Kate Hudson & Ryder Cuteness!

Long hair or not, Ryder is very cute and Kate is luminous! But he does look like a little girl…not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson



  1. mojo says

    I found a picture of Kate Hudson as a child.. and fyi…Ryder looks alot like Mommy.. she grew more “traditionally beautiful” as she grew older.(thanks to a little nose help from a surgeon’s knife) So not to worry .. Ryder will suprise all of us..you’ll all see.

    And by the way.. the long hair thing ..who cares.. what will that have to do with the price of eggs in years to come?

  2. courtney says

    i think kate is so pretty, why she wont cut ryders im not sure of, but she needs to cuz hes a boy not a girl! but ryder is still cute either way…i hope he favors more of kate than his dad, im happy for her that their splitting up because their never with each other and its better for her to have a life of ehr own if hes not gonna be in it all the time! as long as hes their for ryder i think everythign will be for the best!

  3. Emma says

    Her and chris never really seemed all that matched anyway- in terms of background lifestyle and looks- she always seemed the better half.

  4. KellyMay says

    I just read this comment on another site,
    “Kate and Chris split up because he wanted to be on tour all the time and she wanted to have another baby and settle down. She was cool with the groupies until they had a baby. He was the one with the roving eye, not her.”

  5. braydie says

    lisa …I see your side, however look at mine… if i remember correctly i also said to that other person that was saying things like that about kids are wrong. who knows what kids will look like or who they will take after. maybe he wont look like either of them? yeah his FATHER is butt ugly but whos to say when his hair gets cut he wont be cute by your standards? anyway, i also think my child is cuter then any other, thats just how moms think, but i think all kids are adorable. I wasnt chastising you. Its just sorta common knowledge that children are innocent, no matter what they look like, and shouldnt have bad things said about them, they already have enough issues with their looks going up they dont need to read on public blogs that they arent that good looking or that their ugly ( i know you didnt say ugly, im just saying) no matter how much money has, it cant buy self esteem. (sp?)

  6. Lisa says

    No, I am realistic. Of course no child is as special to me as my own. Of course, I look at my children with rose colored glasses on-all mothers should. Well, baby fat is one thing, but when we looked at those pictures of my baby we were like oh my, I remember that day and we commented on how our memories did not match up at all to what was in those pictures, I did not and would never use the word ugly to describe my baby or anyone elses but, boy, in that period she was not a good looking baby-looked like Jabba The Hut, jowls, funny hair,etc…
    I never compared this child to my children, I simply made a objective observation. My daughter has her little ballet class and of course, to me, she is the cutest, sweetest, etc…little girl there but I also recognize that there are two little girls in her class who will grow up with classic beautiful features, just beautiful little girls. I do not compare my girl to them but I do recognize that they are good looking kids-and to others, may grow up and be better looking then my daughter-but to me my baby is beautiful.

    If you think Ryder takes after his mom in the looks dept. that is your opinion, not mine. I do not feel that I need to be chastised for that. I remember in another thread someone else called him ugly, I never did. He is cute as all small children are cute, but as he grows up he may look a lot like dad, which may or may not be considered by some as good looking…

  7. braydie says

    lisa…. baby fat is one thing …stating a child is not so good looking is another. i understand its your opinion but how would you feel if that was your child people where talking about? just because you think this child is not as beautiful as your children are, you think you have a right to say something bad about anothers mothers child? that is what it sounds like to me …JMO.

  8. says

    Lisa…….ROTF. My son is only 9 months old. I can not remember thinking this at the time, but when his hair started falling out and growing back in there was a point (i see it now in pictures) where he looked like Grandpa Munster….you know with the heavy hair on the sides and the little flap on the top….too funny.

  9. Lisa says

    I do remember thinking how beautiful my baby daughter was, dressing her in her little christmas dress-thinking everyone who saw her would be overcome with how beautiful she was. Just the other day my husband and I were looking at those holiday photos and we were laughing so hard-she was just a little ball of fat-to us she was special but oh my goodness was she a butterball

  10. Lisa says

    all kids are cute because they are kids, not all kids are good looking kids. Out of my three children, who are all cute, they are all very distinct looking and beautiful to me, but I can see varying levels of what others would determine as Good Looking in them. Its just reality. I know not all kids have traditionally beautiful features and thus the word ugly is harsh, I did not use that adjective

  11. braydie says

    i just hate when people call innocent children ugly. how would you feel if people called your kid “not so good looking” ????? i wouldnt call you jealous, i would call you a ass, for picking on a child for no reason.

  12. says

    I love his hair, he is just so cute. So what if he looks like a girl. He’s only 2. My best friend’s son is 5, and he’s never had a real cut, just trims. He’s going to kindergarten this year and she still doesn’t want to cut it. His braid is to his waist.


  13. Lisa says


    Sorry, hair or no hair this is not a good looking kid. His mom is adorable, this little one looks like dad unfortunately. Jealous, NO…

  14. nicole says

    Why cant boys have long hair..?? All you people moanin about it are probably just jealous that your boys dont look as cute..!! HaHa

  15. Susan says

    she is his mother and if she doesn’t want to cut his hair until he is three then that is her decision.

  16. shae says

    Ann-Marie – In the caption for the pic it says “But he does look like a little girl…not that there’s anything wrong with that”…I was amazed that the writer said that there’s nothing wrong with him looking like a girl.

  17. says

    If I hear one more thing about that kid’s bloody hair I am gonna scream. We all realize he looks like a girl, but honestly there are more important things to worry about,
    like WHERE IS BABY SURI???
    Have a good one. 🙂

  18. Marti says

    Damn, I wish I had that kids’ hair! It is just way too long for a little BOY! 😮
    Kate always looks so great .. just like her Mom did when I was growing up.

  19. Sharona says

    That little guy would probably feel alot better if he didn’t have all that long hair blowing in his face. And of course
    he will constantly be mistaken for a girl. Which can become very embarrassing for him the older he gets.
    Hey, Kate, he’s not a sixties rock star. He is a little boy who
    should be cool and comfortable. He looks like some poor little urchin whose parents cannot afford to properly take care of him. I sure hope he never gets head lice. You would have to shave his head to get them all out.

  20. shae says

    There’s nothing wrong with him looking like a girl?! I think there is something wrong with that. He is a boy! (at least, that’s the rumor) Kate looks cute.

  21. says

    She is so in love with her son!! That’s a true momma!! I do feel bad about her splitting with her husband, but I’ll tell you, she seems like the kind of person who would put her son first and maybe that’s what the split is all about.

  22. Angie P. says

    oops…i was tryin to say…that right there is a REAL mommy!! she doesn’t give a crap that he’s messing up her hair, she’s obviously enjoying just being w/ her little boy immensely. she always looks so damn happy!!!

  23. KellyMay says

    He is going to look so cute when his hair is cut, I wonder what style she’ll choose? I always wondered about her and Chris’ relationship, they never seemed ‘in love’.

  24. Deede says

    Cut his hair already! When it is THAT long, he does look like a girl. Are you SURE the kid isn’t a GIRL?

  25. Farrah S. says

    I think he looks cute, but the hair is way to long i mean she can cut it alittle bit, it will look much better !

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