Matt Lauer And Wife Annette Are Expecting Their Third Child

Matt Lauer and wife Annette are expecting their third child. Congratulations!

Matt Lauer

The Today host, 48, confirmed the news in an interview with Sunday’s New York Times magazine in a story about his soon-to-be cohost, Meredith Vieira. He and Annette, 40, are already parents to son Jack, 5, and daughter Romy, who turns 3 in October.

“I was on Today for five years before I had children,” Lauer tells the Times magazine. “And back then the job took up a larger slice of the pie graph of my life than was healthy. When I had kids, that immediately changed. It flipped.”

Lauer and the former Annette Roque, a model turned stay-at-home mom, wed in October 1998.

This spring, after it was announced that Today cohost Katie Couric was leaving, Lauer extended his contract with NBC to stay on the show through 2011.

But work is not his top priority. “His wife and children are at the center of his universe,” Lauer’s former Today boss, Jeff Zucker, said in 2004, “and everything revolves around that.”

Matt says, “Now I define myself by what happens when I walk in that door after work. (Jack) looks at you and goes, ‘Papa.’ He wants a hug, and then he wants to show you his (toy) planes. My son is a rascal. He’ll have a glass of water in the living room. You’ll say, ‘Jack, do not pour that water.’ And he’ll look at you and … he’ll pour it.” Little sister Romy, Dad said, “is the polar opposite. Incredibly sweet.”



  1. says

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  2. braydie says

    Socorro~~ First off….Please dont come on a blog if your going to tell someone not to say their opinions. I wasnt mad at lisa….just wanted her to see that it wasnt a bad thing that they where having a baby at a older age is all. however she has HER own thoughts and feelings on the matter and no one has the right to tell her not to tell them.
    2nd….It was between me and lisa…no one else. we talked it out and came to a understanding i believe…gotta ask her if she feels the same…
    3rd…… People dont have to be nice all the time….i certainly get my share of the bitch stick every once in awhile.

  3. socorro says

    If God gives you a child at any age accepted it! It is a blessing be happy and don’t speak if you are not able to say anything nice of someone else.

  4. Lisa says

    One of my best friend in high school, Laurie, was born when her mom was 49 and dad 51, her two brothers were 18 and 22 when she was born, and she was an aunt upon her birth (her 22 yr old brother had a son with his fiance at age 20) she was extremely loved by all, once again, personal prejudices, I just don’t like Matt Laeur I guess. his wife does look amazing, she looks like she is in her late twenties, not 40.

  5. braydie says

    no worries…I wasnt meaning to sound like a bitch…for real lol. i was just showing that older parents can have a place in their childrens lives as well as younger ones do. my husbands grandmother is the same age as my father and she does tire easily, so i can see your point on that. but its my belief that when people decide to have chilren it is a gift no matter what age. Im sure they will enjoy the many years they have with that child. I know about death and losing parents. I got 3 kids out of it. Im glad their mine now however i miss my brother very much also, so its a win , no win situation. I think grandparents are very important. my 6 month old only has one grant grandparent, thats my husband grandmother, and prob wont ever know my parents or his great-grandmother very well. I never knew my grandparents, so my husband grandmother is my nana, thats what i call her lol.But im glad my parents decided to have me, even though they almost raised all my brothers and sister when they did have me. (my mom thought she was going through menopause, found out she was 2 months pregnant with me :P)

  6. Lisa says

    Of course not, I have just dealt with a colleague at work losing her husband at 48 (heart attack) a lawyer in town age 52 (heart also) and a customer age 47 (cancer) my mothers best friend age 55 (lung cancer) all left behind children varying in age 8-13. Very sad, no mean to offend. I was blessed to have my grandparents (all 4) until I was 24, it was great. I do think extended family, especially grandparents, are important. And no, I did not have my child until 26, not right after high school. Sorry to offend

    It was active Grandparents to help raise me throughout my entire childhood, to be there at my graduations, It was sad only having one alive for my wedding. i got to know them and have wonderful meories of them being able to do everything with me. My parents have tons of fun with my kids too (they 55 and 59 and love to travel and take the kids on vacation) my husbands parents are older and are not able to do as much and we are careful to not tire them out.

  7. braydie says

    lisa …what has happened in YOUR life is not always whats best for other people in THEIR lives. there not too old to have a child…jeez everyone dont have to have kids right after highschool you know. anyone can die at anytime, you could die tomorrow, i can die next week. it doesnt matter what age you are. my mother was 48 when she had me …my father was 54,…i never went with out. my father was my softball coach and swimming coach all the way to the end of my last yr in HS. now that i have a crawling 6 month old he can catch that child as quick as i can and hes 85 now. Take your mind outta the box your in for just a moment and see that anyone has a right no matter what age they are to have a child….or would you rather them abort it??

  8. Lisa says

    Carleigh, I apologize I was getting you mixed up with another poster who really had me going on another thread. Kelly, maybe….Sorry

  9. Lisa says

    oh yeah, by the way, who the hell cares, it’s their choice of when they want to procreate and nobody elses! That is your statement-well true and it is also true for people who have children before marriage too. Its their choice and who the hell cares!!!! Its their choice- so take all this talk about immorality and can it. I think people over 45 who choose to bring a child into this world are selfish and immoral, how’s that. ( I really don’t, just making a point.)

  10. Lisa says

    I realize that it is their choice, I get that, but as in other threads you have expressed that we should be able to voice our opinions and I don’t think that being 70 when your child is in college is the best choice but like you said to each their own, lets just hope these three children have both parents around- lets hope their split was just a rocky patch and that both parents live to 90 so they can maybe see their kids grow up, finish school, get married and start a family. Having grandparents involved in a childs life is a true blessing!!!!

  11. Carleigh says

    yes they split and reconciled so what??? my parents got divorced when I was 10 yr. old and remarried when I was 25 yr. old and they are going on being remarried for 11 yrs. so what’s your point? At least they aren’t all over the tabloid headlines making fools of themselves. they seem to be a private, discreet couple and that is really rare in this day and age. there are to many couples who are airing their dirty, sordid laundry in public so it’s a nice change to NOT hear something deragatory for a change..i.e. Britney and Kevin, Christy Brinkley and Peter Cooke, Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, even stupid Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. As for whatever age they are to be having children…who the hell cares it’s their choice of when they want to procreate and nobody elses!

  12. Lisa says

    These two split and reconciled, correct. Another couple on the verge of divorce getting pregnant. Also, my parents were around their age when they sent their last child to college, a bit old to be having another baby…

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