Breastfeeding Controversy Is What Caused The Site To Crash!

Well, this is the article that caused the site to crash when I was away! And here is the picture that started all the controversy!


The full CNN article can be found here, but here is an exerpt:

“Gross, I am sick of seeing a baby attached to a boob,” wrote Lauren, a mother of a 4-month-old.

The evidence of public discomfort isn’t just anecdotal. In a survey published in 2004 by the American Dietetic Association, less than half — 43 percent — of 3,719 respondents said women should have the right to breast-feed in public places.

The debate rages at a time when the celebrity-mom phenomenon has made breast-feeding perhaps more public than ever. Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooke Shields, Kate Hudson and Kate Beckinsale are only a few of the stars who’ve talked openly about their nursing experiences.

The celeb factor has even brought a measure of chic to that unsexiest of garments: the nursing bra. Gwen Stefani can be seen on — a site with a self-explanatory name — sporting a leopard-print version from lingerie line Agent Provocateur.

And fellow moms recognized a white one under Angelina Jolie’s tank top on the cover of People. (Katie Holmes, meanwhile, suffered a maternity wardrobe malfunction when cameras caught her, nursing bra open and peeking out of her shirt, while on the town with fiance Tom Cruise.)

How bizarre! I can’t believe that so many people were upset by the Babytalk magazine cover! I think it is quite sweet. The subsequent articles featuring Babyrazzi drove so much traffic to go to the site that it crashed while I was away. I have since fixed the site so that that can’t happen again!
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  1. says

    Dreams surely are difficult, confusing, and not everything in them is brought to pass for mankind. For fleeting dreams have two gates: one is fashioned of horn and one of ivory. Those which pass through the one of sawn ivory are deceptive, bringing tidings which come to nought, but those which issue from the one of polished horn bring true results when a mortal sees them.

  2. theresa says

    My son is almost four and still breastfeeds whenever he needs to. Some days that means a little in the morning and a little at night. Sometimes that means practically every 15 minutes all day. His teeth bother me less now than they did when they first come in because I can ask him to stop biting me and he will (if he even ever does.)

    There’s nothing anyone can say to make someone who doesnt’ think this kind of “behaviour” is normal or good change their mind, and I suspect the same for the opposite. So why bother having a debate? OR am I wrong, is there someone out there who has had a change of heart?

  3. Deb says

    I nursed all three of my kids and was very supportive of my daughter when she nursed hers. I always draped with a blanket when I nursed…My mom (who bottle fed) was the only one who ever expressed discomfort at my feeding the baby. She asked me to go into another room with the door closed when I nursed so as not to “bother” my dad. My daughter never liked using a drape but did on occasion in public. She was very descreet when lifting her shirt and you couldn’t see the nipple when she put the baby on or took them off. Bolder than me, but still perfectly acceptable for public I think. I do have a problem with women deliberately exposing a breast publicly without trying to be discreet. Yes, it is a natural function. And we all eat out in public so why shouldn’t our babies? But I think because the breast is also a sexual organ, some discretion is called for. Men keep their shirts on in public restaurants…it is required by most eating establishments. I think it would be frowned upon if they exposed their chest during dinner too!! lol! Again, most women nurse discreetly. They shouldn’t be asked to leave the restaurant. (the bathroom request is beyond gross!!) As pro breastfeeding as I am though ,I did have a problem with a young friend of mine. On several occasions she came to my home and in full view of my son and husband in my living room, proceeded to pull out her breast…and begin handexpressing an overly full breast into a towel on her lap so that the baby could properly latch on when ready. No warning, no attempt at being discreet and very “out there” and “in your face” as it were! lol! My son and husband beat a hasty retreat to another room, to give her some privacy…it’s their home…I don’t think they should have had to flee…yet I understand their discomfort. I believe she was being very inconsiderate of those around her. I ,because I was trying to be supportive of her and not upset her before she fed the baby seemed insensitive to my husband and son for not speaking on their behalf with her later. While we all have the freedom to do as we please in this regard, I do believe we owe it to others who may not be comfortable with breastfeeding to be somewhat discreet. There are other bodily functions that are perfectly “normal” that I do not wish to observe outright. Breastfeeding in public is often a necessity, but it is not necessary to be brazen about it. Or militant to prove the point that you can and should. No need to be in your face with your attitude. Just modest. My parents taught me that my rights stop where another person’s begin. That’s what I try to remember when I’m deciding what the correct thing to do is.

  4. Victoria Anne Garrett says

    The only thing that makes me sick is the sick people that would think that breast in the picture would look just fine in a see through bikini top with the nipple showing. I am the PROUD mother of a beautiful, healthy 2 1/2 year old STILL breastfeeding daughter and this is the IGNORANCE of AMERICA coming through. Seeing people walking around with beer bottles and with cigarettes hanging out of their mouth on television and in pictures is what makes me ill.

  5. braydie says

    ill try everyone of the ideas everyone gave out…never even thought about a frozen bagel. i just called my husband …who at walmart getting teething things and told him to get bagels and motrin lol. i made him stay home from work so i could get some rest. brayden finally went to sleep at 2:30. but got up at 5 30 crying again:( my husband took over at 5 30 i was too wore the heck out. thaks everyone for all the imput !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lisa says

    That is why god makes them so dam cute Braydie, specifically for moments like what you are going through right now!!!!!!!!! Good Luck, I am sure that all will settle down soon.

  7. says

    Earplugs Braydie. The spongie kind. It doesnt help the kid much, but they really helped me maintain perspective and not end up so worked up, that it fed his anxiety too. Motrin really does help. It works better for teething then Tylenol, and most importantly, it has an ingredient in it (that tylenol doesnt) that will make baby throw up in case of accidental overdose, and it doesnt do the damage to a liver the Tylenol is know for. Good luck, and it will pass soon.

  8. KellyMay says

    Ambesol, tylenol or motrin, I let them chew on frozen bagels (making sure I took them away once it thawed), also unopened freezies (they mashed them).

    Oh Braydie, I’m so sorry! I know the feeling and only wish I could help you out even just by entertaining your little man so you can get some much needed sleep. Any one close by to help out in that way. Life is so tough and it’s awful when your tired, Take care Honey!

  9. braydie says

    ok i guess im not so lucky….my son has been up all day and is in my arms atm screaming cuz of his teeth, im goin nuts. its almost one in the morning and i got up with him at 4 this morning….ive tried everything…. anyone have any sugestions? sry cant type well lol. everytime i get him to sleep 2 or 3 min later hes screaming. b n ok kid typing. lol. tell me some ideas please!!!!!!!!! i need sleep lol

  10. Jill says

    That’s fine kelley. I just wanted to make sure that my husband was understood for what he said. He was trying to stand up for women from males side, not put us down or scold. I just wantd to be sure everyone realized that and no more fights were started on this issue. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. says

    Sorry Jill. My attempt at sarcasm failed miserably. Additionally, there are times when people stumble on this site and make comments to stir up trouble so I was being a but defensive.

  12. Jill says

    Thank you KellyMay. When I told my husband about this article, he couldn’t beleive it. When he talks about his father having problems with my bf, it had never occured to us that we would have problems with in our own family. We expected it from strangers, being told to go somewhere else while we were out to eat or while out shopping, but not from someone close to us. We never got the expected problems though and we for see the next time going alot smoother.

  13. Jill says

    One more thing kelley. I understand why that statement my husband made bothered you, but his very next statment is that they are intended for feeding children.

  14. Jill says

    That man was my husband and was and is wonderfully supportive of me. Thank you KellyMay for recognizing that.
    kelley, you focused too much on that statment instead of realizing alot of guys have a hard time putting into words what they mean. My husband was just trying to say that yes, breasts are sexual organs. Which of us( sorry this is the only way i can think of to say this) do not like to have our breasts fondled or played with by our husbands during a sexual act. But the are also a feeding device. I beleive they are both equally. They are used for both fuctions. So why can’t we say they are neither one more than the other? My husbands point was that his father had a problem with them because that’s how he see’s them never having a child that was bf. He was just trying to be on my side so my son and I could always be comfortable at feeding time.
    This is in no way intended to start anything. I’m just trying to clear up what my husband said because I know how he doesn’t always say what he means.

  15. KellyMay says

    I liked the male perspective myself, Thanks Shawn for your opinions! It’s wonderful to hear you are supportive of your wife, it probably means a lot especially if your parents (father) had issues. I agree it is about the child and not the woman…

  16. says

    Ok, now this was a guy here. Let me put that another way, this is a guy….scolding women…. about their views on breastfeeding, the reason it bothers me is this comment.

    “As I said to my old man, breasts are more than sexual organs”

    Breast are more then sexual organs??????? I understand the sentiment here, but even though I was on on the not :everywhere: side of this debate, I think it is safe to say that a breast is first a feeding device (sorry for the word device but I couldnt think of anything else) not a sexual organ!

    Does anyone see what I am getting at here?

    Maybe I should shut up, this is obviously a man who is trying, but that bugged me.

  17. Jill says

    Yeah the 5 in one day suprised me too. i thought he only had one coming in and then i ran my finger over his gums to see if there were anymore coming soon and i found 4 molars. he didn’t need the tablets very often, but they helped when we did need them and alot longer than the oral gel did.

  18. Shawn says

    Hey all.
    This whole breast feeding judgement thing is pretty rediculous dont you think? I agree that a woman should be able to feed her child in public without having to worry about anyone else’s confort but the child’s and her own. This is a fact of life. People have to eat. And lets face it, breast feeding is about the child, not the mother. So far as I can tell, there are two basic reasons women breast feed. 1. It’s proven to be more healthy for both child and mother. 2. As much as I hate to say it, it is a hell of a lot cheaper. But to expel a mother for breast feeding in public, that she has to schedule her feedings around public activities is the same as telling her child “You are not allowed to eat.” What’s the difference between someone going out for a steak or an infant having some milk? Both are done in public. The only difference I can see is that one involves a breast. I say this here and now for everyone to see, I am about the most jelous man on the planet and I had no problem whatsoever with her feeding my son in public. As a matter of fact my father once got onto me about her breast feeding, trying to say it was a control thing. Cmon folks, lets get real here. As I said to my old man, breasts are more than sexual organs. They were intended to feed children and if someone has a problem with it, then they need to re-examine their ideals and perspectives. Its about the child, not the mother. And I think everyone would do well to remember this.

  19. braydie says

    Jill ive seen them and i didnt know if it was ok to use so i didnt get any. I believe natures touch makes them….maybe im wrong. I dont know if he really needs them, he doesnt act like it, the only thing he does now is suck on his bottom lip he wont even take a teething ring. i could try them though, thanks for the advice ๐Ÿ™‚ wow 5 in the same day. thats alot of teeth to cut for a baby ๐Ÿ™ i feel for him.

  20. braydie says

    we’re all very proud of him! I just wish his younger brothers had the same conviction as he does. but they dont lol. Its ok doctor or plumber we’ll always still love them. It was alot of weight off our shoulders when we found out he got everyhting paid except books, food and housing. His books alone cost me over 1400, i still dont know what the exact amount is for him to go. If he keeps his grades up. it will continue to be paid for. I hope its not too much pressure for him ๐Ÿ™

  21. Jill says

    Just one of those annoying suggestions moms always seem to give to other moms. Teething tablets. They are complely natural and work better than oragel. you can give your baby as many has he needs. they are great. they were a life savor for me and my husband. our son never could just get one tooth at a time. usally it was 2 and once he got 5 in the same day, 4 of them molars. my sister-in-law recommended these. You may have to search, but it’s worth it when you find them. they don’t cost that much either. i don’t think i still have a bottle or i would give you the brand name. But they are in a pink and blue bottle. they company also makes ear drops for sore ears during ear infections and colic medicon, but i have only used the teething tablets.

  22. KellyMay says

    Oh my gosh, Braydie that is amazing! A scholarship to Harvard, WOW!!! Good for him! Kudos to you girl that is a lot to take on, I’m sure your brother is smiling right now!

    I went to your site Kelley, I like the idea to get to know the regulars a bit better plus more privacy which I’m sure we all like with all the horror stories out there these days! Thanks again!

  23. Dpacker says

    I breast feed my son and I believe that if women can walk around with half of thier breat exposed as a show of sexiness then why can a mother breast feed her child publically. What is the world coming to if a woman is not allowed to do what is natural; feed her child whenever he or she is hungry. We need to re-evaluate our morals and then we’ll understand that they are out of place. Breastfeeding is as natural as breathing even in public beacause how can we tell a child when to be hungry. Secondly, should a mother be bound to the house just because people have a problem with her feeding her child in the public?

  24. says

    My 9 month old has had a time with is teeth. The bottom ones took forever to come in. You did get lucky. I got lucky with Jaiden in the being mellow department. The teachers at his daycare and some of the other moms will all stop and ask for smile from him because he just smiles and smiles. Just a suggestion from another thread, if you all want another place to get to know a little about each other, I have a Yahoo 360 page that you can get to by clicking my name or I also have a Yahoo Groups page that you can join and sign up for group emails and we can all talk about different stuff. We may not always disagree and you may all think NO WAY! But just in case here is the link to the group page
    You may have to copy and paste.

  25. braydie says

    their not my stepsons , their my nephews blood wise. they where my brothers sons, he died almost 12 yrs ago. their 18, 15 and 13 . my oldest is going to college in about 6 days. hes got a full ride to harvard medicine. my oldest just turned 18 and he said he cant believe i took him and his brothers on at the age he is now. I guess it was hard but looking back It never felt like it. I had so much fun with them ๐Ÿ™‚ they do adore brayden, however my 13 yr old was jealous for acouple months after he was born. but now he loves him and is very protective of him. my other sons names are Kris, Ross and Mitch. Im getting the feeling my baby is going to be sick while teething cuz he runs little fevers but he’s not acting fussy or diferent. All the women around me are like you got SO lucky lol.

  26. KellyMay says

    My daughter’s teeth went up and down a few times around 7 months, my son’s came in and I never even expected it (he was 3.5 months) and couldn’t figure out why all of a sudden I had a sore nipple. My SIL after whining to her about my nipple says “umm Kelly he has teeth” (they were rubbing while he nursed). He teethed like a pro and thankfully never bit me!

    Braydie, I love your name choice, that so beautiful! How old are your stepsons again. I’m sure they adore the baby brother.

    Babes tend to get sick during teething because their immune system is busing building new teeth so they get a bit vulnerable around this time.

  27. braydie says

    kelley~ yup the two bottom teeth are exactly the same, so cute just alittle tip is out on both.. Its weird he hasnt been real fussy at all. i didnt even relize he was cutting teeth. hes just been himself however i did give him infants tylenol last nite , he was running a small fever. dang it takes that long for them to come all the way out ๐Ÿ™ he does know their there though, he has a new thing where he pulls in his bottom lip and sucks on it. ive been giving him a cold washcloth to chew on, I heard that helps, also ill try the keys too . Thanks for the advice on the biting lol ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  28. says

    Sad to see, I got your point. You were right on many of them, and even though I found a few that I would disagree with, im not pasionate enough about them to worry about it.

    Braydie, are they both coming in at the same time? Jaiden’s came in finally when he was 7 months old. One popped through and by a week later it was completely exposed. Then one week later the 2nd one showed up, and they both made him miserable in the night to the point were he would wake up hollering. A little Motrin (ask your doc) at bedtime generally did the trick. I was told (and it worked) that giving them hard things to chew on helps get the teeth above the skin faster, just plain old fasioned baby keys in hard plastic did the trick. They will take about a month or two after they finally poke through to come completely up to size.

    BTW, watch out now, they like to bite with those new teethers. I learned the hard way trying to feel my sons upper gum for teeth when he chomped down on a cutical with the bottom ones.

  29. braydie says

    my baby is 6 months old, he was born on valentines day. my name is bradilynn and my husbands name is Joshua so we named him brayden joshua. its been like 2 nights and there still where they where just barely poking out. how long does it take for them to come all the way out?
    SadToSee ~~ i hate to be a bitch to you because your post is kinda ok , however I think your post is really telling all of us that we cant say what we wish….on ANY matter. Your sad to see what?? mothers telling there side of what they believe is right? I dont care if any one agrees with my way of thinking, its my opinion. I believe alot of what you think “One of my favorite things about being a mom is the way that I got an instant connection with other women around me. Some of the things Iโ€™ve shared with other moms around me, who were basically complete strangers” i also believe that is how it is here. just because sometimes we disagree doesnt mean anything. If im at a park with my kids and My 6 month old is hungry, im not going to ask all the mothers there if it will make THEM uncomfortable if i feed my baby. Im not going to ask everyone at a resturant if it makes them uncomfortable if i feed my son. I have every right to be where ever i wish, as my baby does.
    also …im glad you fed your kids…

  30. SadToSee says

    Well, I just read this whole trail, and I thought it was incredibly sad to see.

    I mean, here are a bunch of women, mostly moms, all clearly doing the best they can for their babies.

    And then, geez, all they can think to do is call each other nasty names and criticize each other’s choices.

    And then everyone feels like they have to defend their choices, when really, the only answer you need to give is, “I am doing the best I can for my baby and myself”. Isn’t that all that matters?

    For some people, that means breastfeeding, in private or in public, til their child gives it up at age 4.

    For some people, that means setting up cozy, private breastfeeding rooms at home.

    For some people, that means pumping milk full-time to bottle-feed their babies.

    For some people, that means baby formula from the moment of birth.

    In most cases, the choices depend on a lot of things – family structure, support systems, finances, work situation, the norms of the community where you live (not the same for all of us!), your own personality and expectations, and your child’s physical and emotional needs.

    How could there be a one-size-fits all solution?

    One of my favorite things about being a mom is the way that I got an instant connection with other women around me. Some of the things I’ve shared with other moms around me, who were basically complete strangers: birth stories. Sleep tips. Toddler snacks. Diapers and wet wipes (well, not shared, but borrowed to and from, in emergencies). I’ve helped women who just needed an extra hand (say, watching their baby in a stroller for a minute while they went in a bathroom stall), and have been helped myself (one person carried my child’s car seat in an airport when I just didn’t have enough hands!)

    I’d love to see that much generosity here. Is it possible for us to hold our own opinions, and not be damaged if other people have different ones? Is it possible to find a line between sharing your opinion with someone (or even trying to persuade them, if you feel strongly), and calling someone names if they still aren’t persuaded?

    I do see a general trend of people asking for more politeness, which I can get behind.

    You know, like recognizing which of your actions might make someone else uncomfortable, and doing what is reasonable to help make them less uncomfortable.

    Or, like being polite or tactful if you feel the need to speak with someone who is making you uncomfortable.

    Or, say, if you are expressing a different opinion from someone else, doing it in a respectful way rather than attacking.

    I have two beautiful boys. And I fed them both! And even though I fed them both in the same way as each other, and pretty much only in one way …. guess what! I’m not telling you how! Because I made the best choice for me, and for my babies. You know, like we all do.

  31. KellyMay says

    Braydie that is so sweet! How old is your little man? They look so different after teeth come in.

  32. braydie says

    ok i have to tell someone and everyone is sleeping here…..i just went in my sons room and he has TEETH !!! he started crying so i went in to just give him acouple onces to help him back and while i was making the bottle i put my pinky in just so he wouldnt wake everyone and he has TEETH !!! his 2 bottom teeth are poking though and i didnt even think he was teething lol !!! sorry im just excited and had to tell someone!! ok im done now lol.

  33. Lisa says

    I wish my little girl was back at the age that I could see her big peepers staring up at me as I fed her- bottle or breast
    : (

  34. braydie says

    Lisa ~~ i agree also with the home situation. i dont think that i should have to run off into another room to feed my child, unless he was going to go to sleep in that case i can see.after my son was born he was on me probably 18-20 hrs ( no joke) i wasnt about to sit in my room all day while i had quest over to see him. I DID cover though….i had enough people seeing my breasts at the hospital.

    kelley~~~ blah your self. your bored huh…i think your just plain out of insults that dont make sense to say, JMO.

    An-Idea~~ first off if you ACTUALLY have anything to say about the POST and not the posters, you should say it. Dr. Phil is a joke. as for the “cat fights” i dont believe they are. we all have diferent opinions and im glad there not all cookie cutter same. If they were what fun would it be to come on this site? I do respect kelleys, lisa, and anyone else opinions that arent the same as mine…no matter how much they think i dont. I would rather have a great discussion then a boring ass same ol same discussion.

    i can see a metally challanged child BF or being on a bottle for longer then another child without disabilities. i can see BF til 3 years of age….but when a child that age, that has a mother that can afford to go to mall and can feed himself starts BF i agree again with lisa …it freaked us all out. IF you guys seen it you would of thought one word….NASTY.

  35. Cass says

    Ok, we wash our breasts in the shower, check them for lumps, etc, etc, yet some of us freak out when we see a woman nursing her baby in public?? It is entirely the American mentality that makes the breast a sexual object and only that. I have seen more skin, heck, more breast from women wearing bikini’s on the beach, yet no one protests that! I like what someone else said about people shouldn’t be paying that much attention to what I’m doing to begin with. And really, I’m sure more people would complain if I was rushing through the mall or where ever with a screaming baby than if I was quietly nursing covered up. Also, it’s not always so easy to plan outings around your baby’s eating schedule (especially if you use attachment parenting and don’t feed your child on a schedule). If I am out and my baby needs to be fed, I will first try to find a nursing station or someplace similar, but if I can’t, I don’t really want to haul everything out to the car and waste gas running my car so it will stay comfortable…gas is just too expensive right now! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As for the question on how long should a mother nurse, the CDC and APA say at least 12 months. The World Health Organization, on the other hand, say a minimum of 2 years, but does not put a limit on how long after that it should go. Recent studies have shown that 3-4 years actually provides the greatest benefits for the child. (This info was found on the CDC’s website…I just did a paper on breastfeeding for a class.) Personally, I nursed my son until he was 19 months and I plan to go at least that long with any other children we have.

  36. An-Idea says

    How about if you two take this little cat fight road show to Dr Phil. You’d probably have to clean up the language though. That good ole Southern boy isn’t all that impressed with ladies with foul mouths. I don’t think I’m the only one who wouldn’t love to see what you two experts on everything have going for you. I do believe it is televised world wide, there you go, world wide attention to your huge ego’s, my way or the highway attitudes. Seems like every thing on this site boils down to “Some Of You” (B&L) resorting to over and over again, on every subject, to trying make your point with the same ole bar brawl style. Come on B&L, prove your point, , take your show to international TV, send him an e-mail.

  37. Lisa says


    In the circumstance above it sounds more then justified. In a 3rd world nation where food is scarce it would be justified, etc…. but in most instances 3-4-5-, etc…. would probaly freak me out

  38. KellyMay says

    Very sorry for the poor grammar and punctation in my above post. I reread it and thought, Holy run on sentence ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. KellyMay says

    I too have issues with a child older then 3 breastfeeding, My niece was very demanding with her momma, she would pull up her shirt and demand to nurse, I believe at that age it should be private if you chose to do it. I feel hypocritical but I wouldn’t feel comfortable seeing that.
    In the same breath one of my girlfriends is so grateful for the ability to nurse. Her daughter has down syndrome and will not eat solids, Breastfeeding has sustained her very well and has prevented many painful blood transfusions. She had weaned her first daughter and was using a feeding tube, subsequently got pregnant with her second daughter while she was nursing her babe her older daughter showed interest. She had been weaned just before her sister was born, Heather asked the pead about it and he said if Gab wanted to nurse let her and she did. She starting gaining right away and hasn’t needed the feeding tube. Heather only nurses Gab in private and she is very respectful of her momma, she never demands or whines to nurse and she always let’s her baby sister have num- nums first. In this situation breastfeeding was an answered prayer for Heather although she wonders how long she’ll be able to nurse for, she does say that it is very different nursing an older child then it is a baby.

  40. Lisa says


    I agree with your remarks about the 6/7 year old BF, I don’t get what good that would do for a school age child? Also, company in my home, where I live, in the private domain of my residence is different that venturing out into public area which I do not own. Like I noted in my previous post at MY HOME I have a myriad of comfy, cozy, private places to relax and BF. If I invite people over to my home and they know I have a baby then I am sure they know the likelihood of BF or bottlefeeding occuring while they are there is pretty good. It is my home, if they don’t like it don’t come or leave. I do not think it is as cut and dry in public places.

  41. Diana says

    Wow, this seems to have gotten very overheated. You can tell there haven’t been many posts on Babyrazzi for a while!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. braydie says

    Kelley….first off my long ass post was me responding to your long ass post about nothing but…me. like i said if you dont want to read what I say …dont read them…funny how you “worry” about what I say. again you really should read the WHOLE post’s before you think you have the right to comment. maybe thats the reason people have to rewrite things they say to you so you can understand them more…. no you dont have to answer to anything i write….because i know you dont read the posts anyway…its not like people love to tell you 4 or 5 times before you actually “get” it.
    Lisa~~ i actually called BOTH of us bitches and it wasnt in a bad way…. if you read the post correctly instead of skimming it you would see that. as for asking permission from you for anything…LOL w/e… Maybe you should READ your OWN posts to see what you say… time word your posts alittle better. you say to have a open mind…HOWEVER you also say you know what is best for you then right after so you give advice on how BF mothers should BF??. like i said before …WHAT you think is best for you , might not be for others. I believe thats a open mind. OMG you didnt “schedual” your babies feeding according to when you have company over??? Since you said BF mothers should put their kids on a schedual so they wont have to BF in public, wouldnt that be the same thing? as for the BF in meeting thing…. i still would not ask permission to feed my child. from anyone. You dont need permission, i dont need permission…why should i ask permission for my kid to eat. just dumb. I work for HLS and They would never allow our children to be in a meeting in the first place.

    Im in washinton atm and today i went to go eat with some friends from work and we went a mall here. I seen a woman with a stroller…one of those where its made for 2 kids but the older child can sit in back facing mom, and can stand if they wanted. i dont know if you can understand what i mean but anyway, this child…maybe 6 or 7… actually lifted his mothers shirt and started BF. At first we thought laughing, omg that kid is going to show his moms boobs to everyone. but then relized he was BF, and the mother didnt think anything of it. in my opinion a child past 2 shouldnt BF. ( i said JMO, mine not anyone else’s) This child im talking about could probably make a tv dinner in a microwave…BY HIMSELF. to me if a child can feed himself, dinner shouldnt be you. all doctors are diferent but my ped. told me to introduce a sippy at 6 months and put him on whole milk at 12 months. but i also believe that its the mothers choice when to do this, all children are diferent.

  43. KellyMay says

    Oh my Olivia, I am laughing outloud! I’m Canadian so Bush isn’t painted very pretty here, that is hilarious!!!

    Lisa as per your question Health Canada recommendations on breastfeeding is this
    “Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months of life for healthy term infants, as breast milk is the best food for optimal growth. Infants should be introduced to nutrient-rich, solid foods with particular attention to iron at six months with continued breastfeeding for up to two years and beyond”
    source our government site-

    Breastmilk changes daily according to what your child needs, so a nursing mom of a newborn and a nursing mom of a toddler would have very different milk. The most amazing thing I find is if a nursing mom has a cold then she produces antibodies which are given to her child through her breastmilk also her existing immunities are passed to her child.
    In my experience with breastfeeding, after a year I nursed my son in the morning and at night. He was very content with that as was I, he weaned at 16 months on his own. He stopped asking I stopped offering! It was beautiful!
    Our maternity leave here in Can. is 12 months so I returned back to my job then, Spence would wake up right at 11pm when I got off my nursing shift. He would be so happy to see me and just melt in my arms, I cherish those moments, going back to work was so hard but our breastfeeding relationship made it so much easier for both of us.

  44. Olivia says

    Good Lord! Is any one reading all of these postings without laughing? For crying out loud, “she know’s I saw her breast after only our second meeting???????” So have we now gone from trying to steal someone’s man to coming on to other women by breast feeding in public? We were talking about feeding a baby in public were’nt we? How in the earth did this go from there to where it is at? Maybe Tom Cruise can understand the logic here in his wacked out little world, but I fail to see how stating your comment regarding any subject leads to this trashing of everything and anyone a woman can possibly think of. Do we have another war in Iraq building here? For gods sake if George Bush see’s this site any and all possible breast feeders will probably be shot on site.

  45. Lisa says

    I think if someone pulled out food of any sort while they are in my office and didn’t ask if it was ok to eat I would be thrown off. The whole BF thing in my office happened only once in my 7 yrs. of having that office. Because my office has very limited space and we are sitting right on top of eachother, I have to look directly at her as I ask questions and I was passing documents over the desk to her I almost felt like I was intruding and felt a bit awkward because she knows I saw her breast and at that point Ithis was only my second time meeting her. At my work I never brought my baby ever to a meeting, it was not allowed. I just would not attend if the nanny or my husband was not available for my baby to be with. If it was my company or my meeting I called then that would be different.

  46. says

    btw post 27
    “I work at a bank and while opening an account for a customer in my small office ”
    This is where I was getting the baby in a meeting thing. I have seen plenty of people where I bank sitting in Loan Offices with babies, and I myself have sat in an insurance office with mine. He is 9 months old and because the insurance guy kept me waiting for an hour it became time to feed my son, despite my best efforts to be home in time to do it. Now he eats baby food, so I am not talking about a bottle here, so I asked the guy if I could feed my son there while he was printing out the contracts. I was trying to be respectful of the fact that I was in someone elses office so that is why I think you should ask. If you are in someone else’s office and you need to BF manners dictates that you should ask. It is not your home or your office so why would you not think that asking would be polite.

    Sorry, but I take meetings too, and sometimes they require me to bring my son. It’s not like i’m talking about corporate meetings here, I was talking about informal ones.

  47. Lisa says

    Just a quick question because I do not know the answer…At what age do you stop breastfeeding? I know formula fed babies phase over to whole milk (as my pediatrician recommended) and stop relying on bottles and become more independent drinkers with children cups (sippy cups) generally around 12 months. What is the timeframe for BF, when did you all stop?? I know my sister-in-law who was an avid BF stopped around 11 months. My other friend 13 months (once again on the advice of her pediatrician who gave her the green light when she asked) What do you all think?

  48. Jo says

    The only time I BF my son ‘away’ from others is when he became of an age when he was WAY too easily distracted. I went through a few months of not being able to speak or have familliar (to my son) voices talking near me or he’d come off and I’d spray everywhere ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Now he’s 15 months old, and when he BF’s he’s serious about it, so is generally not so easily distracted. But I don’t hesitate to feed him when he needs it.


  49. Dionna says

    Lisa, my friend works for a women owned company that employs stay-at-home Moms and they have meetings once a week. Guess what they all do….they BF at the meeting. Lighten up. I hope you give your daughter a chance to form her own opinion someday on BF because as parents we teach our children good and bad habits. Keep an open-mind for her because as a woman she will have enough obstacles infront of her. eg. woman make $.71 to the $1.00 that a man makes. This is a man’s world so maybe supporting us BF mom’s wouldn’t be so bad.

  50. Lisa says


    there you go again calling me a bitch. And you in your ignorance you are misreading my post. You don’t need my permission like you keep on crying about, your posts are very condescending and what that statement meant was I think what I think, you think what you think and I, unlike you, have an open mind, have no right to tell others what to do, I know what is best for me.

    And yes when I had company over to visit when I did BF I would bring my baby to her room, where there was a nice comfortable couch and BF her there, with her lullaby CD quietly playing so I did not have to cover up at all and I too would relax…while my husband entertained guests who, in turn, were probaly more comfortable that way. not in a closet-what a stupid thing to say.

  51. Dionna says

    Well my words fell on deaf ears and now I am done. Good luck to all of the Moms out there and for those Mom’s who want to widen their horizons and educate themselves around our money driven, commercialized society. Please read Kids-First, Health with No Interference by Dr. Ogi Ressel and Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron.
    One more thing in Anatomy since I think the class some people took was 15 to 20 years ago. The body stores fat in the thighs, hips and buttocks area so if the Mother is deprived of food or nutrients the body can still produce milk for their newborn child. Once again the body is made to feed babies and I respect and applaud women that tough it out and get past the first hard weeks. I hope that the Moms on the site can make it to the 50th Anniversary Conference next year for LaLeche League and the World Breastfeeing Week this year. I am a member of LaLeche and we always discuss how people have an issue with us feeding our children in public and how proud we are that we can get past the negativity and feed our children. Good luck.

  52. Lisa says

    A baby has no place in a meeting or in a workplace, so the question of whether to BF in a meeting is a moot point.

  53. says

    Braydie, the only part of your last statement worth reading was the last part. BTW, I think there is a little pot calling the kettle black here about reading a post before you spout off. Also, sometimes your long, repetitive non sensical post get daunting to read and frankly skimming over them is usually enough to make me want to gag so it’s your own fault that people don’t read the entire things. I’m sure there is probably more in that last one that I should answer to, but I didn’t read it all the way through. Wait……………………………………………………………………ok, i’m done worrying about that now.

  54. braydie says

    and kelley~~~ if you take a baby to a meeting anyone knows a baby has to eat….so for they already know your going to feed your child at some point. i would never ask permission to feed my child. anywhere. do YOU need permission to eat? why would a child be in a “meeting or office in the first place?? IF it has something to do with the child i would think they know you will feed your kid if he/she is hungry.
    as for ganging up on someone ….i didnt think so. Its my OPINION and I do have the right to say what i wish…no matter how the other party wishes to recieve it.
    “A big, nasty, oozy ” wth is that?? is that the way you see obese people?? Have i ever said that BF mothers shouldnt cover themselves while BF? no i havent. you and lisa both dont like to actually READ the posts before you feel you can comment on them.
    what you “feel” is wrong. I have never said to anyone that they couldnt say their opinions unlike some people.
    post 58 “I think my opinions are mine, but you can have yours” like i need permission from her to have a opinion” i think you got your bitches mixed up. if people dont like what i have to say they can not read it or ignore it. how hard is that? i say what i think if you dont like it dont read it…also if you sound like you dont know what your talking about, ill say something about that to.
    deal with what on my own? do YOU think you can come here and help me deal with whatever YOU believe i need help with….just beacuse i made the comment that bottlefeeding wasnt bad? hmm
    also wth are you talking about….AGAIN read the post right before you assume anything. did i say there wasnt a rally?? no. ok ill say it again…. i said the woman was probably caught up in all the drama of the rally and thought she had a right to say something…. did i say she had the right to do or say ANYTHING …no i didnt. did i say she was in the wrong for saying it??? no i didnt. i dont know what she was thinking by saying something like that. nor would i want to know.
    opinions all over the place huh?? lol…wow you and lisa should really read posts before you say anything “educational” about them. It makes me sad that you would actually think your feeding your baby in “private” when you have company at home do you hide in the closet to feed your baby he/she’s bottle? I dont care what that woman said to you. yes, it was as bad as what happened to carliegh, theres people out there that will say and do anything. that doesnt mean women STILL doesnt have the right to feed her baby by breast which is what this post is about. and it doesnt mean women doesnt have the right to bottlefeed in public either. either way the child is getting food.

    *****a woman that BF’s in public has the SAME RIGHTS as the woman next to he,r bottlefeeding her child in public.*****

  55. braydie says

    you do sound like a uneducated child, even more so now…. whos to say if you have ever even went to a college let alone have any degree’s. 2nd ….i also said i dont care how many “degrees” you have so again PLEASE read the posts before commenting on them, i dont care less what you “say” you have, ill never know for sure so why bring it up? I dont need to “enlighten” anyone ….most people know what the breast is used for ….with out a magizine or literature or even a class on anatomy to tell them. I’ve NEVER asked anyone to change their opinion about anything….as a matter of fact .. i said “what is best for YOU is not always best for other BF mothers” my god read the DAMN posts. IF im preaching, then so be it…i dont believe i have but if you see it that way then …ok. oh yeah ~~~where can I sign you up at for a class you need it.

  56. Lisa says

    I too have had advanced Anatomy & Physiology classes, everyone knows the function of the breast is ultimately to express milk. It is not like you are enlightening us, but some of these posts need to lay of the preaching as to what is best, and advising people to change their decisions. If I need a lecture enroll me in a class…

  57. KellyMay says

    Found it quite interesting, it’s an international product but not in Canada. Basically a bottle with a straw attached, what will they think of next!

    My hope is that some expectant mother isn’t going to read this post and feel self-concious about nursing her babe in public. The first 8 weeks of a nursing relationship are the hardest but yet the most important to get established after that it’s a breeze and the simplicity is awesome. I know when I first started nursing I was hormonally unbalanced, engorged and had incredibly sore nipples (they have to be broken in, no one has ever sucked on them as hard as that babe will) but that only lasted the first week. It was so awkward to latch that at times I was so frustrated I cried but that to passed, the rewards far outway those initials miseries and some woman don’t experience any misery at all. Please try to nurse your babes you just may be pleasantly surprised, support makes all the difference in the world.

  58. KellyMay says

    Dionna, your post just brought to memory a statement I just read in the current book I’m reading “Adventures in Natural childbirth”, it’s a collection of stories about woman whom delivered naturally with midwives, physicians and on their own (Wow) anyways, these woman were debating about how and why childbirth and feeding our babies naturally got so sidelined. Money was the prodominate answer (physicians charge and pharmaceuticals make formula so why not capatilize on poor woman and make them less faith in themselves and more faith in us $$$) least to say a man whom was a dentist argued that elective C-sections were much safer for woman causing less trauma for both mom and babe, the mom challenged back “So you prefer to cut the cheek open to perform a tooth extraction rather then having the patient open their mouth?!?” We as woman need to get our voices and our bodies back, I know I have been enlightened from this post as I hope others have. Being these our issues I deal with and advocate daily for, I appreciate the opinions and views from everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks off to find that pod thing again!

  59. KellyMay says

    A podee, never heard of it! I’ll see if I can locate one online, I’m curious! Sounds scary though…. LOL anything with a hose and a nipple is daunting!

  60. Dionna says

    It makes me sad that so many people are convinced that formula is as healthy as breast milk and that feeding a child in public is a bad thing. I had a very rough start with nursing and I had to get support and I did because I would not fall into the commercial world of formula. I understand that women have a choice to use formula or breastfeed but our bodies do not have choice when we are pregnant. Our bodies produce colustrum and then milk from our breast. Our BREAST, do you see the difference between a breast that produces colustrum during pregnancy that prepare’s the breast to produce foremilk and than hindmilk. Our BREAST were created to feed children, just like our uterus was formed to carry a child and than our cervix opens to birth our child through the vagina. If the words I used offend you than you have a serious problem with your sexuality and what the human body was created to do.
    I think some of the women that are posting need a serious class in Anatomy and relearn what the female body is made to do. I am a college educated women, and I have the knowledge under my belt to know that breastfeeding is the best thing for my child.
    Kelly May #50 and Braydie show two sides of the debate. One is from Canada where BF is a natural thing that Mom’s just do and Braydie is from the states where we have to protest to have the right to feed our children.
    My father survived as a baby in World War II because my grandmother BF him. The US has accepted Pamela Anderson’s fake breast but some women won’t accept their fellow women’s choice to BF in public. What a shame. I plan to sit in the park with my daughter and when she is hungry, I will feed her. AMEN.

  61. says

    I always hold my baby to feed him his bottle. A friend bought me a Podee, which is a bottle with a nipple on a tube so that a kid can feed themselves riding in the car or stroller what have you. Well I have never taken it out of the box. The way I figure it, I have about 1 year to feed a bottle to my baby, and I don’t want to give up that time. Jaiden never spent much time in his carrier, only in the car. If we were inside somewhere I tried to hold him or put him in a body carrier. I think babies enjoy that closeness. Now that he is crawling I get less and less of that so I take it where I can get it.

  62. Lisa says

    Calling me an uneducated child is calling me a name -it is a derogatory term, it is name calling-not a statement because I am not a child and two-I am highly educated, college degrees and all. I also got all the literature, articles, info from the lactation nurse at the hospital, parenting magazines so I am not uneducated about BF either…
    If you truly feel that it is “a statement” then it is an ignorant one because you are misinformed and incorrect. And no, going under your definition of name-calling I have never called you a direct name either!

  63. KellyMay says

    Thanks Holly:) It does come down to respect, there is a place for formula and breastmilk in this world we just need to give it.

    Do you not what really irks me is seeing a babe in a carrier with a propped bottle this is something a nursing mom cannot physically do. I saw it so often in the office where I worked, God I wish I could just cuddle those babes for just a minute. Not all moms did it but the bottle gave them that option, I also saw some company marketing bottle buddies, a stuffed animal with a hole in it to hold the bottle. I couldn’t hold my babies enough!!! Although I have to admit I held my breastfed son much more then my bottle fed daughter because she chose to hold the bottle herself at 4 months, and refused to stay on my lap.

  64. Holly says

    Very well said KellyMay!

    My son was 4 weeks premature and in the NICU for 2 weeks, during which they gave him bottles of breastmilk and attempted nursing. After two very cranky months, we finished using what I had pumped and switched to formula, so I can see it from both sides. I feel that if someone feeds their child descreetly (and by descreetly, I mean leave your shirt on and don’t call attention to yourself, not that you have to cover with a blanket), they should be able to feed their baby anywhere any other mother would be able to bottle feed their baby, because it is the exact same thing. Mothers who choose to feed with a bottle should not feel guilty and mothers who choose to nurse should be able to do so without feeling ashamed. It all comes down to a matter of respect. ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. braydie says

    Lisa ~~ lol first off again i guess you believe i was talking about you….I said i believe that people that think breasts is only for sex and BF is wrong are perverts. you said i called you a pervert so i guess you thought i was talking about you. read the post before talking about it. when someone calles you a uneducated child …thats not name calling …its a statement. “child” isnt a bad name….. would you rather i just call you uneducated?

  66. KellyMay says

    Fanny it seems funny to me too. Everything here in Canada is pro-BFing, you see signs everywhere stating the establishment is ‘friendly’. It truly seems like a big to do about nothing.

    I’ve read a lot of statements here asking why don’t they pump their milk then feed their babes with a bottle? I thought I should address this because I am sensing some ignorance towards the function of the breast and perhaps this could help a future breastfeeding mom succeed in her plight to nurse. A pump is not sufficient to a babe, a suckling infant can recieve up to 2 more ounces of milk then a pump. Also some very important hormones are released that help mom relax (big plus of nursing more relaxed moms) and provide hormone for production of more milk these are not released through pumping only through the act of nursing. Therefore pumping breastmilk exclusively lowers overall supply and equals an unhappy baby usually resulting in a supplementation with formula.
    Also for myself I refused to give my son a bottle, so many breastfeeding relationships end because of that inanimate object (that object took almost 3 years to take away from my daughter). My husband and I did not want our son to develop the same reliance on a bottle so he was exclusively nursed and given a cup at a year old during which time he continued to nurse twice a day. He chose to stop nursing around 16 months it was so different without a bottle involved. I don’t think asking a breastfeeding mom to supplement her own body with an inanimate object (not my words) is a good suggestion.

  67. Lisa says


    you state that you don’t believe you’ve called me names:

    post # 55- “pervert”

    post # 53 “uneducated child”

    post # 43- “child that needs an education”
    Is that not direct name calling I don’t know what is…

  68. says

    Post 27 talks about a customer feeding a child in someones office (if they are in an office I assumed they are having a meeting.
    “i dont believe she should ask if its ok to BF to child. if shes in a meeting?? ( you said it) and has her baby with herโ€ฆand they ok the baby to be there in the first place she should NOT have to ask permission to feed her child”
    Your wrong here. Even feeding a child a jar of baby food in that type of environment is something that you should at the very least ASK about first. Its just called good manners.

    And yes, you are part of the ganging up that was taking place, even if you are too blind to see it.

    AS far as the obese people making people uncomfortable eating in public, well lets draw from your comment……it’s all about perception and degrees. A big, nasty, oozy cant see the person for the fat rolls might easliey offend someone to eat out in public, while some like…say….Kirstie Alley (before the diet) who even though she is obese would most likely not offend anyone. The same way that someone sitting on a park bench with a shawl drapped over her nursing baby would less likely offend anyone then someone with a breast in plan view with a baby stuck to it.

    I do think you feel people with different opinons then yours have no right to speak. It is one thing to say that you dont agree with them, or to tell them that you think they are wrong, but trying to chastise ir belittle them is nothing more then a tactic to make yourself feel like some great defender of all breastfeeding mothers everywhere.

    As far as the comment about how you never said BF was bad, well I never said that you did, but if you are so offended by the statement then maybe you have views that make you feel the need to defend yourself on that, you will have to deal with that on your own.

    As far as i “IF what was said to you on a day that a rally wasnt there i would be shocked also. that woman was probably caught up in all the drama and thought she had a right to say something.” Im not sure what you are trying to say here, if you are debating if there acutally was a rally, hello? Its called the news, they had them all over the United States that day, But the most important part is the part where you defend this womans right to say something “thought she had the right to say something”. Talk about opinions being all over the place. So it is ok, for a breastfeeding woman to chastize me in my own vehicle for bottle feeding, but it is not OK for someone to state in a magazine or on a blog that BF should take place in private?????

  69. Fanney says

    Wow, I think this is quite funny. I Live in Iceland and here almost all women breastfeed. I have actually never heard of a woman thinking of NOT breastfeeding her child. If You go out in public here, it is almost guarenteed that you will see a breastfeeding woman, of coarse with a blanket or something but it bothers no one. I guess the US is not as open to these types of things which is sad. I have never senn breastfeeding in public as an issue…it’s just so normal!:)

  70. braydie says

    im rude for calling you what??? i dont believe ive called you names. I said to stick to one opinion, not to counterdict yourself like you have been doing. i never said anything about any public restrooms. i would never even think about going into one to feed a baby…. I never said i cared about your BF schedule….i said maybe what you think is best for you IS NOT best for other BF mothers. however you sound like all BF mothers should do it your way or no way. when you say, “I think that too many women feel empowered to be self-righteous bitches-who could care less that their actions make other people uncomfortable” that is more of a name call then i have have. your calling all the mothers that BF out in the open bitches becuz YOU dont like to see BF in public…which you stated in the same post. BF is a womans right, no matter what anyone says. also, i hope you continue to believe that you should not try to confont any public bf mothers. Confront someone like me and you probably wont talk for awhile.

    Kelley~~~~ I have NEVER stated lisa couldnt state her opinion NOR have i ganged up on her. Obese people can make others feel “uncomfortable” but they have a right to eat in public.
    IF what was said to you on a day that a rally wasnt there i would be shocked also. that woman was probably caught up in all the drama and thought she had a right to say something. I dont care what lisa does….i dont know her. fact of the matter is, if its BF in public OR bottlefedding….its THAT mothers choiceshe doesnt need to hear that she cant feed her child becuz it might make someone uncomfortable. thats just plain dumb.
    i also never said that woman that DONT bf are bad. I actually bottlefeed after 2 months of BF. however i strongly believe in amothers right. and i dont believe she should ask if its ok to BF to child. if shes in a meeting?? ( you said it) and has her baby with her…and they ok the baby to be there in the first place she should NOT have to ask permission to feed her child.

  71. Lisa says

    OK Braydie

    you want me to stick to my own opinion

    You are rude, you name call just because I state my opinion

    I do not belive in BF in public. I think that a bottle is an inanimate object whereas my breast is my breast. I think that too many women feel empowered to be self-righteous bitches-who could care less that their actions make other people uncomfortable. For the month that I tried to BF my baby I felt that it was something that should be done in private. I scheduled my excursions out to eat so my baby would be full or brought along a bottle full of Breast Milk to feed her in public. I have BF in my car with the radio playing twice because I had to when it was necessary versus doing it in a restaurant and a book store. And no, I agree most public restrooms are disgusting. I knew that BF was my choice and I adjusted my schedule accordingly so I would minimize the need to BF my daughter while out.

    Is that what you wanted. Geez- I try to temper my opinions with the fact that I stead strong hold fast to the belief that people are ganna do what they want to do, I do not confront anyone or would never begin to think that I have the right to say something to someones face. I do not name-call or put down personally you or other womwn who BF publicly, I just do not agree with it-so what

  72. says

    I have been following this thread and I am amazed and the gang metality going against 1 person who is brave enough to state her opinion. Sheesh, doesn’t she have just as much a right to feel uncomfortable as you do to feel comfortable? It’s not as if she is walking up to people in public and telling them to stop. She was just saying how she feels (inside-to her self) about seeing a womans breast with a child attached to it while she is having a meal.

    It is easy to say, “look away” but lets face it, if something bothers you it sticks out like a sore thumb. Let’s be honest, all of us have things that “put us off”. For me, it is clipping nails. Someone in my office is doing it right now and it is driving me mad. Now simply because this bothers me, it SEEMS like I run in to it everywhere. A lot of times when you are uncomfortable with something (Muphys’ Law) will determine that you will run in to it everywhere.

    On another note, would you ladies believe that there are actually women out there that will verbally harrass you for bottle feeding? Im serious!

    Here in my town they had a Breast Is Best right to Breastfeed rally downtown. Women carrying babies in slings and signs while their babies nursed. I walked past on my way to the court house to (pay a parking ticket – that sucked) and as I was leaving I decided that I would feed my son a bottle before we got back on the road. So there I was sitting in my van feeding my baby a bottle….now no joke….this woman (i dont know if she was from the rally, but I mean come on) comes up to me and says “so, think your too good to share your bodies milk with your child huh?” I almost fainted. Now knowing that there are extremist in every group I tried really hard not to judge the group as a whole when they aired coverage on the news that night. But as I drove him that day, I was litterally in tears. SHe had made me feel that bad. Because in truth, I chose not to breastfeed. I had seen too many bad experieces and was a little wigged out by the idea. Thats just me.

    Now, guess what. There are a lot of women out there who don’t even want to BF> I don’t think that should make them bad people. I also don’t think that BF if done with decoram in public should ever be looked down upon. We all have to live and let live on this one, and if someone doesn’t feel comfortable seeing it then they should not have to. If they are in a position to leave then they should. Likewise, if you are in a one on one environment like in a meeting, you should ask the person if they mind, because they may. If they have a problem with it and are nasty about it then leave you dont want to do business there anyway, if they offer you a nice provate place (a bathroom in NOT acceptable) then go there and be thankful that that person was honest, instead of sitting there trying to find three thousand other places to look.

  73. braydie says

    Lisa i have no problem with you having your own opinion, however stick to one opinion. You’ve counterdicted yourself many times, makes you sound like you dont know what your talking about. and i dont get angry at a website. Your not that good. You THINK your opinions are yours?? but i can have mine? ok…. thanks, i guess… for your permission. be offended all you want, your opinion isnt the only one that matters, no ones getting angry but you…you tried calling a “truce” and the only people that would do that are ones that are afraid of the subject or getting pissed becuz no one will agree with them. this is a blog not a damn first grade class room. Do you really believe that a BF mother whos about to BF in public will say “hey, 57% of the public doesnt want me to BF ….i better not then.” no. polls dont matter. there a number, not real life. 85 % of kids age 14 to 19 say that their still virgins… do you believe that number???

  74. Jo says

    There seems to be a lot of focus on a woman’s right to breastfeed (which I am 100% for) and not much mention of a baby’s right to be given the most appropriate food at the most appropriate time.

    Society is still in the mindset that children should be seen and not heard – hell, when they are eating they shouldn’t even be seen! The world needs to be more family friendly, not so hung up on what is ‘appropriate’ or ‘polite’. Putting breastfeeding in the same etiquette category as which fork you use for your prawn cocktail (for example) is ludicrous.

    I still think that if a woman is ‘allowed’ to bottle feed somewhere, then a baby should be allowed to drink milk from his mother’s breast anywhere, any time.

    Lisa, I think you have been jumped on a bit here, but really, if you think that a baby should be given a bottle of breast milk instead of from the source just because there are other people are around, you should expect to be called a prude ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s just a boob. That’s where baby food comes from. Mums (yes, I’m an Aussie) are under enough pressure to function in their daily lives as it is without worrying what other people might think of them for attending to their babies needs while enjoying a rare cake and coffe outing.

    Jo (Midwife, Mother, Wife, Woman)

  75. Lisa says

    I am not going to cover my head and I think that your
    t-shirt is just as rude as that guy making a comment at the restaurant . Sorry-it is rude and quite brazen and just draws classless attention. I try my hardest to be open-minded, have my own opinion (which matches 57% of the public opinion as noted in this article) and am quite offended as a woman by a lot of the attitudes in this post.

    To reiterate the magazine itself did an impartial poll and 57 % of persons asked agree with my personal opinions but if you read my post #52 it does not mean that i would ever express those opinions in an effort to change anybody else, I think my opinions are mine, but you can have yours- a fed baby is a happy baby-however that feeding occurs, I don’t get angry just because someone has a different opinion then mine.

  76. Abby says

    How many other magazine covers have we seen with women (and men) posing nude with certain parts covered (such as nipples, etc)? For a long time there has been great controversy with people posing nude on the cover, or even in magazines. Over time, however, it has come to be accepted (by those who just don’t care/mind) or ignored (by those who really don’t want to see it). There are many ads (especially in magazines with baby themes) with women nursing their babies — this just happens to be on the cover.

    It is a baby’s right to be fed when hungry, so whichever way the parents choose to feed it (breast or bottle), the baby has the right to be fed when hungry. A hungry, screaming baby draws more attention than one that is content breastfeeding or being bottle fed.

  77. alicia says

    I think it is about time that breastfeeding not be hidden, it is a natural thing. i love the picture on the cover and the whole topic in the mag. I have a tee shirt that say “offended by me breastfeeding cover your head”

  78. braydie says

    i never agreed to a truce.
    i dont care how many college degrees you have.
    A bottle and nipple/breast ARE meant for the same thing.
    Babies dont go on a schedual, then actually stick to it all the time.
    YOU might see it as a “private experience” however all your child seen was FOOD.
    i said the people that see a breast for sex only are perverts in my opinion, i guess your a pervert if you assumed i meant you.
    what is right for you( BF in private)…(along with posters 21,39 and 44) maybe is actually diferent then what is right for me and posters 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 hell most everyone that posted) women like you are reasons women actually couldnt vote back in the day. now we gotta fight to feed our children in public places like its a nasty and wrongful thing to do? w/e
    Very hypocritical for you to say anything that has to do with being “uncomfortable” since in one post you say you dont have a problem with breastfeeding in public. ( but then you should put your child on a schedual so you dont have to right)???
    I do agree with post 52, is a very honest and sweet statement.
    and to emily….if it was a well dressed woman with nice hair that was highlighted and makeup on, that did the same thing, would you think anything about her whiping her boob out to feed her child?… or was it because you didnt like the way she looked?

  79. Lisa says

    so, since a truce did not work, Braydie-let me elaborate-I am not against women, I have college degrees, I am all for women making their own decisions-my decision was for not to breastfeed in public (for the time period I tried BF with my baby) I would never have any opinion that would restrict whatever the hell anyone else does even if it makes me uncomfortable..

  80. braydie says

    first off i didnt say i wished you didnt have kids, i said i HOPED you didnt. From your previous posts you sound like a uneducated child. “a bottle and a breast are two diferent things” and then say you agree that a woman has a right to BF in public then say in the same post women should “schedule” their feeding so they dont have to ?? theres always going to be that one woman that pops her breast out to BF with out covering herself….i think we all agree on that, HOWEVER it is still her right to do so if she wishes…no matter WHAT she looks like or how much money you believe she has.

  81. Lisa says

    I honestly do not see or think of you or other lucky moms with babies that bf as trying to intentionally offend, or nasty, or showing off, I realize it is beautiful and a baby, a newborn or little baby feeding stirs in me awe and just plain “how sweet and adorable” WE WOMEN (BF or Not) ROCK , especially us moms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My opinions vs. your opinions, who cares-cherish your babies cause they all grow up. I did not cherish my time with my newborn/baby any less beacuse I eventually ended up bottlefeeding. I would NEVER say anything to a mother BF in public no matter what my issues are, the man who voiced himself at the restaurant was nasty-took it too far…

  82. Olivia says

    I think a truce is a good idea, but I’m still hoping you will see fit to respect my rights as a woman and mother to breast feed in public situations and I will respect your rights as a woman and a mother to breast feed in private. (I am always covered, I am not ashamed, but I am a bit shy and do not choose to flaunt my breasts to those staring at my baby’s draped head, in according to you, with disgust just to annoy them, or to tempt other women’s husbands) Each of us has our own priorities and I certainly do not BF simply to affend others, quite frankly I had never given it a thought, my baby was hungry and I being her momma, fed her. I’m not nasty, I’m not showing off, I’m a loving caring mother just like you. I respect your beliefs I hope you can respect mine. I admire you to have gone to the degree you have to speak your reasons. Can you give other’s that same respect even though you do not agree with their feeding priorities?

  83. KellyMay says

    Thank God these people don’t live in Canada, where breastfeeding is quite accepted. I just passed a billboard on our main street stating “Give your baby the best start, start with breast” with a babe latched on. I laughed out loud, Hey I should call public health and asked what they are doing! My God what a disgrace, rolling eyes…

    I should take a picture and post it, too funny!

  84. Sam says

    I can totally understand that people do feel uncomfortable when someone just whips out their boob and starts nursing, I admit that I feel a little weirded out when someone does this in front of me, cause you don’t really know where to look, but it is still a woman’s right to do so, I myself always used a blanket to cover my baby because I am modest and my boob is still private to me, and I realised that others might be uncomfortable, so I just always covered up, but I nursed anywhere I pleased and not one person ever made a rude comment to me or told me to go in a washroom (thank god) cause I would have freaked, cause as I said I was always covered up, most peple didn’t even know what I was doing, I mean if your baby is hungry and screaming it’s head off, sometimes you just can’t make it to your car or a private place cause that baby wants it now, and like I said before, my children wouldn’t take a bottle, so I could only go out for short bouts at a time or else I had to nurse where I could, if I took them with me.
    As for Lisa, I feel bad that you have been ganged up on, cause you are entitled to your opinion, but no one should have to go to a toilet or leave an establishment because they are nursing, but I would maybe encourage them to cover up and still nurse while they are still respecting the feelings of others around them.

  85. Lisa says

    The article in the magazine that started this post did note in a public survey that less then half of people questioned believes in public BF (43%) so I guess I am not alone in my opinions, I am actually in the majority.

  86. Lisa says

    So, what an accepting bunch of public breastfeeders you are to call me ignorant, preach to me that I need education, support, tell me I don’t support my gender ( not all women have babies, breastfeed their babies or breastfeed in public ) tell me I need to get my head examined, tell me I am perverted, and basically name call because my opinion is different then yours. I guess I am a bit progressive to think that woman have the right to be more then “an attached bottle” or likened to an animal on animal planet feeding her young. I guess I think it is a bit brash and brazen telling me I need to “re-evaluate my perspective” I really don’t care what decisions a new mother makes as to how and when to feed her baby. I view BF as something I would do in private cause that was what was right for me, phasing her over to a bottle was right for me and I will not apologize if i think as other posters (#21, #39 and #44) do that it is ok for people to be uncomfortable or not agree with public BF.

  87. Lisa says

    I do have children, a biological daughter and two wonderful stepsons and they are wonderful. They are thoughtful, considerate, well-mannered (well most of the time, they are kids) and just all around the center of my husband and my life.

    I wish I could say I am young, but alas no, I am over thirty.

    Boy, I must be hitting some pretty raw nerves here to have someone retaliate with such a hurtful statement as You wish I don’t have children. That’s pretty mean-spirited and childish if you ask me. I have children who are the world to me and my beliefs on breastfeeding in private have nothing to do with the fact that I love them unconditionally and give to them attention, affection, a nice roof over their heads, good food on the table, etc…. Just because I don’t see eye to eye with you?? Come on now.

  88. Emily says

    I should point out, yea its one thing to see someone trying to be discreet to bf vs. someone just throwing up their shirt, whip out the boob and put ting their baby on the breast. I did see that happen at the Denver airport and I was kinda like whoa lady but you know she didn’t really care that she had all these people looking at here. not to be mean here but she was not very attractive, long strangly hair, dressed very frumpy, not really put together very well. So in retrospect, perhaps she couldn’t afford formula (it is expensive) and she has to nurse. I don’t know and I really don’t care.

  89. braydie says

    Lisa how are they 2 diferent things??? dont they BOTH go for the same purpose? What the hell do you think a breast is for when its filled with milk??? a freaking squirt gun?? you see a breast being just for sex and thats it??? WOW i hope you dont have kids. actually, I’m curious on how old you are because you sound like a child that needs a education.

  90. Emily says

    Your right Dionna, yea animal planet, so Lisa how about all those animals who suck from their mothers, obviously their not called boobs but same thing. If God didn’t intend for “boobs” to produce milk then he wouldn’t have designed them to do that, duh. If a bottle and boob are two different things, then explain why when were pregnant our boobs grow and lo and behold after the baby is born we get MILK, yea they are one in the same (bottle/boob)! GET OVER YOURSELF LISA.

  91. Natalie says


    I am sorry that you are so ignorant about breastfeeding in public. I feel really bad that you have these feelings about the female body. Perhaps you are expressing the majority opinion, but that opinion needs to be changed though support and education. The first step to take is understanding that the breast is not primarily sexual in function. The United States has a long way to go in this regard. Please re-evaluate the perspective you have. It is detrimental to your own self, as a woman, and unsupportive to your sex as a whole.

    Best to you in your journey…

  92. Tina says

    I dont breast feeding in public is gross or wrong, but personally i wouldnt do it. I would feel like its not hygenic for the baby…I would feel much safer feeding at home.

  93. Dionna says

    When is the last time you watched Animal Planet and a zoo keeper brought a baby Lion a bottle of Similac? People need to realize that breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your child and women should be able to do it when their child is hungry. I am a proud nursing Mom of a 5 month old little girl, and I support all women who choose to breastfeed.

  94. braydie says

    Exactly holly….this is such a dumb subject …the only people that dont like to see a child feeding from a breast in public , i consider perverts. JMO if THEY see it as a sexual thing, Dont want to see a boob out in the open( Big freaking deal) and have a problem with a mother feeding her child, they should go get their head examined!

  95. Holly says

    While I would agree about it being a beautiful/bonding/precious time, lets call it what it is…feeding a baby. If you look at my breasts as an attatched bottle, then maybe you (i mean “you” in general) can get past the fact that it’s a boobie! What part of feeding your child with a bottle is considered private? If you can feed them with a bottle in public, you can feed them with a boob. ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. Olivia says

    Oh good lord, Lisa if you don’t want to breast feed in public, don’t. But if I so choose to breast feed my baby and I’m doing so, just don’t look. Give your fellow women a break and don’t force your body issues on the rest of us. Just deal with it. I am so sick of the rules police people pushing their personal issues on everyone else. My main problem with that is????? No matter what anyone does someone is going to make a major issue out of it. Someone is going to bitch and try to make another new rule. I’ll sweep my own porch and you sweep yours just don’t be looking at my porch and I’ll not be looking at yours!

  97. jenty says

    interesting the debate this sparks – which, in any case, i think is only a big deal because people like lisa make it a big deal. get over yourself.

  98. Carleigh says

    Lisa SEX is a natural part or function we also do in this life and as much fun as it certainly is we can’t do that in public either. Stop viewing bf as an obscenity or the breast as a purely sexual body part and maybe that would put a different view on it. A man told me to take my child in the BATHROOM for god’s sakes and IF that man weren’t staring at me so closely he wouldn’t have even noticed what I was doing. I told him to take his steak and rub it on the toliet and enjoy it because it would be the same thing if I took my newborn into a dirty public restroom to “feed” her. I don’t have the “I have had a baby..blah, blah, blah, bow down to me” mentality either I just think if it offends someone that I am breastfeeding my child then maybe they should be so damn fixated on what I am doing and minding their own friggin’ business. It’s a personal choice just like smoking, premarital sex, and many other choices in life.

  99. mage says

    I am not being denied anything, I am making choices. I am happier now not eating out, healthier as well.

    I was not at all offended by janet jackson’s nipple being exposed accidentally. (creeped out by the piercing though.) however if she was wearing less revealing clothes it might not have been an issue. (assuming it was a malfunction and not deliberate) Cher is another celeb who I chose to not follow closely becasue of how she dresses- my choice.
    using the breast for feeding an infant who covers the nipple while eating and showing most of a breast then all while dancing at an all ages event is totally different, IMO.

  100. Lisa says

    To me it is sad that you are being denied the pleasure, the right to go out to eat because of your displeasure with dress codes. Go to proper dress required finer dining establishments, treat yourself….

    And there is a big difference between provocative dressing and exposure of a breast. All the people who watch Janet Jackson know she dresses suggestively but were screaming helter skelter when the boob came out at halftime…

  101. mage says

    I really do not want to see anyone’s belly buttons, juicy on their butts, thongs sticking out of too short pants, shorts with no inseam, tons of cleavage exposed with the tops cut to ‘there’. I have gotten used to the bra straps showing. I have accepted that I can not tell anyone what they can or can not wear. I do not want to see bums while I am eating and have stopped going to most eating establishments because of how others are dressed- or not dressed. But it is up to me to accept it or leave, not the other way around. If those nearly nekkid people are allowed to be there, or breastfeeding moms, or crotch scratching men, I can accept it or leave.

  102. Lisa says

    I agree with a womans right to breastfeed when her baby is hungry but conversly I also agree with the right for anyone to go out in public and not feel awkward or uncomfortable because a woman is breastfeeding in close proximity to them. And the argument that they have to get over it or that they are wrong to feel awkward or uncomfortable is bull. These BF mothers need to schedule their feedings in a more private manner and take into consideration that you own your home, but not public domain. If I have paid to have a meal in a restaurant I have every right to want to feel comfortable, maybe a nursing baby does not belong in a public restaurant if the mom is unwilling to have pumped milk to feed him/her in a bottle or is unwilling to use a more private setting to feed her baby than in front of hundreds of people who have the right to say how they feel. To me, it is an intimate, private beautiful thing that i do not want strangers privy to seeing my exposed breast.
    I work at a bank and while opening an account for a customer in my small office she began breastfeeding with no warning in my office. True, she did partially shield herself while her daughter breastfed but I did see her breast while she was positioning herself. She did not ask if I minded this in my place of business, we have at least three empty offices, one with a couch which I could of offered her but no, I had to continue for twenty minutes while she did this. It is this “I am Woman who gave birth, bow down to me, I could do whatever I want” mentality that gets me with blatent disregard for others opinions or feelings. And I have difficulty agreeing with the argument that it is natural, a basic life function. Going to the bathroom is a basic, natural life function but if a man pulls it out in public to relieve himself, no matter how far away the nearest bathroom is he gets fined/arrested. Having your period is a basic, natural thing but I do not change my tampon in a public setting, whether I shield myself under a blanket or not.
    I know I am going to get a hell of a lot of flack from you all but I just had to express myself. Yes, BF is the best, yes, BF is natural, yes a womans body is a beautiful working thing when it creates milk-I get all that-I still think that when you choose to go out of your house and into public areas the reality is no one wants to see your milk engorged breast or your baby latching on.

  103. braydie says

    The people that think breastfeeding in public are the people that i believe are perverts. ANY mother that feeds her child by breast has the RIGHT to do it where- ever and when ever she wishes. The people that believe its wrong should look into their own minds and see why they believe its wrong for THEM. If those people think its disgusting, their the ones with the problem, NOT the mother.
    When i had my son I wanted to breastfeed, however it didnt work out because i wasnt supplying enough for him and he literally was on my breast for hrs on end with out getting full ( the longest was 7 hrs straight) i actually had to buy a night gown that had a zipper in the front, so i could zipper him to me at night, i was so afraid he would fall if i fell asleep. …. so after my husband called me a crazed lunitic, i decided to go with formula…..i lasted 3 months a 2 days breastfeeding
    However, i breastfed everywhere…with a blanket of course but even if i didnt have a blanket and my baby had to eat, i would of done it WITHOUT ONE…. no matter where i was!

  104. emily says

    I wonder if all these woman who hate bf in public enjoy seeing a guy adjusting/scratching themselves once or twice while their sitting or walking by. To me, that is more if you will (disgusting) than seeing a baby getting fed. I’d like to see an article on that and see what kind of hoopla coverage that gets, I bet none.

  105. Carleigh says

    I do so much agree! BF maybe be a bit more restraintive to a mother in terms of time, devotion and diet but the bonding you get with your baby is priceless. I did however learn to stay clear of the mexican food and the buffalo hot wings that I so dearly love. I just hate it when people comment about bf being so offensive in public, when there are other more pressing and offensive things happening in our world today! BF is the most wonderful experience I have ever had in my life and I would recommend it 100% to any mother who wants to experience a close, loving, nurturing bond with their newborn! It was just the most awesome thing to know that I (the self declared Dairy Queen of IL) was giving my daughter so many health and emotional advantages and the best part was that it came from ME….I loved it!

  106. Lisa says

    very true, and boy was she hungry, I had a problem with her appetite, my inability to properly breastfeed, I could hardly make enough milk and ultimately the lactation nurse and I after a few meetings phased Hannah to a bottle. She had a combo of a poor sucking reflex, a big appetite and the bf sessions were becoming so stressful on her and me. We tried breast shields, all kinds of holds, etc… Hannah was jauncided, a bit underweight and could never get a full meal from me so the bottle/formula after a while was a god send. I did copious ammts of pumping (not fun) and storing/freezing, but I would find myself looking at the clock and dreading it, wondering when she would get hungry. Once she was on formula she would sleep through the night and she started gaining weight instead of losing ( she dipped to 5 ibs.)
    BF or bottle her big beautiful blue eyes would stare at me over the breast or bottle and I too would never give up those memories ever and the added bonus was that my husband got to experience that too. He would wake up with her at 5:30 and as the sun came up feed her and relish her breathing and little peepers staring at his face!!!! boob or bottle-memories to live for!!!

  107. Carleigh says

    Lisa I can appreciate your opinion,I felt the same way the first time I breastfed in public. I was self conscious to the utmost and very uncomfortable but you know something..I got over it. I was NOT flipping out my tits for the whole restaurant or world to see, I did it discreetly. I am appalled that people can smoke in public around small kids, grope one another to the point of indecency, wear kootchie cutter daisy dukes and have their butt cheeks hanging out and their nether regions pratically hanging out for the whole world to see…but a mother breastfeeding is still considered to be taboo…gimme a break here. People like to sit in judgement of what they consider to be personally embarrassing or compromising but yet these are the same people who don’t have the deceny to consider that they themselves may do things that offend others. Breastfeeding is natural and if my child is hungry then I would not hesitate to feed her in the most natural way how. Your right about breastfeeding being a special bonding time between mother and child but there is also the practical side of breastfeeding which is the fact that your are simply feeding your hungry child.

  108. babyhates says

    I did both with my baby !!!!!!!!!! But I didn’t like pulling out my tit in public so he can get a drink…… I would pump it at home if I knew I wasn’t going to be in private !

  109. Lisa says

    I do not want to see any woman breastfeeding in a restaurant or anywhere else but in private-sorry ladies. I breastfed and did it in the privacy of my home and did not take her out for long stretches of time so I would not have to bf in public. I hated it in public-just the idea of strangers intruding on this beautiful, PRIVATE experience was bogus. Because I choose to bf my baby does not mean that strangers have to see it. I loved breastfeeding my baby but in privacy. Part of the sacrifice is scheduling it so we were comfortable.

  110. mage says

    LOL at the woman at my shower. When I told DH her comment, he said she had some more serious issues if she felt he husband would stray over another woman bf.

    I try too wave, smile or thumbs up a mama nursing in public. I was so thrilled to have company in the “cry room” at church a few weeks ago. My son wouldn’t be still and her dress wasn’t easily condusive to nursing.

    My sister pumped her milk full time and bottle fed her twins. At the time she was not able to accept my help (meddling older sister long distance) and had none to speak of in the hospital. She said had she had one baby first she would have been successful nursing the twins, or had they been full term. She went on to nurse her next baby just fine. Our mother has more of a problem with us nursing in public (or did) but we pressed on even with out family support. (even draped, FIL was NASTY about it.

    Funny story, while on a beach in the UK I was trying to use a drape in the wind. After about 10 minutes I looked over and there was an older woman in her (support) underwear sunning herself lying on top of her clothes. I gave up the drape right then and there!

  111. says

    Before I had my son I was quite vocal about how weirded out I would get at the thought of ME breastfeeding. I never saw anything wrong with other people doing it, I just plain didnt get myself ever doing it. Of course, after I had my son I could see myself being able to breastfeed, but at that point I had waited a little too long and decided that I may try it with the next one.

    As for breastfeeding in public I never saw a problem with it. I was exposed to it at a young age by a friend of my mothers who did it. Seeing her doing it and having it explained to me then made it perfectly normal looking to me.

    I also wonder sometimes, if these people who have a problem nursing in pubilc were themselves breastfed as children. I realize, that 30 years ago we may not have been such a social society and that we didnt go out as often, but I will bet you that hed it been, their mothers would have done the same thing.

  112. says

    You know what’s even more amazing?? This random group of women across the internet are MORE progressive and open than a focused group of women – BABYTALK Readers!! THAT I find incredible.

    How can there be more people with objections who are subscribed to a baby magazine than just randomly turn up here on this site?

    This world – I tell ya – it’s gone nuts!!

  113. Sam says

    OMG! That has got to be the most stupid thing ever! I don’t understand why anyone would even care what anyone else is doing, what the heck do they think people did in the olden days before there even was formula or bottles?
    I nursed all 3 of my kids, the last two for about 11 months because they absolutely would not take a bottle until then, so what was I supposed to do, stay at home for the first year cause it might make people uncomfortable?? I don’t think so!
    Get over yourself people and mind your own dang business!!!

  114. Olivia says

    It sounds to me as though those who object must see a womans breasts as intended for sexual pleasure only. I will admit prior to my daughter’s birth it did cross my mind as to the difference I would feel because I had chosen to breast feed. I even asked the question during Lamaze class and I wasn’t the only first time mom interested in the answer.
    My daughter’s first meal was indeed awkward and uncomfortable, but not because of embarassment or shame. She and I both were a bit frustrated at first because neither she nor I had ever done this before and it took a few days for both of us to get the hang of it. The bonding and love we shared brought me to tears of joy, only a nursing mother could understand. Her peaceful big brown eyes staring into mine with such content is a memory I will treasure always. I loved when she fell asleep with a satisified grin on her face and the sound of the pop of her releasing my nipple. I felt such pride in watching her little body grow knowing I alone gave my baby all she needed to grow, I was her momma and it was a wonderful time in our lives!. I agree the ease of not having to jump up at night to heat bottles was a blessing. Not worring about germs lurking in rubber nipples, formula experation dates and all the rest that goes with having to bottle feed an infant. Some women are unable to breast feed, and thankfully there is an option for them, I will also say I have never ever heard of a woman being asked to take their baby and bottle into another room. I did not nor do I now with my second daughter flip it out for all to see, but no one better ask me to remove myself and my baby! If they have a problem with looking at my draped baby and breast then perhaps they should look away or remove themselves from the area.

  115. Jill says

    I am utterly stupified by people being upset by a baby nursing. I nursed my son for 9 months. My only regret is that it didn’t last longer but he quit on his own. When I bf in public, most people didn’t even realize it. Most people thought he was sleeping at that’s why I had him covered. The only problem I ever had was the first few months with my father in law. He accused my husband of forcing me to bf to save money and so he didn’t have to get up in the middle of the night. I told him that was ludicris, that I bf because it was what was most healthy for my child and was completly natural. After I made my postion clear, we had no more problems.

  116. Carleigh says

    I was absolutely mortified that a complete stranger would try to interupt me while I was feeding my child. I just couldn’t understand his utter disrespect and sheer rudeness to boot! I am not afraid of saying what is on my mind to people especially when someone provokes me. I do agree that there are people in society men and women BOTH who just can’t accept breastfeeding in public no matter if there are laws against it or for it. I think it’s the fact that some (not all) people are just intimidated by things that they don’t understand or threatened because it makes them uncomfortable. I have to admit I was a bit afraid the first time I bf in public because I was worried about being stared at or whatnot but when I got comfortable with myself and the whole process of nursing I embraced that what I was doing wasn’t full frontal nudity. I was simply feeding my baby and that’s the most natural thing in the world whether it happens to be with a bottle or my own breast! I was going to be damned if anyone would make me feel uncomfortable but at the same time I did try to be as discreet as possible because I do respect other people who might be embarrassed because they are not forward thinking and a bit archaic, they can’t help the way they were raised and the way they think. I got even more confident with my second daughter because you get over things more quickly I think when your older and more comfortable with yourself and your body. I know that when my second child was born that I slowed myself down and enjoyed and relished every second I have with her and still do..could we say older and wiser…lol

  117. KellyMay says

    Oh and thanks for letting us know what happened to the site, I’m sure your happy that traffic is picking up ๐Ÿ™‚ I love this site!

  118. KellyMay says

    I have heard and seen so much negative controversey about breastfeeding. In my career it IMO is one of the most rewarding experiences my moms’ relate back to me, I am thankful I can enable more moms to be confident in that.
    I unfortunately due to limited support and severe oversupply only nursed my first babe for a few months ultimately ending in mastitis and lasting nerve damage in my breast. With my second babe I was determined to try again, with help and support (plus lots of education as I changed my career path to midwifery) was able to troubleshoot what went so desperately wrong the first time and had an amazing 16 month experience with my son. I would nurse again in a minute.
    I can remember once being in an airport with a girlfriend our babes were the same age, our flight ended up delayed for 6 hours and she had only brought two bottles being she was heading to her parents a mere 2 hour flight away and thought she had more then enough. I was never as Thankful as I was then to nurse my child, no qualms, no problems, no tears nothing. My dear friend Sar was so upset as was her little one. We ultimately took a cab to a drugstore for more formula, least to say Sar just had twin boys four months ago and is successfully nursing both. She didn’t nurse her first because her family had discouraged her not too, she said our experience together changed everything.

    Why is it that people see a cat nursing her kittens or a pig nursing her piglets and it’s cute but yet a mom nursing her babe isn’t.
    Someone put a human sucking a cow’s tit on the cover of a magazine, hmmm how natural is that!
    (by the way nothing against cows LOL)

    Crossed fingers, I’d love to offer support. A really great site is any questions please feel free to ask or any problems that you noted were hangups in your prior experience possibly we can remedy before this babe comes. Let me know and we can get in touch through email if you’d like:)

  119. Administrator says

    Carleigh, You are awesome for saying that to that obnoxious man! I also breastfed at the table in restaurants..even while dining with my husband’s business associates. I never felt any shame or at all uncomfortable and no one ever made me feel uncomfortable. I think if anyone had said ANYTHING to me I would have completely freaked!

  120. Carleigh says

    Forgot to add to my post my ex hubby and I went out for dinner and a man actually came by our table and commented about me breastfeeding at the table (I had a receiving blanket draped over my shoulder to boot so it’s not like I was flashing a breast or anything). This man snarled about why couldn’t I take the baby into the bathroom to breastfeed because nobody wanted to SEE that, etc., etc. I looked at him and told him I was feeding my child and to take her in the bathroom would be the equivilent of him taking his $30.00 steak dinner into the nearest urinal and wiping his steak on the bathroom floor and eating it….kinda gross I know but I made my point and told him to ENJOY his meal and bug off!

  121. crossin'myfingers says

    i am pg w/ my 4th child and am going to try my hardest to bf (sigh) once again. my 2 oldest didn’t even really get a fighting chance ‘cuz i just felt weird about it and i really needed help w/ it but was too embarrassed to get it. i’m older now, have gotten over it and was determined to bf my son (he’s 2 1/2 now) but he was in the hosp. for 2 wks. after i was dismissed so it just didn’t happen how i would have hoped.
    our country today is so brainwashed into thinking that just because it’s so “normal” to go buy a can of formula rather than the food that your body makes for your child, that it’s right. just like ppl think women that choose to use cloth diapers over disposables are nuts. or the women that want to have their babies at home are “stupid”. why can’t we as a society be more supportive and less hateful and judgemental?

  122. Tina says

    i completly agree with everything everyone has said about breastfeeding, i breastfed my 3 and loved it, i felt there was nothing more natural than feeding my children my self. i was proud that i could feed my kids even if it was only a few days for my first daughter, not that bottle isn’t just as good.
    as for the silly woman at the babyshower who things bf in public is only so they can snag there man, jesus how iditotic can you get.
    there is nothing wrong with bf in public and i can’t believe the 4month old childs mother saying that its gross! it just gets me so mad, i understand that some people don’t want to see it, but its not as if bf mothers flaunt it!! does any of this make sense, i think i’m rambling sorry

  123. says

    Quote “I remember at my babyshower a mom was telling me the only reason women bf in public was to get her man.”

    Yeah, that’s why I’ve breast fed all my DK’s… I keep hoping that if I do it in public enough that maybe, just maybe… her man will cross my path and I can snag him!!! ROFLMAO!!


    Breasts ….. they’re not just for sex anymore! (never were!)


  124. Leona says

    Here in Scotland it’s illegal to prevent someone from breastfeeding in a public place. I find the comment in the article about breastfeeding being ‘gross’ incredibly ignorant and sad.

  125. mage says

    Absolutely sweet picture. It didn’t even register to me that anyone could have a problem with it.

    The only time anyone has ever noticed I was breast feeding my babies was if I used a drape. On occasion I have nursed topless, but in my own bed! Pulling up your shirt a few inches shows very little and If I layered, nothing showed. Most people thought I had a sleeping baby in my arms.

    I remember at my babyshower a mom was telling me the only reason women bf in public was to get her man. I don’t get it. Always the right temp, never recalled, totally portable, readily available, attractive package. Perfect!

  126. Carleigh says

    I breast fed both of my daughters for about 3 1/2 – 4 months. I don’t disagree with breast feeding in public, however, I do believe that you can do this w/o baring the whole breast and making it painfully obvious to everyone around you. I am not ashamed that I did this in public I just felt it was considerate of me to be discrete and to appreciate that while I was feeding my babies in the most natural way possible that there might be some that are uncomfortable w/ seeing me do it. I loved breastfeeding and would gladly do it again if I ever have another baby.


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  2. […] Breastfeeding Controversy Is What Caused The Site To Crash! โ€“ Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooke Shields, Kate Hudson and Kate Beckinsale are only a few of the stars whoโ€™ve talked openly about their nursing experiences. The celeb factor has even brought a measure of chic to that unsexiest of garments: the nursing bra. […]

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