Britney & Sean Being Silly

Britney gets playful with 11-month-old Sean while out shopping with sis Jamie Lynn in Agoura Hills, CA on Saturday.

Britney Spears



  1. nicola says

    I live in the uk and as u can imagine, it`s hardly ever hot here, but if I`m just nippin out in the car I don`t see the need 2 put pants on my son. He runs around the house wiv just a nappy on. Why wash clothes ova again when they didn`t need 2 be worn in the 1st place??? Wish I could wander round like that..LOL

  2. says

    the baby he`s normal in this age,all baby in this look lake this and there are in carlifornie is hot there,i no what i`m talking about

  3. Jade says

    Do we really think that Britney will ever be SOMETHING again? Not so long as K-feds around! He is not husband or father material. Did he not leave his past girl while she was preggers? I’m sure old K-Fed would not mind a divorce, who would when you stand to gain millions of dollars in a settlement? This guy is as slimy as a snake. One good thing from this relationship: SEAN P!

  4. Brenda says

    Sean is such a gorgeous baby. Best of luck to you with your second child and continue to find love and happiness with Kevin. Thanks for sharing your photos with us we enjoyed them.

  5. Diana says

    PaGirl – well said. I guess one thing about parenting is that you never stop learning, and it is such a huge learning curve bringing up kids. You can’t always get it right that’s for sure 😉 Sean looks very much loved and well looked after in all the pics I see of himx

  6. PaGirl says

    I Have to say I Do think Sean Preston is soo Adorable! & I Do give Britney Credit For Always Being With Sean As a Hands On Mom Just Like Denise Richards. You Always See Britney With Sean & I Think Thats Good ! These People could Afford To hire Someone To take care Of their children While they go out & about running errands etc: but they choose to take their children with them just as anyone does & be hands on moms ,thats great! As For Her Marriage I Think Everyone Should Try & Make Their Marriage Work & Kevin Is The Father Of her two children So I’m All For her trying to keep her marriage together. I Think its sad when you see breakups & theres kids involved ,very sad . I Too thought Britney Made some Poor Judgements In situations with her son sean but she seems to be trying to be a better Mom.

  7. Amy says

    Lose the hair color, go back to blonde, lose the weight and get rid of K-Fed, he is just holding you down.

  8. Carleigh says

    She’s got some BAD hair extensions. You think w/ all her money she would go to a reputable stylist for a revamp of the hair and get some nice natural looking extentions. Sean P. is a real chubbo but he is soooooooo cute!

  9. Gwen says

    that would be cute be but we are talking about BRITNEY SPEARS! She always loooks like she is hiding something, she always looks sneaky. she is sneaky. but sean looks cute there and britney needs to back to blond or brown. i hate that hair color but the dew is pretty, she i guess look better there compaired to some other photos i have seen.

  10. Diana says

    Ann-Marie – I have to agree with you in regards to Britney’s hair in this shot. Bless her heart, it does look so much like a wig! 😉

  11. Lynn says

    I think Sean is adorable, but he never ever seems to have pants on! I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I personally think that unless you’re at home, swimming or camping (or have an emergency)…put pants on your baby in public!

  12. Carleigh says

    She always looks happier w/ Sean P than with Kevin. Who wouldn’t when you consider what a loser, no-showering bum that man is! The baby is too cute as always!

  13. nicola says

    When was the last time any1 saw her out wiv Kevin??
    She looks so happy wivout him around, maybe it`s a sight of things 2 come

  14. Lisa says

    Lets hope she is happy and that the new baby brings her plenty of joy, because she deserves it… Just restore your hair, lose a few pounds and kick k-Fed out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ann-Marie says

    don’t get me wrong , I love britney, but in this particular picture her hair looks like an ugly wig!!!. Sean is cute, big baby. Both my boys were big too, but I don’t think they were that big??.

  16. Angie P. says

    man that kid has some fat legs! love the curls in the back- i cried the day my hubby made me cut off my son’s blonde curls.

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