deliver my daughter’s baby (She’s only 7). Amazing, I’m so happy for you! Any ideas on delivery, I thought I wanted a water birth got in the water and hated it! LOL my ideas were so different, I thought I’d be completely hands on with my labor ie, massage, acupressure, etc…. but I preferred to walk and be alone with no one touching me. We videotaped it too! It so neat to watch it afterwards because I was so in tune to me I never saw what anyone else was doing. I loved my husbands reaction when our son was born and my little girl yelling “Momma just roared like a lion so that means my budder is here”, I missed those but because of the video they are captured for a lifetime.

  21. Angie says

    You know I just now realized that Brit is out WITHOUT Sean P. Thats the first in a loooong time. Good for you Brit, taking a little time to yourself, even if it is to get free stuff.

  22. Angie says

    I really think Brit looks great in this picture. You do have to admit that she always has a smile for the cameras. I think her “nighty” dress is cute and think she looks adorable in her cowboy hat. But I think your right Kellymay about the boobs……but 20 years come on all of us moms know it only takes like 2 months after babies and breatfeeding for the boobs to go south…….um way south. Conrats to you Sparky, sounds like you are one busy mamma!!!!

  23. babyhates says

    aHHH ANYTHING for free stuff… She’s in LA in both pictures ! This website has it sooo wrong ! Because the this picture is at the FREE GRAB stuff before that Awards show!

  24. sparky says

    KellyMay- I am almost 30 wks. And happy to report, after 3 “normal” hospital births, am having this one at home w/ a midwife that happens to be my own mother!! I am sooo excited; I know it’s going to go great. Never thought I would be so at peace about it- I always thought ppl were nuts that give birth at home!! My eyes have really been opened w/ all the research I’ve done, but I won’t go into it in here..LOL..some ppl feel very strongly on the subject and I don’t want to get a debate started! Especially w/ the breastfeeding “argument” still on going!!

  25. KellyMay says

    Sparky how far along are you? ( if it’s none of my bees wax then that’s okay too ;))

    The no flying rule is due to air pressure, can change amniotic fluid levels and start labor after 28 weeks. I really hope she isn’t flying for the safety of her babe.

    Back to Brit, good to see a smile. Why such short dresses??? She looks cute but come on now… much less never any support for those boobs. She’ll be sorry in 20 years!

  26. says

    I have hever heard of an airline stopping someone from flying, that’s messed up. My doc told me not to after the 7th month. But, I think that Babyrazzi and People have this wrong, Chin Chin has a location in West Hollywood, but I dont think they have one in NYC. So I believe she may be in LA actually.

  27. sparky says

    Wow! That outfit is ummm…special. But hey, being preggo myself, comfort is priority #1 and if she has the guts to go out in her nightie, flip flops, and a cowboy hat then so be it!! LOL It’s a nice change to see a big ole’ smile on her face as well. Must still be reeling from hubby’s big debut!
    One question though…why do they allow celebs to fly when they are so far along? Is it just because they have the money to do whatever they want or what? I don’t really know what the supposed effects are supposed to be but I know I wasn’t allowed to get on a plane when I was 5 months along, let along about to pop! I’m not going to believe for one second that she drove from Malibu to NYC. (haha)

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