Rare Glimpse Of Tom & Katie

Tom, Katie and Connor attended the Real Madrid-Real Salt Lake soccer game over the weekend in Salt Lake City. Katie looks good.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes



  1. braydie says

    Sean….so your saying that you took this picture? you made it sound that way and do I believe you? …lol ….no.

  2. says

    Yeah, we used to have 2 in the area, but one closed. They are fun, and a good plan for parents too, so their kids dont bother other people. It takes a lot of money to run one, but this place has it going on. I guess the most important thing is owning the land outright. As much money as it costs to purchase rights to show a movie, you have to keep your overhead low.

  3. Lisa says

    in responce to Diana: You know nothing about scientology, it does not matter who you are you willget sucked in if you allow them. Katie allowed just a little bit and look what is happening. I know from experience what scientology can do. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE IT!!! It is bad news. Tom is nice but that is a front. Those scientologists are in a cult. Cults brainwasah you and keep you away from your family, and if you resist you end up dead, go to stop narconon or remebering lisa or scientology kills you will know what I am talking about. Those are real people on those sites, and scientology killed them all.

  4. Lisa says

    Okay to the other Lisa who posted:

    Guylaine, sounds to me like that poster is follower of Scientology. Only those people defend tom. They dont want people thinking ad about him. He is like thier biggest endorser of Scientology, if the public does not like him then they cant get as many followers. He donates big time to the Sci. Churches and Narconon. That is how they keep running. if you looked at the churches records you would see that they are all doctored. That poster is one of the Sci. Followers ignore them.

  5. Diana says

    Hi Kelley – wow you get drive in cinemas in the states, I wish we had them in the UK too! That would be so cool!

  6. says

    I saw the Oprah thing, and while i found it to be a bit disgusting and gushy, it didn’t make me think less of him. Now, when he started flapping that yap about Scientcultogy and PPD and Brook Sheilds, I kept sending vibes to Matt Lauer to knock him the hell out. I went and saw War of the Worlds, and I went and saw WI3 (not inpressed). I was there on opening night for the first 2, and the only reason I watched WOW and MI3 was because they were the 2nd movies at the drive in that night.

  7. Diana says

    Lisa – it is a shame that he hasn’t helped himself a lot with his public appearances etc.. etc… It just doens’t win you any fans being like that and acting crazy, even if deep down you are a nice guy

  8. Lisa says

    What really got to me was his preaching, condescending interview with Matt Laeur coupled with his jumping all over the place like a fool. Years past I liked his movies and him as an actor in them but my dislike for his crazy antics has spilled over onto my movie watching prefernces. My husband can’t even stomach to watch him on screen now and Far and Away was one of his favorite films.

  9. says

    I love it, finally a topic that Lisa Braydie Carleigh and I can all agree on!

    Tom was ok with me, till he started spouting off about things he has and could never experience.

  10. Lisa says

    Paramount fired Tom Cruise and MSNBC and CNN speculate that it may be due to his off the set antics making him a not wanted commodity.

  11. Diana says

    Sean – I totally agree. Perhaps he has gone a little strange with all this Scientology stuff, but who are we to judge him? I think people should just leave him alone when they judge him. We all make mistakes, and all have our funny ways, but Tom does seem an all round nice kind of guy. Katie is also a big girl and therefore she should know what she was getting herself in to before entering in to the relationship with Tom. She is well grounded and an astute girl with her head screwed on by all accounts x

  12. Karina says


  13. Sean says

    By the way ImpeachBush, this was not a staged photoshoot…this picture was captured when Tom and Katie and Tom’s son Conner were entering the match in Salt Lake. Tom was nice enough to turn around for me when I yelled at him. He attempted to approach me and my wife, but his bodygaurd didn’t allow it. From all I heard of his interactions with people at the game and in town, he is a pretty okay guy.

  14. Sean says

    For those who might be interested in knowing, Tom and Katie did not attend the soccer match without baby Suri. she was in attendence, but the two did a great job at keeping it a secret.

  15. says

    flapper…..pa-lease come back again soon so you can find your self on the receiving end of a tounge lashing…….and not in a good way!

  16. braydie says

    flapper1920s i just love when people actaully take the time to write a post about us “gossips”. i believe you flapper1920s made a gossippy statement ….”Tom Cruise is happy,wealthy and enjoying life” how do you know hes enjoying his life or happy for that matter. just because he’s rich doesnt mean he has a happy life. if you dont like blogs then why write on one??? your a idiot

  17. flapper1920s says

    Get lives you pathetic lot of gossips.Tom Cruise is happy,wealthy and enjoying life. Do you think he cares about all your flapping mouths? Give me a break and just return to your boring empty spaces.

  18. Diana says

    Thank you Ev. I guess we all have our opinions, and it is fun to see others opinions on here as well. That’s what makes it fun! have a good day ;-)x

  19. braydie says

    Gwen ~~ you should tell us exactly “how” you know…Dont try to tell us you know them cuz all everyone (including me) will do is laugh at you. but i wish it was true i have a feeling it isnt.

  20. says

    Ok, I am officially “over” Katie now. I am going to have to look at this like this: She is a grown woman. She is now a mother and has a responsibility to her daughter. She is the only one that can get herself out of this relationship when she is ready. Thank God, she hasn’t married him yet.

  21. Diana says

    I knew I would get slaughtered for my opinion, and completely understand what you are all saying. Just my observations about Tom, perhaps I am a little naive though! I do agree though in thinking that Katie is the innocent one in all this if she is being brainwashed that is not on 😉 And people believe whatever they like, some refuse and reject what they have heard. That’s just the way it goes. I just feel sad for Tom if he has been brainwashed as he seemed such a nice guy before all the Scientology stuff came up.

  22. braydie says

    The only thing tom C loves is his mirror. He thinks only of himself and his “image”. All these people in Toms cult can say katie is fine but we all can see she clearly isnt… she doesnt even look like herself anymore. I believe she has PPD But tom would NEVER allow that to be known … Nicole K made it easy for her….Tom C doesnt control everything….if nic can leave his freak ass …katie can leave him too.
    childhood fantasies arent always fairytale endings. no matter how much TomC. jumps on a couch and says they are.

  23. Carleigh says

    Did you ever stop to think that the reason TC is so pleasant and takes so much time to apprecaite his “fans” is because he is trying to brainwash more people into accepting his weirdo cult like beliefs..Scientology is all about recruiting and converting.

  24. Lisa says

    to the previous poster who called me out:

    His interview with Matt Laeur was bizarre. His demeanor and preaching in that interview were very upsetting to me and apparently a lot of other people. (Since when did Tome the movie star become a psychiatrist and an expert on human behavior and psychopharmacology)

    Sticking his nose into Brooke Shields business and saying the derogatory things he said about her is bizarre

    Posing with Katie liplocking with her all over the world for all the paparazzi, giving out all the details of their engagement for the world and then crying we need privacy is hypocritical

    MI 3 tanked

    Even Steven Speilberg was uncomfortable, made somewhat snide comments about Toms antics during the promo tour for War of the Worlds

    Polls indicate that the public opinion is that his personal behavior hinders them from wanting to see him on the screen

    Unlike Katie, I did not grow up dreaming of marrying this guy, he never was my heart throb, I am happily married and could not marry a scientologist due to my belief systems being completely different then theirs, too much conflict. If my child has an ear infection I give her penicillin, if I want to be loud during childbirth so be it, etc….

    I do not want them to “show off” their baby (although what is wrong with proudly showing off your newborn) but the apparent lack of her anywhere is odd. Katie alone taking walks, shopping, the two of them playing ball in a park like school kids, etc.. are all activities I relished bringing my baby with me on.

    I have not thought highly of him since he left his then pregnant wife (who subsequently miscarried) to pursue Penelope Cruz- right before their 10 yr anniversary to get out of increased alimony.

  25. Diana says

    I actually think Tom Cruise was okay before he entered in to this weird cult. However, sometimes it is so easy for people to become involved with weird cults and get sucked in, particulary if the are impressionable and are seeking answers etc… etc… I genuinely think that Tom is an okay guy though. At premieres he is one of the few people who stands and talks to fans for ages and agees. It can’t be all that bad if he has the decency to do this ;-)x

  26. Olivia says

    Gotta go with Carleigh’s thoughts on this one. She took the words right out of my mouth. Everyone is entitled to an opinion which is why it says “Leave a Comment.” Seems to me TC hiped us all up, gave the world “Too Much Information”, LOOK AT ME

  27. Carleigh says

    As I have said before if Tom has been more discreet about his “amazing” love affair w/ the “amazing” Katie then he wouldn’t be getting so much slack now about the “amazing” Suri. If he had kept his “amazingly” big mouth shut he wouldn’t have set his couch jumping control freaking ass up for all this media scrutiny. I think Katie has been brainwashed by that freakish Scientology cult .

  28. Guylaine says

    This one is for you Lisa, How do you know that Tom’s career is ruined? And so what that Tom And Katie doesn’t want to show off Suri. Alot of movie star keep the kids out of the spot light. And if they were to show pitures of Suri, Lisa would you put her down like your doing with Tom and Katie. Maybe if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all. Your not in their home to see that they have a bad relationship. And beside your not married to him.(maybe you wish, then he would be a good guy right??)

  29. impeachBush says

    I’m sure Tom arranged this photo shoot. Katie is young, barely a HS education & gullible.

  30. babyhates says

    You know this site is kind of wack… it’s always the same couple people……… if you go to other sites you like Jenny Garth who is 8 months preggo and more then just heide and katie ! Boo I think am gonna have to go …..

  31. Lisa says

    he is nuts- crazed by his misguided beliefs and hugely inflated sense of self and his importance. He is odd, the whole relationship is odd, the lack of proof of Suri existing is odd, he has ruined his career with all of his shenanigans.

  32. Ann-Marie says

    Tom is a control freak. Leave him Katie before you get in over your head. Do not marry him whatever you do. I wonder if Nicole Kidman found him this controlling as well , and if he acted this way with his other 2 kids?

  33. Nosy says

    I am sure they spend lots of time with their daughter. That doesn’t mean they have to take her out with them all the time…I do agree that Tom seems to have to much control in the relationship. Stay catholic Katie!!

  34. Emily says

    Totally agree with you. I can’t imagine what Katie’s parents are thinking. Just goes to show how much control someone can really have over someone. Need to watch out for those types of people.

  35. Angie says

    Ugh, whatever……..Seems to me they spend a lot of time without Suri. I am a huge fan of Katie Holmes, but this is all just sooooo weird!!!! What do you think her parents tell people when they want to see a picture of the baby…”oh, I’m sorry my daugher hasn’t given me any pictures of our graddaugher that is 4 months old”………or “Oh, we can’t show you a picture even if we had one and brag about how cute our granddaugher is” Poor grandparents and poor Katie.

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