Britney Being Very Silly At Fred Segal!

I just thought this was cute and funny! Britney was posing for photographers while shopping at Fred Segal on August 19th.

Britney Spears



  1. KellyMay says

    Very good idea Braydie, I designed my daughter’s big sister shirt with Crayola transfer crayons. I colored my design with the crayons on paper then ironed it on a sleeper. I also did some shirts, I had so many compliments on it. The toughest part was doing stuff backwards so it would transfer properly.

  2. braydie says

    all you have to do is buy the iron on letters and do it yourself thats what i did…and then you can have any size you wish for 3 bucks. 😛

  3. Angie in Indiana says

    Wow only 19.50 to tell the world to lock up their daughers!!! Not a bad price, thanks for the info Susie!!!!

  4. Angie says

    Sooo nice to finally see a Brit pic that is happy looking! She seems to finally be able to enjoy her pregnancy, and I am just glad for her.

  5. sparky says

    OHHH..that’s what that says..I couldn’t read it. That is funny! He’s such alittle cutie pie, I’m sure he’ll just get cuter.

  6. KellyMay says

    That’s cute, she’s holding up a sleeper that says “lock up your daughters”. With Kfed as his daddy that would be fitting for Sean P. LOL!!!

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