Kate Hudson & Husband Split After Six Years Of Marriage

Kate Hudson and her hubby, Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson, are splitting.

Kate Hudson

Kate’s rep, Brad Cafarelli, confirms that the couple are separating after nearly six years of marriage.

Hudson, 27, and Robinson, 39, wed on New Year’s Eve 2000 after dating for about a year. Their son, Ryder Russell, was born Jan. 7, 2004.

In September 2004, while shooting Skeleton Key in New Orleans, Hudson said about her relationship with Robinson since Ryder’s birth: “We’re sharing something so gigantic now. I think it’s the best we’ve ever felt being together.”

Awwww…that is so sad, but Chris always seemed creepy and I had just been commenting that it was strange that he never joined Kate and Ryder on their beach excursions. I mean, did he have a super important career to focus on that meant he couldn’t spend time with his wife and son?

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  1. says

    God gwen it very pretty and we all love her so much….she has a little boy and still looks great …her son is so god dam cute ………….bannana’s lol……………………and love her sond wind up it’s so hot………………………….amber

  2. says

    God gwen it very pretty and we all love her so much….she has a little boy and still looks great …her son is so god dam cute ………….bannana’s lol……………………and love her sond wind up it’s so hot………………………….amber

  3. braydie says

    its not your radar, all the younger hollywood couples are calling it quits its seems. Kinda sad. too bad for the ones that have kids.

  4. Angie says

    Omg Braydie, I love the ‘Brad was having more sex than Jen’ statement!! 🙂

    Sadly,I really thought they had a shot…but then again I thought the same with Nick and Jessica, Chad and Hilary, etc…so my radar is broken I think.

  5. braydie says

    I love owen wilson as a actor but he himself said many times he is NOT ready for a commitment and to me getting with a girl that has a child is more then what he can handle. no matter who she is. kate is a great mom, you can just tell and i cant see her putting her son though all this and then throwing owen into it to confuse her son even more. If im wrong ill apologize to you but i just cant see her doing that. Shes always has put her son first and it just doesnt make sense to me if she got with OW this quick. I hope it proves false also. 🙁

  6. Lisa says

    It probaly won’t pan out, I hope for the sake of their young son it does not. OW does not seem like the most family-oriented man. I hope it is just promotion and the reports of them at eachother houses, out to eat, etc… prove false.

  7. braydie says

    um…ok …that can be said about almost all the celebs out there at one time or another…
    just becuz owen wilson and kate are being seen together might be just becuz their PROMOTING their movie! I guess since its on a tabloid that thier together it must be true huh?? and another thing brad and angelina where seen…with pictures to prove it , that they were spending “quality time” together other then promoting their movie or picturs from that movie. and what if it doesnt “pan out”? which it probably wont. but your always right, right lisa….w/e
    jen also wasnt a absentee partner, brad was just having sex more then she was in their relationship.

  8. Lisa says

    I see a lot in commom…

    Brad and Kate both met someone, and dropped their spouses while making a movie with that person while they were married. (Except Kate and her husband share a baby together)
    How does this not have something in common if the speculation and reports that they are spending time together pans out?

  9. braydie says

    omg ladies get real…..just beacuse its on a tabloid….(us weekly is one) doesnt mean its true. ALSO, This has nothing in common with brad and angelina….. at all.

  10. Lisa says

    I have to say that Brad Pitt has been raked over the coals for divorcing Jen (no babies involved) for Angelina on this site but we are for Kate Hudson (baby involved) taking up with Owen Wilson, party boy!!!!

    Jen was as absentee in her marriage as Chris was in his with Kate.

  11. Gwen says

    omg, six and then they split. that is crazy! i hope kate finds a better man, she needs a male figure in her life. that really sucs. but not that much because i was in shaws yesterday nand on the cover of us weekly, she has been having an afffair with owen wilson. he is not cute to me but they look good together

  12. braydie says

    do you guys really believe that any hollywood couples will last?? I dont believe that story about owen and her. First off, he has said many times in interviews he doesnt want to settle down…he likes being single. second, whos to say CHRIS wasnt the one that did something? maybe they just grew apart?? who knows, NO ONE will ever know, but them.
    TO THE NAZI SPELLCHECKER RETARDS…..if you can understand it theres NO NEED to make corrections….which i believe you could UNDERSTAND what they meant!

  13. Carleigh says

    usually when a Hollywood couple seperates that is a precursor for D-I-V-O-R-C-E unfortunately. Look at Sir Paul and Heather who promised to remain the best of friends because of Beatrice and now Paul is sending scathing letters bitching about Heather taking off w/ some half empty bottles of cleaner or something..OH how mature is that??? Chad Lowe and Hilary Swank seperated, Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro seperated, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson seperated and where are all these couples now..divorced. I think the publicist releases a standard “seperation” statement when all the while these couples have been broken up and leading seperate lives and once the press gets wind of it they have to say “something”. I sadly don’t see this one working out either and that’s a shame because they seemed like sucha solid and loving couple…just a real shame.

  14. kelsie says

    WOW! but I know Kate will do fine, Chris was neer around with Kate and Ryder. SCREW HIM!!!!!!!!!

  15. Susan says

    I have never posted on here before, just lurke. But I was wondering if anyone noticed it says seperated, not divorces. Which means they may still work things out.

  16. Lisa says

    News is breaking ( E entertainment news and Entertainment Tonight) that Kate was with or is going to be with Owen Wilson, who she filmed You, Me & Dupree with and has recently been doing press with for that movie. I wonder if everyone who hates Brad pitt for what he did will be as adamently opposed to Kate Hudson now if this story pans out??

  17. ELI says

    well,i guess its time to move on Miss Kate.I would really love to see you and Matthew McCoughnahy frolic on the beach.I think you guys would make a really cute couple together.Take care of your son Ryder good luck and God Bless.

  18. eme says

    chris doesn’t seem like a happy dad for Ryder. He looks like from a no name planet.Kate ,your toooo good looking for him anyway.

  19. Emily says

    well, Kate did say she didn’t care that her husband liked porn……perhaps he took it a little to far.

  20. Diana says

    It is very sad that this couple have split up, but Kate is far too good looking for him 😉 They always looked a little mis-matched x

  21. ashleigh says

    thats such a shame
    i’m sure kate will be fine shes always so positive
    i wish her and ryder all the best

  22. CJK says

    I’m so saddened by this couples split. She always said such positive things about their marrige in interviews. I can’t help but wonder what went wrong.

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