Denise Richards & Her Girls In Maui

Denise and her daughters are enjoying a vacation in Maui sans Richie. Denise must feel very blessed to have two such adorable daughters.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards

Denise Richards

The news is that Denise and Charlie Sheen are on good terms now and have reached some sort of a resolution. Of course, it wasn’t even known if the restraining order that Denise had against Charlie had been lifted, so whatever “good terms” means is a mystery. But whatever…it is good to hear that they are managing to get along better for the sake of their children at least.

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  1. PaGirl says

    I think Its great! you always see Her with her girls! Shes Definitely A Hands On Mom ! & you have to give her that shes a good mom! to those two little daughters of hers .I Wish her well & those little girls!

  2. Laurella says

    The little boy is her nephew.

    She is a superb mother, and just getting on with her life. I wish her every happiness, I hope she can find that with Richie as I think they have a lot to offer eachother. They both deserve to have fun and be happy, Heather is out doing just that so why can’t they?

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