Brooke Shields & Rowan At Fairytopia

How cute and crazy is this!?

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields introduces her 3-year-old daughter Rowan to the wonders of plastic blonde bombshells at the Barbie Live! in Fairytopia event in Hollywood on Saturday. Rowan, along with Ben Stiller’s daughter Ella and Brandy’s little girl Sy’rai were able to try on Barbie clothes and have a tea party with the Mattel icon before taking in a live stage show.




  1. says

    KellyMay, and anyone else who is interested. Yahoo has a really neat thing now that could make it easier to get to know each other. It is called Yahoo 360. You can set up your own page however you want and then add friends and view each others blogs. Click on my name and it will take you to my page. You should be able to set your own up from there. Or add yourself as a friend. Just a suggestion.

    We do all disagree from time to time, but we are all moms and usually one different threads we acutally side with someone we are debating with on another.

  2. Diana says

    KellyMay – that sounds wonderful what you do. I actually live in England but me and my husband are looking to travel to Canada next year for a year or so. My Uncle lives in British Columbia. What a beautiful country Canada is though! πŸ˜‰ At present we don’t have any kids but I can’t wait to have some. At the moment I am enjoying life looking after my little niece and nephew!! πŸ˜‰

  3. KellyMay says

    Thanks Angie πŸ™‚

    My name is Kelly (may is my middle name), I have two beautiful little people my daughter Talia is 7 and my son Spencer is almost 5 (October). I have been with my hubby for 11 years and live in Ontario, Canada. I am a nurse, a doula and an aspiring midwife πŸ™‚ I plan to go to university in a few years when the kiddos are a bit older, Not fair to leave them now since I’ll likely have to live in another city during the week and home on weekends. In the process of hopefully shaving a year off the 4 year program by getting some electives done now. I just left my nursing job in May to SAH, and pursue my doula work before I buckle down for school.
    Anyone else?

  4. Angie in Indiana says

    Oh well, it doesn’t seem that we were jinxed, we all seem to be having a nice time posting (on this thread anyway) πŸ™‚
    FYI-this is for you Kellymay, My name is Angie (all of the Angie posts above) I am a single mom of two little boys, (3 and 2) and I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You? or anyone else that would like to share?

  5. Torryn says

    I think having thoughts of hurting your own child after you’ve longed for one for so much and so many miscarriages is really wierd. Atleast she didn’t hurt Rowan.She’s gonna grow up to be a beautiful girl just like her mommy!

  6. Riley says

    I think Brooke Shields is crazy she had thoughts of running her car into a wall with Rowan it. I hope she doesn’t turn out like John Mark Karr his mom tried to set him on fire when he was a baby and look how he turned out?

  7. KellyMay says

    I think it’s really neat too. Too bad we didn’t have a forum accessible to get to know each other better, I’m curious were we all are from πŸ™‚

  8. Diana says

    It’s cool that we all have different opinions – that’s what makes life so interesting and fun! It is nice also that we are all from different parts of the world and chat like this! πŸ˜‰

  9. sparky says

    Angie- I meant don’t jinx everybody agreeing about something. LOL J/K’s great when there’s alittle harmony amongst us women.

  10. Diana says

    Angie – I have done double posts before too! Very frustrating and made me in the past look a little over obsessive trying to get your point across !! πŸ˜‰ xx

  11. Angie says

    lol sparky, sorry for the double post… didn’t post right away. I’ll hush up about it for now on about that subject!!!

  12. Angie says

    Don’t look now girls, but I think we have all just agreed on something. Even if it is as small as a trashy little doll………..hey I will take it!!!!!

  13. sparky says

    Rowan looks like a little princess! I don’t think Brooke looks that great..looks kinda sickly and thin w/out makeup. (not that there’s anything wrong w/ not wearing makeup once in awhile).
    Bratz dolls are disgusting!! My little girls haven’t asked for any..thank god!! They look like little prostitutes! I even heard that the Bratz Babies have thongs on or something like that…wtf??? Sick!

  14. Lisa says

    Bratz are on their way out, I hope. My toys are us has them on big sale the last few months, we can hope!!!!!!!

  15. Diana says

    I kept a lot of my old toys from when I was growing up too. It brings back nice memories when I look back at them and hope to pass them on to our children in the future. !! πŸ˜‰

  16. KellyMay says

    I struggle with Barbie too, she is unrealistic with her curves and can never settle on one job LOL

    Bratz are awful, not a good image to portray and I can think of a few other dolls that do the same. I do love Mattels new Fairy line, so very cute. I had a ton of Barbie/ Ken//Skipper dolls when I was a young girl, I even had the pregnant barbie (she had a ton of babies).
    Oh the memories, Brooke looks so happy and her little girl is in heaven!

  17. says

    Barbie now has the sweetest line of dress up fairy, princess and ballarina dresses for little girls. Sure hope Bratz doesnt come out with the same. That said, I am so jealous that they did not have those Barbie dresses when I was younger. I got jipped/

  18. Lisa says

    Bratz with a z.

    This fairytopia show is awesome, my daughter loved it. Barbie in my opinion is a fine toy for little girls. Bratz stink.

  19. Diana says

    Angie- how right you are. It is sad if our society goes from once have innocent toys like lego etc.. to having toys such as the Brats. Very sad x

  20. Angie says

    Kristin- Well said, I have 4 nieces and two of my brothers kids loooooove the Brats dolls, um they are 7 and 3. No way would I give my little girl a doll that is dressed up like a whore. I mean come on, what are we teaching out little girls? I really don’t have a opinion on Barbi, but would rather let my kids play with her then a “little slut doll” dressed in a skirt!!!!

  21. Kristin says

    I love seeing stars actually doing things with their children, she sure is a great mom. eBirdie, why not barbie? I think she is classic, way better than those trashy brats dolls.

  22. vhaneza says

    rowan is so pretty, same like his mummy.thank god
    that brooke fine the right guy to be the father of his.
    kids, i like brooke shes sooo pretty and i dont care
    how old is she as long as shes my idol

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