Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise Leaving Maestro's Restaurant

Katie and Tom were snapped leaving Maestro’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills. They look good!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes



  1. cb says

    Beautiful baby girl.

    Connor and Isabella are beautiful kids too.

    All are fortunate to have parents who care about them and I hope their parents teach them to be courtious to others and not say unkind things that may hurt someones feelings.

    Tom and Katie deserve to be happy and NO can convince me that everyone is bad all of the time. People make mistakes, let it go. Let them move ahead with their lives.

    Congratulations to them all.

  2. kellyb says

    I think the two look great together and hate the comments about Tom looking old and crusty. They make for a good couple.

  3. guylaine says

    To your comment writter M.
    First of all, I think is’t pretty sad that the Fans would take the private life of any great actors and tell themself that I don’t really care how good of an actor they are, I just don’t like what they stand for. Tom cruise is not the only actor that made mistakes, maybe you should stop going out to watch any kind of movies because NEWS FLASH every actors makes the news at one point. Their private lives should not matter to us, they still bring great movies for us to enjoy. If you don’t like what TOM is doing with his personal life, or any actor turn your tv off and don’t go to the movie. Or better yet take on bridge with a bunch of old fart in the privacy of your home and do all the bitching you want about all the people that don’t meet your expectation.

  4. m says

    Ok, here goes — Only once have I been on a blog before, but I, like many others apparently, am so tired of Tom’s arrogance and superiority issues. Beginning with how he behaved towards Nicole when he cut out of their marriage, to his put down of both Brooke Shields and Matt Lauer (who both appear to be some of the nicest, GENUINE, people in celebrity-land) that I just wish someone could get a genuine message through to him that he has truly lost touch with the commonness of humanity and all its frailties. He does not appear to have an ability to work through issues, it’s either his way or the highway, because he can afford it and because he’s so unrelenting in his “rightness”. It appears the last laugh is on him because he forgot that he might be able to afford anything financially — but emotionally, he has lost a huge, huge number of fans.

    This isn’t about his jumping on Oprah’s couch…that was just silly fun and his overexcited (and tiring) constant energy level and smiling front. Does the public truly care about a movie star jumping up and down about being in love? I think not — instead, the following exposure of his inner thinking and attitudes began to make people fear that he didn’t really understand that people relate best when opposing thoughts can be accepted though disagreed upon. Coupled with a sense that Tom Cruise is no longer forced to deal with the normal person’s trials and tribs, I think people are really beginning to understand that behind that smile are some serious flaws –the heightened judgment of others, the inability to accept how someone else might have a very legitimate perspective on the same issue, leading to a righteousness that simply saddens us. Genuineness and humility are sorely lacking, but the need to control is definitely in center lens.

    It’s interesting that, unlike Nicole who seeks out risky and sometimes exquisite character roles,Tom Cruise seeks out huge fantasy roles to promote what appears to be verging on a maniacal ego.

    Though it may even be subconscious with some heretofore loyal public, I believe there is also a certain lack of artistic respect going on here within both that fan base and the industry. He may not have the gift of fine acting as Nicole does, but he has the ability to produce good character acting as he did in several earlier films. I thought he did an Oscar -winning performance in “Born on the Fourth of July ” as opposed to frankly the ridiculousness of a War of the Worlds (sorry Spielberg, ET it wasn’t). I hope he chooses to return to smaller budget, rich storyline and character-driven movies. It would help both him and the fans to bring things down a notch and focus on some serious acting potential that for some reason he has run away from. This is a great time for him to refocus and win back the public through his art and allow us not to care whether we ever see a picture of Suri or not. Otherwise, he will continue to receive further loss of fans and respect.

  5. says


    They have not showed her since her birth because of SURI’S PROBLEMS:

    1) As soon as Katie got preggers Tom bought an ultrasound machine
    2) Unless you have a VERY high risk pregancy, IT IS UNSAFE to have more than two ultrasounds.
    3) It is his first bioloigical child and he stated “he wants to watch the baby develop”
    4) Lets face it excitment runith over and he “watched the baby” 3 times a week.
    = 120 times in a 40 week pregancy he had Katie strapped to the ultrasound machine.
    5) Ultrasound is harmful to the human fetus causing birth defects, deafness, blindness, it can also impair speech and motor skills.

    6)** Having a prenatal ultrasound for nonmedical reasons is not a good idea. **

    ~* Exposures should be kept to the lowest levels needed to achieve the medical aims.*~

    I am surprized they never taught him that at the School of Scientology for Doctors.
    (Both medical and emotional) of course!!

    His constant need to be in control, even with something he shouldn’t control (Katies developing baby) has landed him in quite the situation, he can’t justify what has happened to Suri because of his need to play doctor with that machine, so he has kept he in hiding. And will do so until the conquences of his actions can be justified!!.

  6. says

    Katies facial expression looks alomost hopeful…as in oh, has someone come to rescue me ?! So sad-such a deadness to her once bubbly bright cuteness.

  7. billy j walker says

    Hi Ya Baby
    You can fool, all of the people some of the time but Tom, you cannot fool, all of the people all of the time

    What Baby ? You are Having a laugh ! Just a cushion ? A cushion from reality ?
    We think it is , clearly in your case , Mission Impossible !

    After Paramount . A Placenta by any other name . You eat the afterbirth ? We cannot swallow that !

  8. Sarah says

    I think a lot of people on here are right about somethings but not others were is baby suri and why are they not at home lookin after their 4 month daughter THEY SHOULD BE BONDING WITH HER

  9. KellyMay says

    The statement he released is totally different not even acknowledging anything paramount released. It’s all very interesting!

    Hey I think we got abandoned again, no new posts for awhile…sigh

  10. Olivia says

    OOP’s, These are the news report sites the above information came from. I just now figured out how to add them in. I haven’t cared for him personally for a while, but I had hoped it was all tabloid twists of the truth. I’m having a difficult time keeping that hope. How sad to see how too much power and money have led to what seems to be a fall of the mighty.




  11. Olivia says

    Looks like Babyrazzi readers aren’t the only ones finding TC’s behavior questionable & unacceptable: The “””” were highlighted by me not Stephen Silverman

    Tom Cruise & Paramount Part Ways
    WEDNESDAY AUGUST 23, 2006 09:25AM EST
    By Stephen M. Silverman

    Sumner Redstone, chairman of Paramount Pictures parent company Viacom, told the Wall Street Journal Tuesday that the studio would not renew its contract with Cruise’s Cruise/Wagner Productions.

    “It’s nothing to do with his acting ability, he’s a terrific actor,” Redstone said. “But we don’t think that “”””someone who effectuates creative suicide””””” and costs the company revenue should be on the lot.”

    Cruise starred in Paramount hits including Mission: Impossible, Top Gun and Days of Thunder, and has based his production company on the Paramount lot since 1992, the Journal reports.

    But in the past year, he’s made headlines by promoting Scientology, jumping on Oprah Winfrey’s couch to declare his love for Katie Holmes and attacking the use of antidepressants for postpartum depression.

    “As much as we like him personally, we thought it was wrong to renew his deal,” said Redstone. “His recent conduct has not been acceptable to Paramount.”
    —-The full story is on the google news update home page site.
    ——Wow, maybe this is why Katie looks so worried, deer in the headlights look, so to speak. The article also said talks between Paramont have been in progress for a while but have ended. I wouldn’t want to be living in his house, he must be royally pissed, scary thought, Run Katie Run!

  12. sparky says

    I wanna see more pics of celebs WITH THEIR BABIES!! I have seen enough of Katie alone looking sad or being Tom’s arm candy. We all see plenty of that standing in line at the grocery store.

  13. Pika says

    I think Katie does look better than she has in quite a while.
    I just heard that Paramount has dropped Tom as a commodity. I’m sure he has enough money to retire right now, so I don’t feel too bad for him.

  14. Diana says

    Susan/Jenna – I can see why you have said that about Katie’s look but she looks very elegant you have to admit. Nicola – that’s cool that there are English people using this site also!! 😉

  15. Diana says

    Nicola – its great isn’t it to have other English people on here, a real mix of people!! 😉 xx

  16. Susan says

    Guess it’s the daughter-of a-prominent-divorce-attorney look. I agree Jenna, Katie should lighten up.

  17. jenna says

    Really, who wears a black turtleneck and black business pants suit in LA in August? She’s not a lawyer–yikes!

  18. sparky says

    I agree with KellyMay..she does have a more mature appearance since getting pregnant and having a baby. After all these years. Tom still manages smiles for the cameras. I couldn’t do it- I would act like they didn’t exist.

  19. Hana says

    Tom Cruise is growing his hair? I like his hair when it was very short in minority report. But he still looks good and Katie looks very beautiful.

  20. Diana says

    Fabulous, another person from England on here. That’s so cool! ;-)(sorry if I posted this twice, I can never tell sometimes if it has gone on once or not!!).

  21. Diana says

    They both look fantastic. Katie always looks so elegant and graceful. Her dress sense if fabulous too, and she is looking very trim for having a little on not that long ago 😉

  22. Diana says

    Katie always looks so good and elegant. She has amazing dress sense. She looks great for only having a little one not long ago.

  23. Kelsey says

    I agree with Elle. Although I am not in a position to judge, it did seem like they really rushed things and now might be suffering the consequences of their rash behaviour. Bringing a child into the world is a hugh, irriversible decision, and it just seems like they should have gotten to know eachother a little bit better before they made things more complicated. I may not agree with their choices, but I do hope that they are happy, or will find happiness sometime soon.

  24. Marti says

    Tom & Katie look good .. she does look more mature. IMO, they have waited entirely too long to introduce Suri to the world. If they had shown her shortly after her birth all the hoopla would have died down, by now, and the press would be leaving them alone .. like Shiloh .. but as it is, the press is going to hound them until someone gets a shot of that kid and they will never have any peace!

  25. Elle says

    With all due respect, who “looks good”? I see Tom Cruise looking just about as bad as he has ever looked and Katie looks like she could bite the head off of the first person who dares to get near her. Although, I can understand that being followed and photographed constantly would be very annoying. Yes! Katie does look to be in better shape in this photo than she has for a very long time. However, they have always dealt with the Photographers and being followed and they sure did not look this Miserable back then! I think they look very fake and unhappy! I think she is absolutely Nuts if she marries him. Evenso, I sure don’t wish them to be Miserable. It is unfortunate that they rushed into their relationship and produced a child BEFORE they really got to know one another. That is the real tragedy here and that does not look so good from any agle.

  26. says

    Katie is so beautiful, and I LOVE her hairdo, I tried getting mine cut like that…how come it nevers looks as good as it does on them? 🙂
    I know professional hairstylists and lots of money! 🙂
    I wish she would bring her baby out of hiding!

  27. clara says

    OK, Katie has the Goldie Hawn thing going on, hair all over the place. Its a bit much.
    I have to say its kind of sad to never bring their baby out with them. Just put her in a sling and keep her close, nobody has to see her face. She should take a page out of Gwen Stefani`s book & enjoy her baby out in the world.

  28. Sharine says

    I think Katie is so pretty and Tom is cute his hair is growing out I like his hair longer instead of short. I want to see what Suri looks like I hope it looks more like Katie but with Tom Cruise’s eyes.

  29. Lisa says

    He poses and holds up her hand as if to say “see my younger girlfriend, see, we love eachother…Look at us enjoying our night out”
    Oh, I can’t stand him

  30. Gisela says

    I believe that Tom and Katie look great, and people should leave them alone. And all the talk about Suri. It is not unusual for parents to want to protect their children. My mother did the same with my brother. And guess what, the neighbors talked, saying the same thing as the media. The baby doesn’t exist, the baby is sick, their is something wrong with the baby. There wasn’t. My Mom was just very protective, just as Tom and Katie are. They will show off Suri when they feel the time is right to do so.

  31. KellyMay says

    They look wonderful! Motherhood has Kate looking more mature, amazing how we grow up so quickly after babies. Maybe it’s all those sleepless nights that make us appreciate the smaller things in life especially our children.

  32. Angie says

    I pretty much agree with all of the posts thus far. Katie looks great and hey Tom even looks a little normal. Maybe they are “normal” after all. Who knows!!!!!

  33. says

    I love her hair. I would like to grow mine out that way, but my son keeps pulling it all out. =sigh= I will tell you ladies this though, if you are looking for something to make your hair grow faster, try Biotin 1000 mcg. I read about it in Soap Opera Digest and it really works. I have been taking it for 3 weeks and i swear my roots grew out about a 3/4 inch. Totally OT, but I just like to share stuff.

  34. PaGirl says

    I Have to say Katie Does Look Good Here As Well as Tom,They Look Happy & in love & I Think Their Just Protective Over Their Little Baby Suri Being In The Limelight But, I Agree Even If They were to Just Take a Stroll In The park With their baby Girl Even If we couldn’t see Suri ,At Least I Think There Wouldn’t Be Sooo Many Questions From everyone Concerning The Baby.

  35. Kaygs says

    I think Katie is generally beautiful, but her long sweeping bags are no longer sexy, they’re just a nuisance! Time for a trim, honey!

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