Drew Barrymore Feeling The Tick Tock Of Her Biological Clock

Drew Barrymore is ready to start a family, she reveals.

“I definitely feel the beginnings of a tick tock,” Barrymore, 31, tells InStyle in its September issue. “Whether I have children or adopt – whatever form a family comes in, I would absolutely love to have it.”

Drew would be so adorable preggers and I’m sure her and beau Fabrizio Moretti would make adorable babies! ( And fabulous adoptive parents if they choose to adopt) Best wishes Drew!

Drew Barrymore

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  1. freddi-o says

    she is beautiful and that is not air-brushing met her face to face when i was working at a coffee shop and it was early in the moring she is just naturally beautiful full of life and very kind this picture is GREAT,BEAUTIFUL, and next to Jessica Simpson who is looking pretty scaring lately and Paris hilton yeck Drew is just BEAUTIUL…….
    She’s right up their with Angelina jolie and the other Reese
    ulma Thurman

  2. braydie says

    Hes not gone yet lol. its getting close though. yeah its a nice perk, getting plane tickets for free, however just me not my family. My job takes me everywhere and now i have to go to washington in a couple hours, and i never can sleep before a flight. now i cant even take my coffee on board with me so im tanking up lol.

  3. Diana says

    Braydie – sorry to hear about your son going to college, but it is really good that you can go and see him anytime with the plane tickets being free! That’s amazing. I know when I left home I actually grew closer to my parents when I got married and flew the nest so to speak, so I only hope that you wil grow stronger in your love for your son and in your friendship with him now that he has gone away ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. braydie says

    omg i hate it when it does that double post thing. i didnt think the first post i wrote went though so i rewrote it all…..
    i even put that ( . ) sometimes it brings up the post if it doesnt show up right away but it didnt ๐Ÿ™
    well anyway sorry for the double post all.

  5. braydie says

    nicki~ my son says he doesnt know any kids that cut themselves …but he does know of it. I actually knew acouple of girls that cut themselves when i was in highschool and they said they got a satisfaction from it, a sence of control, they actually had a “special” knife for it. I cant see how anyone could cut themselves like that to be honest. when i cut myself cooking, cleaning, etc, I freak out. i never said angelina was stupid, i do believe shes smart. drew is so much more open about her life and that is what makes people accept what she has done more then angelina. Ive decided to try and not blame angelina ….brad was the one married…he knew what would happen … if it wasnt angelina, it would of been someone else and i believe he just wanted kids and he didnt care how or with whom he had them with.
    yes, my baby is leaving me in 2 weeks and 2 days. he’s moving to boston and im very upset about it, but at the same time im soooo excited for him!! I havent been on that much because I have been getting his affairs in order and spending time with him. This is what he’s wanted for a long time and I know he will do well. even though i was there for them after his parents death he always thought he had to be the “man” for his little brothers and to protect me. And i know that he will do only his best at college. I’ve already told him that ill be coming to visit every month …. he thinks im kidding…. ๐Ÿ™‚ hey i get no cost plane tickets to anywhere i want from my job when ever i want. I really will miss him and ive been crying alot lately, probably the reason for all my “sappy” posts lol.

  6. braydie says

    nicki….i knew kids that cut themselves when i was growing up and it wasnt all for enjoyment but they did say they got a satisfaction from it…i wouldnt know everytime i cut myself ( cooking, cleaning, etc)i freak out so i cant see any kind of anyhting from it…i never said angelina was stupid, i said if it wasnt her, im sure brad would of found someone else to procreate with right away. my baby is going away to college here soon:( in about 2 weeks:( im very sad and ive been spending alot of time with him thats why i havent been writing so much. he’ll be living in boston, but he’s very responsible. he knows im gonna call every nite and come see him at least once a month lol.( i get free plane rides where ever i want, perks that come with my job) kris has always known what he wanted to be, ever since the thing with his real parents. He makes a point to be just the oppisite of anything his father was, I tell him its ok to be like him( he’s his fathers son, he does the same hand gestures, facial expressions, even the way he talks), but just not to make the mistakes he made. I want these boys to have everything their parents wished for them when they thought about having children. Also, kris is like me in many ways. I love that lol. he will tell people his thoughts and opinions, and not be sorry for it( unless hes wrong )

  7. Khristina says

    OMG Please new posts!!! Don’t tell me we are back to the old game of no new posts for days on end!!!!

  8. Nicki says

    Braydie, just an added something,if your interested,
    Oh and a note to how good she did in school, she has just entered her freshman year in college and only needs 2 credits, or points or whatever they are called now, to finish her freshman year. So with her other classes she has choosen to take she will be 3-4 credits ahead into her sophmore year in college, all her own shoice.
    Part of her problem was klids thought she was “weird” because she was so smart, and not snobby about it. They couldn’t understand her from 7th grade or so on about how she was so smart, but not into the “better, smart, kids” cliche. She would hang with them but if something didn’t gel with what she was taught she would speak up and then be ridiculed for it. Saying she should hang with the brainiacs or the smarties. She didn’t identify with them, although very smart, but did know right from wrong, like teasing a less smarter kid. She didn’t feel it made any sense to put down someone else to “whatever” make yourself look ??? She was an open kid for the most part and very smart, but I guess felt trapped between the two.

    Braydie, Your oldest son seems very intelligent. Good luck to him in college. Is he going away to college(oh the oldest away from home) or staying nearby? I wrote him a post after he so wonderfully answered my post way back( on the Brad Pitt thread) , and wished him the best of luck in college. He sounded like a very smart and well adjusted kid, your very lucky, and I wish him the best in his college studies.

  9. Nicki says

    Team Aniston- Tell me the 3 marriages Angelina supposedly broke up? You love Drew, but don’t read up on her, you hate Angelina and read every rag mag out there on her? By Jen’s account, Brad’s, Courtney’s and Angelina’s the divorce was filed before they hooked up. Does it mean they didn’t have feelings before, probably not, but it doe not mean they acted on them until Jen filed for the divorce, so if anything technically Brad broke up the marriage and gave Jen the option to file. Billy Bob was not married, he may have been engaged to Laura Dern, but not married. (Just a side note, Laura Dern got pregnant with Ben Harpers kid before he and his wife filed for divorce.)
    I don’t know if Johnny Lee Miller was married or not when she hooked up with him she was .what 21, and he wasn’t much older.
    Why not blame Angelina parents too, absentee Dad and Mom so upset over the whole way he left, came back, left, came back, she let Angelinas boyfriend move in with her at 14. Fourteen is still a child, so does she get some kind of a “pass” too?
    So Please tell me what 3 married men she was a “homewrecker” too.

    Braydie, you should check out websites about teens cutting themselves. It isn’t about pleasure, it is usually about trying to find a way to change the pain you feeling at that time. My best friends straight A student 18 year old daughter did it for 2 years. She ended up in the hospital for almost bleeding to death one night. And has with therapy, found other ways to handle her pain. You have teens right? I bet they probably know a kid or two that has or is doing it. Mostly the kids keep it secret, but a close friend or cousin finds out by accident and then adults find out, unless they hurt themselves bad, like my friends daughter did, and it was the back of her ankle area and into a tendion and would not stop bleeding. Luckily she woke her parents up before she passed out. Just saying it’s not always how it is written or how it sounds. She has started college now and I’m sure will do good.

    Drew’s adorable and has always been honest with everything and she seems to have a level head on her shoulders. She will do fine if she marries or not and has her baby.

  10. says

    I AM NOT FIGHTING WITH ANYONE THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS only,I stated honestly that “I do not know much about Drew’s life” which I don’t. All those things you stated Lisa I had no idea, SO RELAX!!!
    I blame all that stuff on her parents: thats what happens when you don’t watch or give a shit about your kids. At that age Drew was not to blame, SO WHATEVER!!! She was just a child.
    Angelina on the other hand is ( so I hear) a grown woman, so had the mental capacity to know the conquences of her choices. Once may have been forgiven but when something becomes a habit ( 3 marriages she broke up, not JUST ONE!!) then ya sorry she can PISS OFF!! She gets addicited to everything she does, drugs, sleeping with married men, and adopting kids.
    It is my opinion and I am entitled to it.
    Have a good one!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. babyhates says


  12. braydie says

    everyone is assuming that drew wont be married when she has or adopts a child. whos to say she wont marry her boyfriend before all that? she was a child actor and most child actors DONT turn out the way she has. She changed for the better and she is open on what has happened in her life. im sure when shes has kids of her own she will make sure to be there for them, unlike her parents where for her.
    and lisa~~~ angelina married twice (also to not good choices), did drugs, cut herself for enjoyment, AND stole someones husband, and who knows what else… angelina is alot more then “just” a homewecker. I do agree that jen is better off not with brad…since i see HIM as the asshole in the whole situation. he was the one that was married, HE took vows…if it wasnt angelina it would of been someone else.

  13. Lisa says

    Sorry, I just have to say this:

    How is the air up there, from high a top your soapbox pedestal looking down on all us mere mortals. Come on-Hallmark card city….

  14. KellyMay says

    Marriage is a commitment, it is a value! It is for me anyway, I did have my first babe 5 years into my relationship unmarried,I married my husband the next year and have 11 years under us now, our marriage is growing stronger everyday as is my love for him. Marriage means being accountable, in a world that doesn’t hold people accountable (ie, mind your own business) unfortunately that is leaving a lot more children in single families. Marriage is a convenant “To love honor and cherish til death do us part”, for some inane reason people don’t want that! Whatever, it’s much easier not to be accountable.

  15. Lisa says

    So Drew drinking by age 9, drug addict by age 11, posing in playboy, flashing her boobs on Letterman, recklessly marrying 3 people is OK because you like her but you berate Angelina Jolie because she supposedly stole someones husband??? And no, I have not been there with drugs, Promoting someone who is a known drug addict is worse to impressionable young girls then being a so-called Homewrecker. DRUGS ARE WRONG-listen to yourself. My brother-in-law is a homewrecker-he wrecked his own home, destroyed th lives of his wife and two little boys because he is a drug addict. Smashed their world into a million pieces…As far as I can see Jen Aniston looks pretty comfortable with Vince, her life seems pretty dam good…

  16. says

    She does look beautiful.
    But I can’t understand the Angelina comment? I know Drew has been married before, (but I have to admit I don’t know much about her life), were the men she married, married to other women when she hooked up with them? If not who cares, alot can be forgiven, especailly in Hollywood, but I don’t agree with husband stealing (like Angelina has done 3 times prior). Drugs: I am sure we have all been there, but in my opinion homewrecking is WRONG.

  17. sparky says

    i know what ya’ll meant as far as it’s really none of anyone else’s business if ya get married or not when u have kids. i was just commenting on the “everybody needs to stay out of everybody’s business” mind set we have here in the US, that’s all.
    i agree that it’s not for other ppl to judge about that aspect. there are women that really, truly love the man they are w/ and want to be w/ them forever but either he doesn’t want to commit yet or they both think that they’d have a better relationship w/out the formality. isn’t that what getting married is?? a formality? marriage is not happiness- it’s the love between 2 ppl and the willingness to commit yourself to them, not saying some lame crap and signing a piece of paper.
    on the other hand, it’s hard to explain to the kids why mommy has a different last name..lol.

  18. says

    For the record, I don’t think getting married because you are pregnant is the best idea. I am not high and mighty and I have done many things that people would consider to be immoral. Even though I have done them, I don’t argue the fac that they might be immoral.

    I don’t think a couple should get married because they get pregnant. Way to often those unions end badly and the children are the ones who pay for it. And, I’m not unreasonable. Everyone has a story, each individual person and scene has it’s own set of rules, and by God as woman we all have to do what we think is best.

    Originally the whole thing sparked when Maggie Gylenhall was on this site. I was thinking about how recently there have been so many celebrities who have had kids, but that haven’t even gotten married yet, OR they don’t even have any plans too. It just bothered me, because I know what a strong infulence Hollywood has over the lives of us normal people. I worry about the young teenaged girls who idolize Drew, and Maggie and Katie. These girls don’t understand that these children are being born in to privilage. That kind of privilage opens doors for you that us average people don’t have keys too.

    I guess in retrospect (and I think I mentioned this in the other thread) I should have said value systems instead of morrals. I dont think people who have kids out of wedlock for any reason are immoral. I just think that people in Hollywood, who have so much influence are changing the value systems of the rest of the country.

    Just so you all know, I am referring to the people who are famous, and do not mean to insult anyone here or their life choices. Just voicing an opinion about the famous.

  19. Rhonda says

    I agree with you Lisa I also didn’t think that a shotgun wedding was the thing for us (even with some older family members pressure and telling us that our child was a Bastard child if we didn’t get married).

    Sparky-I didn’t mean that we should all live in our own world and never look at anyone else there are times when people need to but in a help in a bad situation, I didn’t think the subject was about kids getting the shit beat out of them I thought that we were talking about children before marriage. And about that I don’t think that people have the right to tell someone that they can’t have a child unless they are married. Many people have kids and are not married and the home is no different then a married couples home so what’s wrong with it?

  20. Lisa says


    My little girl was so loved, cared for and such a blessed event for her parents even though we had not gotten married first. And I do agree with many points presented in # 15 about wanting to protect our little girls, etc… but my main bone of contention is with the terminology of what is moral vs. immoral. I do not take a liking to being told that I made an immoral decision just because I did not go get some shotgun marriage (and we know how the majority of those end up)

  21. sparky says

    this is crackin’ me up!!! you are so adament about how everyone is in everyone else’s business and look where u are!! if you really wanna just worry about yourself, why are you here, commenting on Drew freakin’ Barrymore’s life and choices??
    and saying that we should only worry about ourselves..i know the context in which it was said, but i’d like to just say..if everyone only worried about themselves and didn’t “judge” ppl, there would be alot of hurt little kids out there w/ parents that THINK they are doing the right thing by beating the shit out of them and soooo much worse. sometimes we have to be nosy and get in other ppl’s lives to protect the innocent and to punish the criminals. and that’s not just my opinion..that’s fact.
    that really didn’t have anything to do w/ women having babies out of wed-lock but i feel very strongly about when folks say “why can’t ppl stay out of other ppl’s business” cuz out of the thousands of calls the child protective service ppl get, there are some legitimate ones that could have gone unseen when ppl stop caring. even though it seems ridiculous about the whole Britney Spears thing and how many times she’s been scrutinized and talked about, it’s a good thing someone went to her house and talked to her about it..what woulda happened if that precious baby woulda went flyin thru the windshield?? you wouldn’t be sayin leave her alone anymore, would ya??

  22. mage says

    i wanna be airbrushed like that… but i would want the sand on my legs to be brushed off also. fantastic photographer!

  23. Rhonda says

    Thanks for clearing that up for me Lisa. I have a four year old and I am not married but I have been with him for 10 years we were together 6 before we had her. I think that it is just a different world and agree with babyhates comment we judge everyone and we should only be worrried about ourselves.

  24. babyhates says

    Okay Drew is naturally beautiful but this picture is AIRBRUSHED !!!!! Look at her face you can see how fake it looks ! Also if you want to have kids without being married it’s your problem ! No one else should care ! That’s the problem with AMERICA now everyone is everyone else’s business !

  25. says

    She’s probably talking about another thread where I said it is not “a very moral choice” but I was talking about intentionally getting preggers without even thinking about getting married. Then again, I don’t think I’m a luker, i’m here everyday. I would tell Drew like I would tell a daughter of my own, get married have a stable relationship before you ahve children. It doesn’t mean I would reject her if she got had a baby and was not married. Why can’t we just accept that people have different belief systems? My mom raised me as a single mother, and she raised me to get married before I had kids. I don’t think that is an outdated belief system and I hope it never becomes one. Unlike some of the women here who have children and raise them as single mothers and do a terrific job of it, there are just as many young women, who think it is some kind of fantasy life to have babies just to have babies. We as women should protect ourselves and our bodies and raise strong daughters. I think you can do that while instilling moral fiber in to them based on so called Old Fashioned belief systems of love then marriage then family.

    Drew, like many other ladies in Hollywood may choose to have a baby, and not get married first. Maybe they know that a marriage in Hollywood is bound to fail so they decide not to go that step.

  26. Lisa says


    On another thread there was this huge discussion where a poster had stated it was immoral to commit adultery and have a baby before marriage. It was not me, I was being sarcastic… My husband and I married when our little girl was 4, so I had taken huge offense to the remarks…

  27. Rhonda says

    Lisa -Are you trying to say that women who aren’t married and have children have no morals, I don’t understand your comment.

  28. Lisa says

    Where are all those lurkers out there who scream marriageless babies are immoral…. Just another woman with no morals, I guess…

  29. Kelly Rose says

    I think Drew would be a wonderful mother and I can’t wait to see when she has a baby or adopts. She is a beautiful woman.

  30. Angie says

    I love Drew as an actress and always have, I think she is a women just being herself all of the time. If she does get bashed I am sure she will handle it with style and grace. I’m sure there will be more to follow!!!

  31. says

    im going to abstain from the angelina comparison, i dont think i could win that one carlieigh, *grin*. IN other words, i have to agree.

  32. KellyMay says

    I have loved Drew since E.T.! I read this recently too and am so happy for her! Happy baby hunting or dancing Drew ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Carleigh says

    I like her so much as an actress she has a great range. However for as much as people hammer Angelina about having the past she has had I can’t wait for the Drew bashing to start. here we have a woman who has been married two or three times and none has lasted longer than 7-8 months, she has a past of alcohol and drug abuse, cocaine addiction, bi-sexual tendencies, public nudity and just a wild, wild past in general….it’s going to be sad to watch how badly people judge her when she actually does have or adopt a kid…scutiny anyone? I hope people would be open minded and give her the benefit of how much she has changed and grown but I just sadly see the opposite happening.

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