Jessica Simpson Asks To Kiss Britney's Belly…Huh?

I find the following rather peculiar.
At the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, Jessica Simpson apparently asked Britney Spears if she could kiss her pregnant belly to which Brit responded with: “Hell, no!”

A source close to Jessica said: “Jessica was really insulted, but Britney refused to let her do it.”

Britney Spears

It is amazing how cute and naturally glowy Britney is compared to Jessica…and she is 8 months pregnant! No offense meant to Jessica Simpson lovers, but Jessica is looking crazy these days with all the botox and other artificial tamperings. She has done the “Barbie doll” look long enough…she should try a more natural look for a change.



  1. Jessica says

    I used to love Jessica Simpson but latley she has just gotten to into the whole hollywood thing. its like shes trying to be perfect and that is very sad. I still like her but i dont like the way she dresses and how she gets botox and stuff.

  2. Tara says

    Jessica is just too bizarre. Why on God’s green earth would you want to plant your LIPS on someone’s stomach that you barely know??

  3. says

    I was clutzy for the first three months, then ok after that. I fell just standing a coupld of times. I would turn to walk away and just fall flat on my butt. The second two trimester were ok though, I even wore big chunky heels that my brother thought were insane. Pregnancy can sure cause funny things.

  4. Gwen says

    IS JESSICA A LEZ!??! that is nasty. that is what i would say. it is on thing when a boy says can i kiss your belly, but a girl, that is NASTY! she is wierd. ever since she left nick she has been like really goofy and even more stupid.

  5. nicola says

    It`s funny u should say that Braydie about still bein numb, My little boy`s 18 months and I still av the same feelin of numbness……very strange.

    U seem extremely accident prone like me. I was on the bus when I was 8 months pregnant, as I got up 2 get off after goin shoppin wiv my now husband, I fell on2 my back. I can understand how worried about ur baby u must av been. I cried until he kicked away inside after about an hour. I was so relieved

  6. braydie says

    LOL very funny. I had to of been the most accident prone person in the world when i was pregnant and on christmas i fell on the ice, hit my face on the concret stairs and got a bloody lip and black eye. Here i am christmas day, with the 400 dollar outfit on i had to buy cuz i was so freakin huge nothing else would fit me ripped to shreads, blood everywhere and i couldnt get up off the ground. my husband and older brother had to carry me into the house. I was so worried about the baby they called a ambulance and when they came they assumed my husband beat me up so the police came like 4 cars… we all had to explain that I fell….it was a christmas to remember ill tell ya.
    I also slipped on the ice under a moving truck at the mall and couldnt get out from under it. mall security had to come and pull me out 😑 I have a ton of others too but it would be too long to say lol ….
    so dont feel bad…ive been there too lol πŸ™‚

  7. KellyMay says

    Braydie, I have a funny story to share about numb tummies especially with you TTC again!

    I was about 8 months pregnant and still working at the time. One of Doctors pulled me aside to point out that my shirt was soaking wet all around my tummy. I guess I had dipped my tummy in the sink and it was soaked, I was wearing something black so it was very obvious but because I had no feeling I couldn’t sense the wetness. Too funny, I wonder how many patients noticed!

    The same pregnancy I had a huge shiner, my eye was incredibly black again I was in my 8th month. I was the nurse working the front triage at the time. So many people just stared probably thinking I was this poor abused pregnant girl and the odd person asked what happened. They freaked when I said my husband did it but that’s a whole other story, it was innocent…

  8. braydie says

    I have numbness still above my incision. its been six months. sometimes it gets so numb I cant even touch there and I gotta take pain pills. I also jumped out of bed a few times also the first couple nites, it doubles you over, i know the feeling lol. I started sleeping in the lazyboy recliner we put in my babys room for at least 3 weeks after the first couple nites i did that lol.
    nicola~ i also would do it again in a heartbeat. my son was so worth it. were trying again to get pregnant right now. ( gotta use fertilty drugs) I dont even care if i have to have another c sec, i would love to have at least one more baby πŸ™‚

  9. Shayla Rae says

    I love seeing Britney pregnant. She just has this charm and she glows when she is pregnant. She is amazing. I really truly hope she has a girl this time!!!!

  10. says

    Ya well she is not a child anymore…time to cut the umbilical cord. That is her problem she acts like a child and has the mental capacity of a child. She is not a woman, just a child stuck in that body with boobs! Daddy this and Daddy that, people treat you the way you allow them to.

  11. Olivia says

    JMO, that was tacky Team Aniston, It is too bad she annoy’s you, but then you don’t have to deal with the realities of Pappa Joe irunning your life. I have met him too Braydie. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, He is an ass. I go to the US and Dallas Texas often, funny, Texas men seem to want their wives dowdy and pure while they shack up with tarty young things in an appartment they think their wifes know nothing about. J&A having Joe Simpson in thir lives????? There will be no escape and a lot more sadness in their lives, he can and will go a lot lower in his quest to sell off his girls to the highest bidder!!!!!!!!!!…..JMO

  12. nicola says

    Braydie, i used gas and air when I had my son and coz I didn`t get enough fluids, my throat was really sore afterwards and I was always coughin. I hated it. I cried 4 days after it hurt that much. I also got a slight infection in the wound which made things even worse. My son, Matthew`s worth it all though and i`d do it again

  13. says

    Jessica is such an idiot, she annoys me. She needs to get over her poor little rich routine. I am glad Nick is finally happy he deserves to be after having to spend all that time being married to such a ditz. Jessica has no class and NO BRAINS!! Whether her stupidity is just a show or the real thing, I

  14. KellyMay says

    Braydie that’s awful! I had C-section with my first too and a cold πŸ™ I also hated waking in the middle of night to hear my baby crying, instinctively jump up and buckle over because I ‘forgot’ about my incision for one minute, AHHH!!!!

    I completely took my stomach muscles for granted until after my Caesarean, I felt that incison all the time. Do you girls have a numb tummy for a few years afterwards? I had no nerve sensation from the top of my pubic bone to my bellybutton, if finall returned (although not completely) in the last 2 years.

  15. Diana says

    Braydie, that’s just not on is it. I hate it when guys do that and stare down and your boobs! We had a similar incident when we visited our financial advisor for our house. All he did was look at my chest all the way through the interview!! Perv!! πŸ˜‰ Joe Simpson certainly doesn’t do himself any favours

  16. braydie says

    nicola i had a c section also …and i also had a real bad cough… i hope you didnt have a cough it sucks …feels like your stomach is ripping open. the nurse told me to put a pillow on my stomach when i felt like coughing …after the first 10 times it didnt help and she kept telling me i wanted to tell her to shove the pillow up her a$$.
    I think britney is already scheduled for a c section.
    Ive actually met jessica simpsons father one time about 3 yrs ago, he was at a funraiser for bush and i had to be there for work …he was checking out all the girls and we noticed he was checking out all the “younger” girls. when i was introduced to him he stared at my boobs, he wouldnt even look up at my face. I wasnt the least surprised at what he said about his own daughter after meeting him.

  17. nicola says

    I had a c-section wiv my mittle boy, but definatley not through choice. It was horrible and painful when the drugs started 2 wear off !!

    Jessica seems 2 be very sad and lonely lately. She neva really did anythin 4 herself as her parents always stepped in and took ova……………………….Does any1 know what happened in the last few months leadin 2 her askin 4 a divorce????? Seems so odd that she`d do this, she seemed so in love wiv Nick…..It may av all been daddy`s doin, but who knows?

  18. Olivia says

    I thought Jessica started getting tarty when the gossip got hot and heavy about major problems in her and Nick’s marriage. I thought it was so sad. I feel Nick’s influence helped Jessica be more of a real woman with boundries and Joe influence pushed the slut image. In our society sluts seem to get far more publicity than non-sluts, the wrong kind of attention, but attention none the less. Looke at Reese, she is a lady and most of the time the press passes her by. Maybe I’m wrong, but maybe not. Look at what is happening to little sister. She was a cute homely, but had some talent. She is in the press way more now that she is tarty looking and I think it is daddy’s doing. Tart sleeze makes more $$$$$$$$ Once Nick was out of the picture, Jes started all that face fixing and now her sis is too. I always thought he pushed so hard on his girls to look like sex pots, but his own wife is very dowdy, always, even when he and the girls are dressed to the nines. I think, why oh why does she with all that money look like she dressed out of the rag bag? I have to say his daughter’s seem to be his prize show pony’s making him rich and his wife is off limits dowdy, his alone keep the glitter of his woman kinda girl. He seems to be a very sick disgusting man.

  19. KellyMay says

    I read that she was scared of labor so she opted out, also she didn’t want to get stretch marks in those last few weeks. Unsure whether there was any truth to that but she did have her section at 38 weeks with Sean P. so if that’s the case then her next little monkey should be here in 2 weeks since she’s 36 weeks now?!?

    Sparky, Congrats on your upcoming arrival. Good pregnancy thus far?

  20. sparky says

    I read that she was already scheduled for one (c-section) but who knows. I wonder why they went that route?

  21. KellyMay says

    Funny I was going to post something about how odd her Dad was but thought hmmm I’ll leave it out maybe it’s just my opinion but obviously others see it too. I feel bad for Jessica you can see her sadness and I believe ultimately her father was a big reason her marriage dissolved πŸ™

    Thanks girls for your kind comments. I love the power of a woman and feel everyone of us has something to offer in this world.
    Kelley any support person is worth there weight in gold when it comes to having babies. Thank you for appreciating that nurse, she deserves that so much! good for her, she has probably influenced more lives then she realizes!
    Midwife means ‘with woman’, in our yesteryears woman only supported woman in labor, the village came together for a birth, teaching the young woman the wisdom of the elders. It’s so fascinating to me and very exciting, every birth I witness I walk away with so much more then I brought to it. Our bodies are simple when it comes to birth, if your scared you produce adrenalin which makes us want to run. Adrenalin slows the birth process down, increases pain, anxiety and overall wellbeing for mom but a relaxed mom produces oxytocin and endorphins (natures morphine). These moms go into birth feeling confident in their bodies and feeling safe definitely still a little uneasy but that is natural. This is where my role comes in, I hope by sharing myself and my knowledge I can bring that security to allow the best birth experience possible.

    Britney is having another Caesarean right?

  22. Lisa says

    It is gross- Joe noted you couldn’t hide those double D D, noted Jessica saved herself for marriage but now is a very sexual being -gross-gross-gross. I think Jessica has a good voice- always had it growing up-she has vocal talent-but all of her recent songs are no substance-breathy -whispery- and do not showcase her voice at all. too overly synthesized, I love pop music but have not been able to embrace any of her recent stuff

  23. Diana says

    Olivia – it certainly seemed to the that case with Joe Simpson in Newlyweds, he seems to be quite controlling over Jessica’s life. Nick also didn’t seem to get on very well with him either, and there was no real bonding there between them as father and son-in-law at all. Jessica looked the best when she was more casual and in her tracky bottoms with no make up on then she does now. She could be so lady like but tends to look a little tarty in a lot of the pictures nowadays.

  24. braydie says

    I would of said HELL NO also. WHO DOES THAT?? My sister wouldnt of even asked to do that, let alone someone I hardly know.
    I HATED it when people would come up and touch my belly…by the time i was 7 months pregnant, anyone that LOOKED like they were going to, I just turned so they couldnt. by the time i was 8 months and they tried I JUST said DONT do it. I didnt care anymore.

  25. Olivia says

    She is different, but I feel sorry for her and her sister. I don’t think their father had a very positive impact on their lives growing up. They both seem to have very low self esteem, he has always seemed to be a control freak when it comes to both his girls. I think having a father who loves you for who you are and guides you into the woman you are to become is very important to a girl. I think Joe Simpson is pretty disgusting. Remember when she was married to Nick and Joe discussed her 36 DD’s and how there’s no hiding them sucker’s,during a press release? Not normal. My husband would have decked him, but then my father has far more class in his pinky toe nail than Joe Simpson. Talk about a low class sleaze! Jessica reminds me of a scared little girl who has been abused and doesn’t know how to act in public. Look in her eyes when she doesn’t know a photo is being taken, they hold a sad fear,in my opinion. Can we not be to nasty about her on this site? She isn’t actually a mother and no baby. I guess if Nick doesn’t bad mouth her, maybe I’m right.. He has said he has no use for Joe, but not a bad word about Jessica, I think he feels sorry for the trap Joe has her in too, I really think if there was no Joe, they would still be together. Joe seems to be the Tom Crusie in her life

  26. nicola says

    Jessica`s been strange 4 a while, i mean, y would she all of a sudden want a divorce from the most gorgeous guy in pop? Her head`s on another planet !

  27. says

    I was amazed durring delivery how little the actual Dr. does anyway. Atleast here at our Womens Hospital. I had two nurses through the processs that were priceless to me. Coley, who was on shift for the delivery talked my two best friends through the process of helping me push and she did all the other (goodies that I wont go in to here) she called the doc he comes in to catch. Granted Jaiden had a cord around his neck and there had to be some fast acting by the doc, but Coley got me through it. She helped me find the courage to push fast and hard when I needed too and helped me hold back when it was time. I think she played as big a role as a midwife as she did a nurse (IMO) and even told her so afterward. I hope she considers it because I think she could totally handle it. God bless you KellyMay and all the women out there who help the rest of us complete a very daunting task of giving birth.

  28. Angie says

    Kellymay-I hope you have as big of an impact on your patients when you become a midwife that my midwife has had on me. I delivered both of my kids with a midwife (in the hospital) and would not change a thing. They were both two totally different situations, but they were the best. The one thing that I love about my midwife was that she respected my decision on how I wanted my birth of my son handled. Good luck to you and your patients!!!! I was sad when I couldn’t have a waterbirth with my son (they actually do them in the hospital here) I spiked a fever and it wasn’t safe for me leave the monitors. Maybe my next one!!!!

  29. KellyMay says

    Yes Diana, I absolutely love my job! Although now my role as doula and nurse has my hands itching to catch those babies, I cannot wait for my first delivery as a midwife! Birth is amazing and the babes truly speak for themselves! I found my passion for Pregnancy and birth after having an emergency caesarean with my first, then experiencing my life changing moment and having a VBAC homebirth with my second, after that incredibly empowering experience I felt obligated to empower more woman, birth is awesome!

    Kelley,that’s so funny! I can remember being asked after my first pregnancy (2 weeks PP) when the babe was due, and I sarcastically said what ‘I’m pregnant again. when did that happen as my husband came walking up with the babe!’ We all had a good giggle!

  30. Maite says

    I think a simple, “no” would have been sufficient from Britney. Every one is entitled to there own feelings…but a “hell no” just proves that she is trashy. I am sure that Jessica (who I dont care for, by the way) had no bad intentions. Britneys rudeness was unsolicited.

  31. says

    KellyMay, it was too hilarious. I’m kind of a smarty pants anyway so I loved messing with people. The other thing I liked to do was when the “how far along are you?” question started getting old I would look blank faced at the person and say “what do you mean, far along what?”. Then I would let them sweat it out for a few seconds before I would bail them out. Now, I see why pregnancy facinates people, I acutally miss being preggers sometimes, because you do get used to having all that attention.

  32. sparky says

    oh, and that pic of Jess looks CRAZY!! she looks like she just had a facelift or something. Yikes!! She can look so elegant and classy and then there’s this look…She’s still young and will (hopefully) learn with time but sometimes ya gotta wonder about the ppl that say “Yeah, you look great!!” Must be some kind of cruel joke!! lol

  33. sparky says

    Just because she showed off her “beautiful” (photoshopped) belly doesn’t mean she was inviting everyone to kiss it, but least JS asked.
    It is so invasive when ppl think they can feel all over you cuz you have a protruding tummy. I remember right after my third child was born, I was at the store and someone I barely knew walked up and rubbed my tummy and asked when I was due. My son was sitting in his car seat in the cart and everything. I just looked down at him and her eyes followed mine. She didn’t even apologize, just said “Oh. How sweet!” then hurried off. I was so flustered and pissed..I think I had to count to 10 or something like that to not say anything rude!

  34. cheri says

    I’m not a Jessica Simpson lover, but at least she was polite enough to ask rather that just doing it. I don’t see what’s annoying about asking.

  35. babyhates says

    I would have told her no also ! I mean it’s one thing to pose in a magazine but gesssss !!!! I like how Brits been looking nice lately πŸ™‚ About time !!!!!!

  36. Diana says

    Kelleymay – what a wonderful job you have! That must be so rewarding and amazing. New life is incredible isn’t it!! πŸ˜‰

  37. KellyMay says

    I wondered the same too Lisa too? Poor Jess, I think she really wanted to have babies with Nick but it just didn’t work out for her πŸ™
    Kelley, I wish I was having more babes just so I could see a person’s reaction, that’s funny and a great comeback.
    I’ve had a few moms express there discomfort with strangers doing that so I’ll have to share your idea, I love it!
    I love that aspect of my job I have more then enough woman letting me ‘love’ on their bellies. I have one baby right now that just wrigglies like crazy when he hears my voice, I can’t wait to meet him in the next few weeks.

  38. Lisa says

    Surprised she said no, she must not like Jessica Simpson. I mean she poses nude with her pregnant belly uncovereed for all to see (beautiful pix by the way) and now she says no to Jessica Simpson. Any bad blood there, I wonder??

  39. says

    I totally agree Angie and Diana. I hated it when people would come up and “love” on my belly when I was pregnant. I got the best advice from a Parents Magazine article and it really works. Whenever someone comes up and does that let them….then when they are done, rub their bellies and say “ok, my turn now”. Warning, this may discourage some people, but there are the few who will find it funny and continue to do it anyway….lol.

  40. Angie says

    Good for Brit!!!! I can’t stand that when your pregnant and everyone feels that they have the right to touch your belly. Now family and close friends are excused, but perfect strangers in the grocery store or the old lady in the pharmacy……..that is pushing it a bit. Some people aren’t bothered by it at all which is fine, each to his own, but obviously Brit was bothered by Jessica’s request.

  41. Diana says

    I do agree with the comment about Jessica Simpson, she looks way to weird for my liking, and her legs are shocking (the muscles just stick out way too much!). Check out for further pictures of her! Britney does look gorgeous in this picture, but a lot bigger than in other pictures I have seen of her recently. She seems to have got much bigger all of a sudden!! πŸ˜‰

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