Katie Holmes Being Closely Monitored By Her Scientology 'Handlers' … Creepy!

I cannot personally certify that this info is true, but it doesn’t sound too hard to believe. Hang in there Katie!

This pic is of Katie last month in Telluride.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes
New mom Katie Holmes made a rare appearance this weekend at InStyle magazine girls-only party. The party was held on Sunday at the home of a Hollywood producer, and guests were reportedly strictly forbidden from inviting anyone to attend with them. Holmes broke the rule, which was specified when invitations were sent out, by towing along one of her Scientology “friends.” “You weren’t allowed to bring a guest with you,” a partygoer told PerezHilton.com. “However, Katie brought a guest. One of her Scientology ‘handlers.’ She was the only one that didn’t come alone. Katie’s minder kept a watchful eye and a close distance at all times. It was so creepy! You couldn’t really talk to her honestly and openly. Whenever Katie would leave the room, all the girls would talk amongst themselves about how strange she seemed and how bizarre the whole situation was.” Another party guest said, “Katie looked dead in the eyes. She was not the same person she was before she met Tom.”

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  1. Karen says

    I believe Katie and Tom are in love, I dont believe all the crap in the magazines one bit. There baby is darling .
    Good luck Katie and Tom .

  2. braydie says

    I also believe she has PPD. She looks hollow. Eyes tell everything and just becuz shes out and about being pulled around by T.C. doesnt mean her eyes doesnt say what we all think. Look at the pics before Suri was born…her eyes are glowing. Now there just dead. I hope he gets her more help then “vitiamins”.

  3. Jade says

    I can not say anything about Tom and “Kate” because I fear the wrath of Tom’s Witchcraft! I feel that Tom means well, but just doesn’t have a clue anymore. How can you stand to not take your child out of the house?!? I think the past comment that Tom made about Brooke Shields has come back to bite him in the butt! I truly believe that Katy has post partem depression, that or she’s realized what she got herself into!

  4. T says

    I think Tom is a good person that the tabloids have twist things so badly that we believed everything that say. Katie is a grown woman who is smart and can make decision of her own. If they don’t want their baby photograph I think that’s thay decision.

  5. lorraine says

    kate i wish u and tom all the luck and happiness if u dont want to show the baby thats up to u and tom, and people that keep paying attention get a life

  6. Carole says

    Is this Katy thing for real? How do we know? Maybe people just like to talk and make up stories. Its all so confusing.

  7. Lisa says

    You are right on the money that is what is going on. Cults are like that and they will do anything to keep you. I feel sorry for katie and I wish that she would leave now while she has a chance, get the baby and go. Once she is allowed to take the baby out I would run, and run fast!! I would leave.

  8. Lisa says

    You are right on the money that is what is going on. Cults are like that and they will do anything to keep you. I feel sorry for katie and I wish that she would leave now while she has a chance, get the baby and go. Once she is allowed to take the baby out I would run, and run fast!!

  9. Taz says

    I read a few years ago in a mag, or on oprah or somethin, that tom & nicole adopted kids, because, aparantly TC was not able 2 have biolgical kids – that he was infertile – so…if that was true, & suri may not be TC’s? Just a thought.

    They should show like 1 pic of suri – lots of baby’s look alike. Show her like the same way wacko jacko showed his kids even – covered up.

    Maybe she hasn’t been seen cause of some weird cult thing? Cults are weird things, based on brainwashing, & maybe Katie wants to leave TC, but can’t, cause TC & his cult are keeping Katie apart & have threatened Katie or her baby or Katies family if she tries to leave? TC is a lot more powerful than Katie & who knows what he is capable of. TC seems to get weirder & more controlling as he gets older & tends 2 spurt out heaps more crap & controlling ways of his scientology crap – like he might be trying to become a leader of it almost like that of the control of cults like jones town & waco (koresh), & leaders of other cults – once u r in, & especially now i have ur kid, u are trapped & now u must die or become one of us, against ur will. That, & Katie & Suri are not allowed to contact with Katies parents & her other family & that she must have a cult handler if she goes out when tom is not around. she probally threatened to leave him & take the baby or expose the truth & so she can’t he’s forced her to have the handler, cause he doesn’t trust her & this is his way of making sure she can’t escape him & his evil clutches.

    I’m prolly quite wrong here, but i did read in a few articals b4 katie had suri, that she was gonna raise suri her way, not his way, no matter what he thought, even if she had to leave him 2 do that – so why is it all his way now & not what she was so determined for both her & baby?

    Just some thoughts based on what cults r like & how TC has been acting & their weird & suspicious behaviour

  10. Kathy says

    WHO CARES? No one is forcing Katie to be with Tom! I personally think he has a few screws loose based on his debate with Matt Lauer. Tom has no right to judge anyone that seeks help for depression, be it through medication or otherwise. He mentioned to Matt that he’d helped “cure” hundreds of people from depression, so what I’d like to know is who are all these people? PUHLEEASE! Tom is an IDIOT!!!

  11. Diana says

    I do in some ways feel sorry for Katie, however there is that saying, you make your bed you lie in it, and this should go for everyone, not excluding Katie. If Tom is as strange and weird as the media and everyone portrays him then Katie shouldn’t have plowed in feet first to a relationship with Tom. Let alone have a child with him so quickly. But my opinion is that I don’t mind Tom.

  12. ZOE says

    TC is a jerk and should feel very guilty for what he has done to such a beautiful young girl like Katie. He is just another control freak guy that needs to get a grip on reality. I feel so sorry for both Katie and baby Suri. Katie just needs to turn and run now while she still can. Best of luck to her and the baby.

  13. Sarah says


  14. Diana says

    Mandy – quite harsh words to say about Tom. Why do you say such things about him? Do you know him personally to make such a judgement? Just curious.

  15. mandy says

    tom cruise is a selfish son of a b****. he thinks he can do w/e the f*** he want to katie just b/c she had his baby. i hope he goes to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Olivia says

    Ok, I’ve been unable to find the article mentioned by Lars Campell Can I have an FYI from someone who did find it?

  17. Rebecca Ellerbee says

    Iam so sorry about a comment I JUST READ ON Popwatch by lars campell/ July 29th 2006 6;09 a.m. if what this comment says is true we all grieve for this family. IM SO SAD THAT EVERYONE IS MAKING ALL THEESE COMMENTS about Katie,please dig a little deeper before judging her, TO Katie may GOD KEEP HIS HEALING HANDS ON YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY DURING THIS TIME . SINCERELY REBECCA ELLERBEE OF GEORGIA

  18. PaGirl says

    All i have to say is I Agree Katie Holmes Just Doesn’t Look Happy Does She? But She Knew He Was Into Scientology & Agreed To Be Part Of that when She got Involved With Tom Cruise. ILook at Moms Like Jen Garner & Shes Always Bubbly & Happy Out & About With Her baby & You Do Wonder Why We Haven’t Seen That With Tom & Katie Not even Once Even Just Strolling With The baby stroller Out & About Shopping, I Don’t think everyone would ask sooooo many questions about baby suri if they even saw a glimpse of the proud parents out & about with their new bundle of joy! Tom Didn’t seem to have a problem with Isabella & Conner being seen now & then here & there out & about. Hmm

  19. braydie says

    this is just a sad situation all around…i feel for katie but she can leave any time she wants, also i hope she does it before her daughter turns into a freak like her father has become. looks like toms “vitamins” arent working out to well for katie. I still believe that Katie has PPD, JMO. I know the mintue she gets away from Tom she will get that glow back and enjoy being a mother, not a science experiment.

  20. emily says

    I have to think she is being somewhat brainwashed by Tom and his religion. Hmmmm……I don’t think you’ve ever heard Nicole Kidman speak out by saying “you guys have Tom all wrong or anything like that” Just a thought

  21. Carleigh says

    You know I’ve read some of the “conspiracy” theories that have been reported about Suri. There are a lot of different things being spread around:
    1.) That Katie didn’t have a baby at all-which I think is bogus because of the visible stretch marks she bared in her low riders, plus the whole nursing bra debacle.
    2.) That Suri is the offspring of the frozen sperm of L. Ron Hubbard-that one is even to weird for me to touch upon…lol
    3.) That Scientologists do NOT believe in immunizations for children–which would account for not parading Suri around in public but still doesn’t explain why we haven’t at least seen a pic or two…hhhhhhmmmm
    4.) That Suri has a birth defect or birthmark or some type of disfigurement—-I really hope this one isn’t true. I had a strawberry hemangioma on the left side of my face which showed up when I was 8 weeks old and grew and grew until I was about 3 y/o. By the time it was finished growing it had almost disfigured the left side of my temple. I finally found a plastic surgeon who was willing to take a chance at doing the removal and reconstruction surgery. It took 4 hours to remove and reconstruct but once it was over I felt like the ugly duckling who blossomed into a swan. I was 15 y.o. and I finally felt pretty for the first time in my life.

    If Suri has a birthmark then Tom Cruise maybe a bit horrified by the way it looks, I know when I got older I was so self conscious and embarrassed so I can understand what he might be feeling. However, if it’s a birth defect then by bringing focus to it in the public forum would allow others to gleen information about it and raise awareness of the disorder so he could use that to his advantage.

    All in all, I sincerely hope that baby Suri is well and healthy and that none of the vicious things going around are true. I don’t like TC anymore and I think he really controls Katie but I hope their baby is as healthy and beautiful as all his Scientology groupies are leading the public to believe.

  22. DJ says

    With all the money Tom Cruise has you would think they would have a nanny to help Katie out and she would not look so tired all the time. I was with a controlling person at one time in my life and the toll it took does make you look old before your time. I am out of that situation now and look younger than ever. Hopefully Katie can see the light; it is not worth it, all the money in the world is not worth it. Life is way too short. Good luck Katie.

  23. Diana says

    It all sounds a little too strange for my liking. Poor Katie, any cult like that is not worth even becoming involved in. She can’t be ruled by them, and have people watching her all the time. It sounds too strange to be true 😉

  24. says

    Carleigh, you said it girl.
    I love Katie and I did like Tom, but I am sorry he is driving me crazy, I can’t stand all the secrets. If something is wrong with Suri I am sure the world will love her anyway. And if he is protecting her from germs, than child services need to pay a visit and teach the masterful Tom about all the diseases and how it inevitablly effects these babies!!!!
    I think TC needs a smack!!!!

  25. KellyMay says

    Hmmm I saw a pic of her from the weekend, it was so sad! Gosh the more I read about this the more sad I feel for her, they truly seemed so in love when they first met….

  26. Marti says

    Katie looks exhausted in that picture .. just like a new Mom. 😉 I really don’t know what to think of all this Scientology crap, but she is a big girl w/a mind of her own ~ I hope.

  27. Carleigh says

    JMO..but I’ve said it before this girl has been BRAIN WASHED by TC and that stupid Scientology CULT! More and more often we hear reports of Katie being w/ ONLY TC approved Scientology “handlers”, looking vacant, distant, bewildered, out-of-sorts, etc., etc. Who knows what those “handlers” are doing to her or who they even are for that matter!!!!!!???? They are probably making sure that nobody gets close enough to Katie to say something to trigger her to come back to reality on planet earth and to defect from planet Tom. It’s just really a wierd situation…TC never got away w/ brainwashing MiMi or Nicole but apparently Katie is weak minded and easily controled maybe that’s why Tom chose her to have a child with because he KNEW he could exert his control over her so easily. If you ask me it is just a little to damn creepy! Run Katie, run fast and far away and if there really is a Suri take her with you!

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