Britney Takes Sean House Hunting

Just a pic of Britney house hunting on Saturday (August 12th) with Sean! She looks amazing! Hard to believe that she is 8 months pregnant!

Britney Spears



  1. braydie says

    becca i dont believe that you are the age you say you are. you really have nothing more to say then shut up? or is it because you know im right? whatever the case is…. i was giving you sound advice, and you tell me to shut up lol. why do you even come on this blog for?

  2. braydie says

    becca.. “its not that I have nothing to say” ok ????? First off I think you’ve said enough to piss off about 3 countries ….say SOMETHING about the actaul post and not the posters all the time…also WITH OUT so much cursing and maybe people wont get pissed off at ya. you havent said anything execpt crap. get over yourself and if you have something to say about the post then SAY it. No one is interested in what size jeans you wear or how many stretch marks you say you dont have ( cough LOL cough) also if you dont want to become a “loser” (like you say we all are) yourself then if i was you I wouldnt post SO DANG much.

  3. Diana says

    Emma – me and Nicola are both from the UK too. I hail from near Cambridge. That’s very cool 😉

  4. nicola says

    I was nervous 2, but when ur in labour u seem 2 4get about everythin and just focus on givin birth, breathin and avin loads of cute docs lookin at u !!

  5. nicola says

    Emma, I had loads of blood taken from me when I was avin my little boy. I hated needles, but since I was pregnant and avin them shoved in me all the time, they don`t bother me so much anymore.Just used 2 them I guess…I`m from Blackpool by the way. Good luck at the docs…….

    Becca, just go away, can`t u see no1 likes u?? Take the hint love and f**k off

  6. EMMAB says

    aw thanks nicola thats really nice of you. I am from the UK yeah. Doncaster in South Yorkshire.
    I wouldnt normally have commented on the site but cant believe how up there own backside someone can be!! She needs 10 rounds of f***ks that girl does she seems horrible.
    Im a bit nervous but like my mum said to me people wouldnt go near a man again if it was that bad! Got to go give blood today which i hate – would rather be at work!!
    I’ll keep logging on anyway x x

  7. becca says

    ure all iditos!!! It’s not that I have nothing to say, but you losers will go on forever. God, u guys need a new hobbie!!!

  8. Angie in Indiana says

    Emmab you are too funny, stick around girl and make this a regular site for you to visit!! 🙂

  9. nicola says

    Neva mind Angie, just ignored them all. Like I`ve said in the past, only room 4 matture ppl on here. I`m not gonna bite back anymore, I av a life, they`ll go away one day. Just ignore them, they`re not worth it !!!

    Emma B, r u from the uk? It would be nice if I wasn`t the only 1

  10. Hotttmama says

    Seriously ……..Aren’t comments supposed to be about the picture on the top of this page…LOL all you immature girls are sitting here talking smack about eachother and eachothers kids to me all of you are just as immature as you single one person out to be and you all sure spend alot of time of the net talking smack about eachother how about you take the time you spend on the computer and fix your hair since some of you don’t have the time otherwise….Not only one person one this site is immature everyone is…..LMFAO

  11. Angie in Indiana says

    Okay ladies like we have all said, ignore the troll and she will go away!!!!! We may disagree on A LOT of things, but we sure to stick together!!!!!!

  12. EMMAB says

    see you dont like it do you when nobody else on this site agrees with anything you say and your brain cannot think of anything else.probably a size 0 one you have up there – now there is something for you to be proud of!

  13. EMMAB says

    I am 22 and pregnant with my first child. I am not a regular on this site no but came on the site as i was looking at various sites relating to babies etc…. All i can say is that if pregnancy does to me what it seems to have done to the small minded Becca then my partner can tie a knot in it and keep well away from me in the future!
    I work full time as a trainee accountant,still go to college 2 nights a week after work for 3 hours, English size 10 (not that it would matter if i was a size 22 and a good happy person but to some pathetic people on here it seems to be a major part of their life – no names mentioned) and hope that with the way im feeling at the minute (pretty rubbish but no doubt Becca sailed through her pregnancies so i will be shot down for that) that i look as well as Britney does at 8 months pregnant so i will actually comment on what the actual comment page is for and say Britney looks mint and i think she is doing well. Not keen on the hair but love the top!

    ooooh and i havent got stretch marks yet so does that earn me a crown or a golden star??? idiot!!

  14. nicola says

    LOL Braydie “112. Ppl like Becca r so quick, big, hard and clever 2 attack us the way she does coz she knows she`s safe sat on her arse at her computer.I mean, its not like we can go round 2 her house and give her the beatin she deserves now is it ??

    Well said KellyMay, u go girl. Keep it up, she may get fed up and disappear altogether….LOL

  15. KellyMay says

    I cannot help but laugh!
    “and just because I have two kids doesn’t make me a slut!! I’m sure the women on this site with more than one child will come at u for that one!!! why dont you be a good grandma and go to bed a 7pm and stay off the internet where you dont belong!!!!”

    I have 2 young children idgit! My gosh, can you dig any deeper? I guess my maturity shows!?! I am a mere 4 years older then you but obviously wiser. So where abouts in Ontario are you, we could be neighbors LOL seriously…

    Braydie your right! I truly am curious what my country has representing them (((shudder)))

  16. braydie says

    like i said becca is a child ….why you all talking to her lol?
    Ooooo shes gonns beat us all up ladies….you better hide behind your comp….???? lol

  17. becca says

    Kelly May- who r u pretending to be?? what , aren’t you like 50?? and just because I have two kids doesn’t make me a slut!! I’m sure the women on this site with more than one child will come at u for that one!!! why dont you be a good grandma and go to bed a 7pm and stay off the internet where you dont belong!!!!

  18. KellyMay says

    Do you know what my dear, I would so let’s get some smart mouthin goin on! Oh and let’s explore this a little bit more…

    From my experience in addiction, do you do Coke is that why your are a size 5? In my career I have seen a lot, I am not challenged by you one bit! A mere size 5, well my mere size 11 frame would scare you! Curves and all! Becca you need some serious help or a serious ass whipping, don’t go there, I’ve been there! Clear your head, focus on your children by the sounds of it they need it! So sad! I’m glad I grew up many years ago but it’s still in me! So where abouts do you live in Canada ! Again I’m shivering !

    Nicola quite obviously her legs were open not her mouth hence 2 children, LOL Ugh I hate tthat brings that part of me out but I can’t help it!!!!!

  19. nicola says

    Oh, 1 more thing, since when does it matter how long ppl av been 2gether 4?????? 3yrs or 8, it doesn`t matter, this just shows ur immaturity….
    U`ve also just had a go at KellyMay about bad mouthin ova the net and how big and clever it is, read back and use that advice urself love!

  20. nicola says

    What the hell is Becca on? No 1 said she ACTUALLY claimed and benefits!!!!!!!!!!! I`m younger than her, I`m 22, and a lot more mature. I`ve been 2 college, got a degree, then settled down, had my son and married the most amazin man eva!

    Isn`t it about time she took the hint and went away, no1 seems 2 like her……………she gave out the wrong impression from day 1……..MOUTH ON LEGS!!!!!


  21. becca says

    One question- does commenting on other ppls lives on this website where no one cans see you make you fell ‘big’? Kelly May I bet if I met u in person you wouldn’t be smart mouthing me.

  22. KellyMay says

    Becca I am no where near being jealous of you, if anything I feel sorry for you! The way you reacted in your posts, your vocabulary and your treatment of others speaks so loudly. If you were happy with yourself and your life then you would not act that way.

    The difference between you and us is we talk/gossip/voice our opinions about celebs and have fun with it, you on the otherhand chose to talk about us. Take your own advice and maybe go back to school, English courses perhaps. Your quote is more applicable to yourself then us gals just having some fun ” Why dont u go out get a life, and stop writting about people who dont even know you exisist” . I wonder who’s the jealous one here.

  23. becca says

    Kelly May- Im not ‘BOASTING’ about my job, I was only defending myself after nicola accused me of being on welfare. So shut up!!! I dont think u want to start with me!

  24. KellyMay says

    My gosh as a ‘regular’ I missed this post!
    As a fellow Canadian I am ashamed of the mouth Becca has on her, the government job is nothing to boast about Honey especially with statistics Canada LMBO (it’s not fat either btw) Wow interesting how some one can crash and burn in a matter of minutes, may God be with you Becca and your poor children! Off you go little troll girl! Now who’s laughing!

    Sparky, now I see why you have 3 children and one on the way! LOL you lucky girl!
    I spend ‘me’ time everyday too, it’s feels good to be pretty and I know my husbands appreciates it too, very much so in fact!

  25. Diana says

    Braydie – so well said. Becca is just far too immature for her own good!! I am 25 and I like to think of myself as being slightly more (he he) mature that that adolescent!! 😉 She is a hurtful little girl. I think she may have got the hint by now though! Actually, no one likes her on here!! 😉

  26. braydie says

    becca….hmm for saying why everyone is sitting on there “fat”ass’s on the comp all day your sure have alot of time on your hands to do the same thing…i mean with a goverment job, 2 kids to raise, a “HOT HUSBANB” as you say…but what ever that is. im sure you meant HUSBAND, plus that size 5 figure to keep up, i wouldnt think you’d have the time to sit on the comp all day on the 26th of this month more or less, to bitch at other posters. where exactly do you live where a 16 yr old can get married?? or was it a shotgun wedding becca 😛 if your 24 and have been with your “husbanb” for 8 yrs that would make you 16. also what exactly do you do for the goverment? i mean i work for HLS, and you dont sound like the type that would work for the goverment to be honest….i guess you work for the post office huh, with a mouth like yours. Own any guns becca? 😛
    also, im sorry but if you’ve had 2 kids theres NO WAY you cant have any stretch marks at all. everyone gets some no matter how “small” you are. So dont try to push that over on anyone, Most of us HAVE had kids …makes you sound like a bigger liar then then what we know you are. as for all us losers…you’ve made more post then any of us losers have on this one post. so you have no right to tell anyone to get a life.
    nic and diana, dont worry about this little girl anymore, thats probably all shes is. tryin to act older. just ignore her and dont sink to her level.
    please no one respond to becca anymore. she’ll disappear.

  27. Angie in Indiana says

    Hmmmm Young? Well ladies that just explains it all!!!!!! Tell me Becca is that in troll years? Because the rest of us on here are grown women who can get their point across without using vulgar language. Like I said before go troll some other site little girl and leave the conversation to the grown women!!!!!

  28. nicola says

    Way 2 go Angie!!!!!! Thanks
    As 4 u Becca, I av a husband and I`ve been married 4 almost a year, altogether, I`ve been wiv him for 3 years………….Y would anyone be jealous of ur age? U neva actually answer her did u??

  29. Hotttmama says

    Man that carleigh or however you spell her name……don’t you think for a single working mother she sure spends alot of time on the computer posting crap and getting in everyones business…..I feel sorry for her kids who are probably neediong the attention that she gives to the computer…LOL

  30. Angie in Indiana says

    Becca….how old are you? Grow up and go troll some other site…… As for Diana and Nicola, us “regulars” are definatly on your side, ignore the troll and she will go away.

  31. becca says


  32. nicola says


  33. becca says

    I dont have time for this shit, bitch, go gain some more weight since that seems to be what ure good at.

  34. nicola says

    ** water retention is the build up of water, in case u r actually that retarded that u`re lookin up what it means**

  35. nicola says

    Exactly, u know nothin about me, so shut ur own mouth. U`ve jumped 2 conclusions YET AGAIN. I neva actually said u were on benefits, only that u SEEMED the sort. Get ur facts straight, b4 lettin ur big mouth run away wiv it`s self as usual………..
    Let`s look at the facts here shall we? U came on here out of the blue lookin 2 attack sum1, U`RE the 1 who started makin up stuff about me in the 1st place, I sit around on my arse all day, I don`t exercise, I don`t work, I`m fat !!!!!!! U know absolutly nothin about me, so keep ur big, foul mouth out of my business. If u`ve nothin decent 2 say about sum1, don`t say it at all !!!

    Now, the time difference, the UK r 5 hrs ahead of u. If it`s 12pm there, it`s tea time here, so if u reply b4 ur time`s 6pm, i`ll be able 2 reply, anythin after that, I don`t see ur post till the next day !!!! Figure it out retard……..How can the “GOVERNMENT” employ sum1 who can`t even spell or work out time differences????

    Back 2 the pregancy situation, ALL pregnancies r different, look at Britney 4 example, she had a bad time whilst avin Sean, now wiv this 1 it`s a breeze, far much easier. She doesn`t seem 2 av stretch marks. Maybe she has some slight ones, who knows? I was really slim when I got pregnant wiv my son and I ballooned in size due to water retention, which meant my skin was really stretched, hence the stretch marks……….U say u av none, if it`s actually true, then u`re 1 of the lucky ones.
    I`m proud of the way I am, and like Diana, it`s all natural

  36. becca says


  37. becca says


  38. becca says


  39. nicola says

    Good 4 u. U immature bitch. Grow up and get a life. U seem like the sort of person who doesn`t av any job or qualifications 2 speak of . Just 1 of the bums out there who just sit on ur arses all day claimin benefits……..from tax payers out there who pay 4 u 2 sit around doin nothin !! Now who`s laughin?
    Kiss my arse, I no longer av anytime 4 ur childish antics. Also, I`ve neva seen anythin written about any man in ur life, is this coz ur so foul mouthed that no1 can stand u for long periods of time???? Ur p***ing a lot of ppl off. You think ur so big and clever shouthin ur mouth off through a computer, lets see what you`d be like in the real world, u coward!!!!!!

    For the record, I`ve nothin against any1 who claim benefits, just the one`s who think they`re somethin when they`re not (ie Becca). And those who sit around all day and do nothin about it……

  40. becca says

    sure u do. excuses,excuses. Its funny how ure getting soo angry when I just sitting here laughing at u!!!!

  41. nicola says

    Excuse me, I work full time and take care of my son. Shut ur mouth b4 jumpin 2 conclusions and avin a go. I work out at the gym twice a week………but at the end of the day, I don`t av 2 explain myself 2 u bitch or anyone else…grow up u heartless useless waste of space ! Get the hell off this site, we don`t need ppl like u on here upsettin others…..screw u

  42. becca says

    yep, it does in canada, maybe if u lost some weight diana, you would know. and as for nicola, depression is nothing but an excuse to be lazy!!

  43. Diana says

    Nicola – well said hon! Becca just sure needs to get a life. I just feel sorry for her. There is nothing wrong with stretch marks either Nicola and it is cool that you say you have them, there is nothing wrong with it at al!! 😉 There are part of bringing in a new life in to the world, even the thinnest people get stretch marks. It doesn’t mean to say that women with stretch marks can’t be beautiful. Kids are such a blessing, I feel for Becca’s children like you said if she uses such language in front of them. I hope when I have kids that they will grow up to know right from wrong and not use such language so flipently!! And one more thing, I hate it when people spell my name wrong. Becca -it’s Diana NOT Dianna! I didn’t have a clue that size 5 existed!!

  44. nicola says

    1 more thing Becca, at least I`m comfortable in sayin how I look, I know my stretch marks r down 2 givin my adorable little boy life !!!!! Now get a life, stretch marks incase u haven`t noticed r a natural form of any pregnancy, some r lucky 2 get none at all, some get a few, some get loads…………………..Go and read some pregnancy books and then come back and av a go some more….bitch

  45. nicola says

    BECCA, Do u know me bitch.???? NO. I`ve put on weight due 2 depression when my grandfather died at xmas.So screw u!! And, yes I can defend myself BITCH, I live in the uk so wiv the time difference, I`m 5 hrs ahead of u, so 2 u, it seems like I haven`t seen ur school kid posts!

    Incase u haven`t noticed, us “REGULARS” tend 2 stick 2gether most of the time, and when some tramp like u comes on dissin every1, we all fight back. U`ve had a go at pretty much every1 so far. Diana neva said she was reportin u personnally, just that SOME1 would. Can`t u read as well as ur lack of spellin technique???
    Do u use this kind of language around ur kids?? Wouldn`t it be so funny if they went 2 school and started speakin like u do? Social Services would come down on u like tonn of bricks !!!

    We come on this site 2 catch up on a little bit of gossip, not sit here and av a slangin match wiv immature little school girl bitches like u? I mean, where av u come from all of a sudden????

    Crawl back in2 the little hole u came out of , get a life and get off this site. There`s no room 4 low-lives like u here !!!!!!!!

  46. Diana says

    I am actually a size 6 and don’t have kids yet Becca. Look I don’t want to get nasty with you, I just told you to curb the language side of things.

  47. becca says

    i dare u to report me bitch. maybe u should leave dianna, i just have one question what are all ure kids doing while u sit on the internet all day??? and also what… nicola cant defend herself?? all u cows have to come and run to her defense. is she too embarassed to speak after what i said to her. You guys suck, maybe thier would be less overweight ppl in this world if u fat asses would stop playing on the internet and sittingon ure ginormous asses all day.

  48. Diana says

    PS:- Becci, I think you are in the minority with your horrible stinking attitude, so I suggest you just leave before someone reports you for your obscene language.

  49. Diana says

    Thanks Cas and Nicola, I guess we just have to feel sorry for Becca and are not such intelligent ways. Boy, she must not have a life if all she does is swear all the time and has no respect from the youngers/children that may visit this site, to read all her swearing. And one thing Becca, I/we may all write pointless threads about people we don’t know, but it is harmless fun and who cares if we don’t know them!! Not me! Some of them I wouldn’t want to know thankyou very much!! And my question to you is what are you doing on here then? I do care what people think of course, nothing wrong with that. And what you said to Nicola was just plain rude. I am sure she is far prettier, genuine and sweet than you ever will be.

  50. Cass says

    Ok, I just recently found this site the other day when I was trying to find something about Gwen Stefani’s nursing bra for my friend, so I’m not yet a regular. That being said, it’s easy to spot a troll, and it’s obvious that’s all becca is. Ignore her and she’ll go away.

    As for the picture, I think Britney looks like a lot of us would look if we were 8 months preggo with another baby under 12 months. I’m sure she’s getting to the uncomfortable part of pregnancy and is probably feeling a little run down taking care of Sean, so looking great is the last thing on her mind. Of course there’s always the chance that she does think she looks great. 😛

  51. becca says


  52. nicola says

    BECCA, Y don`t YOU get a life and go out and buy yourself a nice little dictionary and look up all the words that you`ve mis-spelt !
    R u that PATHETIC that u av 2 all of sudden decide 2 log onto this site and start attackin every1? What`s the matter, not gettin enough in the bedroom department so you`re takin all your frustration out on us, or is it just your time of month???????? Grow up, bitch ! Get off this site and leave us “regulars” as u call us alone !!

  53. becca says

    Dianna- stupid slut!!! of course i dont belong here, thats because unlike u I dont give a shit what ppl think about me. you on the other hand write pointless blogs about celebritys you dont even know. Its pretty pathetic actually. Why dont u go out get a life, and stop writting about people who dont even know you exisist.

  54. Diana says

    Becca – your place isn’t on this site, far too lady like I am afraid! And you have just stated how completely un-intelligent you are even more so now!

  55. Angie says

    Well said Braydie and Diana, we all may have a opinion on one thing or the other, but we sure as heck aren’t so vulgar…..Becca take that trash talk somewhere else we don’t want to hear it on here!!!!

  56. Diana says

    And also Braydie, Becca obviously doesn’t have many words in her vocabulary or the intelligence to not use swear words in her entry. I realise there is a time and a place for swear words, just not the way she used them!! 😉

  57. braydie says

    froggy….lol i like your post.
    becca….that was froggys opinion. who are you to tell them they cant talk??? if im not mistaken…YOU havent wrote one thing about this topic…

  58. froggy says

    I have to laugh… All you girls who keep complaining about not having time for yourself, why don’t you get a life and stop hanging out on these stupid sites?!! Go have a shower or something!

  59. Tonya says

    Country ppl dont believe in putting pants on their kids. When I go back home to Louisiana the kids are always in walmart with NO SHOES (blk feet) and the babies are in the baskets with just a diaper on no shoes or shirt…its a Louisiana thing …….LOL

  60. Diana says

    J Smith – I wouldn’t say Britney looks like trailer trash. Far from it. She looks fabulous in this picture.

  61. Diana says

    Gwen – I just think hating someone they must have done something pretty bad to you to warrant hating them. So why do you hate them so much? Have they hurt you directly?

  62. Diana says

    Gwen – I am not coming down on you or anything, I just wouldn’t say I hated anyone no matter what they have done to me. And may I ask what makes you hate them so much? have they harmed you in any way?

  63. Angie says

    Hmmm, wow …..Huh? is it, you want to bash, but don’t even want to be called by name!!!! yeah, I may have six posts over the course of 3 days that took me like 2 minutes to do. I am 29 year old single mother of 2, same dad for both my kids and divorced not by my own choice, but because by X couldn’t keep it in his pants. So don’t go off thinking that since you happened to have the time to read all 48 posts on hear and have a opinion about it……which the opinon I might add has NOTHING to do with the picute of the celeb, but EVERYTHING to do with about 4 people that posted just shows that you are only looking for a fight. Listen, just because I don’t agree with Carleigh doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy reading her posts. So either post with the rest of us from the the get go, or keep your mouth shut with stupid opinons about all of us. And yeah I do care and yeah, it does piss me off that you made this personal. So do me a favor don’t come back with some lame crap about how you “must have struck a nerve” or “why do you care so much” crap. All the other ladies on here…..keep on doing what you are doing and ignore poeple that post crap like #47

  64. huh? says

    Obviously YOU give a shit or you wouldn’t be posting anything. People that don’t care what celebs do or don’t do are people that don’t come on sites like this. It just sounds better when you say
    “Yes, Everyone is entitled to their own opinion…but don’t you think maybe Britney is entitled to do or not do whatever she pleases.”
    so you can throw in your own opinion about the whole thing. It is what it is- that’s all I’m saying. I’m not bashing or hating, btw. lol
    And Angie (post #42) it must affect your daily life cuz you have 6 posts for this one pic alone. I don’t know how old you are, but I’m old enough to see that Carleigh’s original post said that she thought Britney didn’t look amazing and she looks like any other pg mom. Immediately after that, praised her for being so hands on w/ her little boy. And then Jessimaca had to go and be retarded and start some crap. Jessimaca thought her own opinion was the RIGHT one and that isn’t fair that ya’ll ganged up on one person for having the “wrong” opinion. (Nobody freaked out about #4’s post. ) There should be some kind of agreement when you go to this site that says you agree to only say “aww, she looks nice” about every celeb pic in here.

  65. L. Michelle says

    I just happened across this whole trail of bashing and I find it terribly amusing. Yes, Everyone is entitled to their own opinion…but don’t you think maybe Britney is entitled to do or not do whatever she pleases. I am not a big fan to begin with. Nevertheless, I actually admire her for being somewhat modest after all of her full expression videos. I find it refreshing that her world seems to revolve around her son. If Britney would get all dolled up just for one of a million photo ops, is she doing it to please us, or herself? She owes us nothing. She is a mother now and quite respectufully taking on that responsibility with pride. And not pride that has to be superficial. You bet, taking time for yourself is important if you need it, but if you don’t feel you do, why should it have to consume you? Stay true to yourselves. Do what works for you. If you feel better putting yourself together…do it. If Britney does not feel the need, who gives a s#&*!

    L. Michelle

  66. PaGirl says

    Ok The only Comment i have to make is that I Keep reading About People Addressing Sean Preston Always Going Out In a Diaper & Shirt No Pants Shorts Etc: Well I Remember When My Kids Were Smaller ,I Beleive they were older then Sean However If they didn’t like something on they’d take it off & Maybe He Is Fussy & Irritable If He Has Shorts On & Britney Just Puts a Diaper On Him & Lets Him Go So he Isn’t Fussy . Could Be Who Knows LOL

  67. Angie says

    WOW……how old are we all on here? Let’s all grow up just for a minute girls and get a grip!!!!!! We are talking about a celebrity here, someone who doesn’t effect our normal daily lives. When you start making things personal and cutting down others, that is a problem. Some people like a good fight, others would just rather post and be on with the new pic!!! Suck it up girls! If you want to argue and name call go to a chat room and have a ball. I don’t know about anyone else, but a fun debate on here is great, but when it gets to this level…..ugh.

  68. Carleigh says

    Ok…gotta bite on this one…Sophie, Sophie, Sophie..why oh praytell (and I am sure you’ll tell me) why do I have some self esteem issues??? Why are you commenting to me and making shit personal because you have no opinion to post so you want to pick at me to make YOURSELF feel better because you want attention and your the one w/ “issues”, could that be it?

  69. sparky says

    you are very welcome! i always enjoy reading what u have to say, whether i agree w/ it or not…if nothing else, for a good laugh!!

  70. Carleigh says

    Hailey wtf is this supposed to mean?
    Whatever carleigh obviously your comment means more to you than it does to me. –Obiously I struck a nerve with you because you took it upon yourself to respond to a post I had made..I didn’t address you personally in my post until YOU made it personal. Of course my comment means something to me…’s my opinion.

    Im just saying dont put brit down just because she has other things to fill her life with now other then her looks. –and to address this one….that girls whole life has been centered around how she looks because she has been packaged to be a pop Princess so she has a real vested interest in her own looks because if she’s running around looking trashy, like she got her clothes out of a grab bag in the dark and let’s herself go she is ultimately going to lose her fan base. As much as it might be hard to admit Britney has minimal talent and got by more on her looks and body and her scandalous lifestyle than she ever did for talent alone.

  71. Carleigh says

    Thanks Sparky…*hugs* right back! LOL. Yeah I get hosed all the time on here but ya know what it’s OK because I can take it! LOL…everyone has their own opinions and I don’t expect or even want people to agree with me. I enjoy looking at the pic’s and I think Sean P. is a very cute little boy..but OMG I say Britney could use some matching clothes, brush her hair and maybe fix herself up a bit and I get this lynching on here…which is kinda funny in a way. I don’t think Britney looks amazing I’ve seen her look a lot better and that’s the truth and it’s MY opinion…lol. Thanks for the hugs!!!!!!!!

  72. sparky says

    carleigh- i feel for else is allowed to make their comments and just because you have some strong ones, yours are preposterous and out of line. i’ve never hugged a stranger before, but HUGGG!! lmao!
    just for the record, i am a stay at home mom, hubby never home, 2, 3, and 4 year old and one on the way…i do my hair, put on makeup and my clothes match!! lol my kids are not neglected by any means and i feel like a million bucks which makes me happy and in turn makes my kids happy cuz mommy isn’t running around looking (and feeling) like a mess.
    as for mrs. spears or whatever she goes by…she doesn’t HAVE to impress anybody right now; she’s a young mommy, miserably preggo, and obviously very alone right now. she should be allowed a few bad days here and there. but then there’s the fact that she went on Letterman (ON HER OWN) to announce she was pregnant again. i think if u wanna be left alone u need to quit bringin the attention to your front door. quit doin interviews for mags and posin for pictures (that are so gorgeously airbrushed, we just expect to see this amazing woman in every pic), quit going into hysterics when u trip and almost drop your kid- it happens to everyone and we don’t have 50 flashing light bulbs in our faces, and just plain USE YOUR HEAD. good lord, i wanna see her have this kid and make a huge comeback like she wants to and i absolutely hate her music!!

  73. Diana says

    Gwen – hate is a pretty strong word. I would re-evaulate your thoughts before you put them down in writing x

  74. Angie says

    I agree with Kelley………I would think it would be hard to hate someone that you don’t even know. Let alone be so consumed with the way the someone brushed their hair in the morning………….narrow minded people make narrow minded comments I guess……

  75. says

    Well, some points. Not directed at anyone.

    In these pic Britney is not technically at work. She is in running around mommy mode and obviously doesnt feel worried about her appearance. Yes she knows she will have her picture taken, but maybe she doesnt feel that she needs to dress up for the razzi. Now if she were on stage or in a movie or taking a meeting with her business people looking like that….well that would be something else.

  76. Gwen says

    You are so right, britney lost her self. She looks like crap and i hate her! i hate kevin too. it is not a big deal that she is in public shopping wit her son. I cant believe she is pregant, i thought she was just fat.

  77. Gwen says

    I can’t stand her! Damn she is UNGLE and so is KEVIN! I am fed up with there fake marrage! it is all crap! But Sean is somewhat cute. I just think he has TO Much babyfat.

  78. says

    Whatever carleigh obviously your comment means more to you than it does to me. Im just saying dont put brit down just because she has other things to fill her life with now other then her looks.

  79. Angie says

    Thanks Tara, I just try and put myself in her shoes. Here the poor girl is 8 mos pregnant with a 10 month old out shopping. She ALWAYS has Sean P, which is great in my opinion. He isn’t at home with a Nanny or someone else he is out with his mommy. I can honestly say I haven’t seen a picture of Brit in a LOOOONG time when she was by herself. And what about K-Fed where the heck is he? LIke I have said before and I will say it again, we all do the best that we can with the hand that we are dealt. I do the best I can and I am sure that Brit does too. 1 baby and 1 on the way and a husband that is MIA……been there done that, no so much fun. Give the girl a break!!!!!!!

  80. tara says

    i agree with you angie. i have a 4 year old and a 2 month old to keep me busy. i dont think i have put on make up in a week, and i really dont care what people think i look like. i know i look horrible, but thats the way it is. the kids come first. and about the whole sean preston no-pants thing, who cares. its hot, and she obviously doesnt want her child to be grumpy and uncomfortable. i wouldnt either.


  81. Carleigh says

    HAILEY…Since you decided to use all caps and SCREAM at me…why are you getting so upset about my opinions and comments??? Did I strike a personal cord or something? All I said was that we women need to take care of ourselves and do things for ourselves to make us feel good! If for me that means going by a schedule and using my hour in the morning to wake up a bit early to fix myself up for work to make me FEEL GOOD I don’t think it’s fair that i be attacked and accused of being vain or trying to impress others. I work in marketing at an insurance co. so I hardly think if I showed up in my mommy uniform of shorts or sweats and a t-shirt with the requisite scrunchy in my hair that I would be taken very professionally or seriously would I? If you happen to be a stay at home mother and don’t work outside the home (notice I didn’t say you dont’ work lord I know you have a lot to do in that realm also..been there and done that. My older daughter stays w/ her father on a part time schedule which makes it both harder and easier on me–I don’t have time to explain the entire situation. When she’s here she helps get her sister ready in the morning but I don’t expect her to be Alysssa’s total caregiver–she is a child and I allow her to be a kid. I just leaned that from being a single mother and having a helluva hectic schedule that there are things that I HAVE to do for myself to make myself feel good and that in turn allows me to just feel better…is that sooooooo wrong?

  82. Angie says

    Amen Hailey!!!!! Hmmmm….11 and 2 1/2 we could all be so lucky Carleigh. Looks like you have a little helper about the age of 11. Try 3 1/2 and 2, coffee? a little breakfast? Can you say pop tart and a mountain dew in the car on the way to work. Listen Ladies, we are all busy and all have our own digs at each other, but we don’t presume (well some of us don’t) to know what everyone else’s story is about. My point exactly……everytime someone attacks Carleigh she comes back 10 times as hard with some more reasoning……..guess you know more how Brit feels than what you thought Carleigh.

  83. says

    CARLEIGH—- I have a ten month old daughter. after waking up reguarly at 630 in the moring, cleaning the house, doing for my daughter and running after her all day, which im sure thats the regular schedule for a stay at home mom i’m not waking up the next day at 530 just so i can impress vain people like u. My daughter is the most important thing in my life right now.Im not saying dont care about your appearence, but if I have a spare hour in the day,im not putting on makeup i,m probally gonna do the dishes.

  84. Carleigh says

    sorry for the double post…but just because you have kids isn’t an excuse to stop caring about yourself enough to care what you look like. And my main point is this…Britney knows she is going to be hounded by the photographers and her pic will be taken so she is more than aware that her appearance will be scrutinized just like it always has been and will be. Normal women like ourselves we don’t have to worry about having a camera shoved in our faces when we turn a corner but that still doesn’t excuse us mere normal women from being exempt in taking care of ourselves and appearance. We are mothers not martyrs we need to make ourselves feel good about ourselves whether we have kids, men or not…we owe it to US!

  85. Carleigh says

    To all those who have maintained that you can’t possibly find the time to put on a bit of make-up and curl your hair…well I can and do daily. It makes me feel better about myself to be put together. Yes, I do have two kids and no neither of them is neglected. I work full time and have an 11 yr. old and a 2 1/2 yr. old so I get up an hour earlier then they do so I MAKE the time to put myself together. I get an hour to myself to shower, put a bit of make up on, get dressed, watch the news and have a bit of coffee and breakfast. As a mother I have also learned the VERY important skill of cramming as much me time as I can in the limited amount of time I do manage to scrape together. When I didn’t have kids I could lounge around and be leisurely about my activities because I wasn’t on a set schedule but that all changed when I had my first child. I know how to prioritize, multitask and DELEGATE some things that are not so important sometimes. And yes it is about taking the time for yourself to make yourself feel good because if you don’t do it for yourself than nobody else matter too! P.S. My kids are far from neglected Hailey and I don’t think since your not a regular poster or obviously you would have known that I have two kids, work full time and am putting myself through college full time as well….so my kids IN YOUR OPINION might be neglected but ya know something I beg to differ. We make the most of our time together and it’s not about quantity of time it’s about quality!!!!!!! So take your assessment of my kids being severly neglected and stick it up your ass! Women can do more than just raise kids…we can do ANYTHING we put our minds to doing and we can still raise wonderful kids on top of it!

  86. Carleigh says

    To all those who have maintained that you can’t possibly find the time to put on a bit of make-up and curl your hair…well I can and do daily. It makes me feel better about myself to be put together. Yes, I do have two kids and no neither of them is neglected. I work full time and have an 11 yr. old and a 2 1/2 yr. old so I get up an hour earlier then they do so I MAKE the time to put myself together. I get an hour to myself to shower, put a bit of make up on, get dressed, watch the news and have a bit of coffee and breakfast. As a mother I have also learned the VERY important skill of cramming as much me time as I can in the limited amount of time I do manage to scrape together. When I didn’t have kids I could lounge around and be leisurely about my activities because I wasn’t on a set schedule but that all changed when I had my first child. I know how to prioritize, multitask and DELEGATE some things that are not so important sometimes. And yes it is about taking the time for yourself to make yourself feel good because if you don’t do it for yourself than nobody else matter too!

  87. says

    I think she has good days and she has bad days. I don’t like the dark hair much, but if she likes it and it makes her fell good then so be it.

    I can understand not having a lot of time to spend on appearance with a little one running around, especially if it is true that she has let most of her help go (as I have heard, it was more to keep info from being spread then a to “let he do it herself thing”).

    So here is what I think, if you know you don’t have the time/energy to concentrate on yourself, then why have the hair extensions in? She could simplify things in her life so as not to look so disheveled, but I guess she just prefers the long hair.

    As far as the diaper thing, I don’t take my son out in just a diaper but he is like that at home A LOT> but it’s a personal choice things, some kids at daycare have been coming in, in only onsies so hey…..who am i to judge? (he he, who am I to judge????? now come on, that shits funny)

  88. braydie says

    i dont like britney spears but i think she looks cute. not to undermind any one elses opinions. I like that dark red lipstick she has on, it looks pretty. as for the no pants thing….i took my 6 month old son to his doctor app today for his 6 month shots…with nothing but a diaper on it was so hot. he was sweating, irritated, and was just unhappy…and the minute i took his clothes off he was happier. when i got to the doctor office i walked in and prob half the babies there also just had diapers on or just a onesie. IF seans happy and comfortable then britney would know more then anyone. as the saying goes mother knows best.
    what i want to know is where her “husband” is since we never see him with her at all?? im sure his “music” isnt taking up that much time where he cant even go shopping with his 8 month pregnant wife. K-fag is a loser, a gold digger, a dead beat father and i have a feeling she knows he is. i hope she gets rid of him since the only thing hes good at is being a sperm donor.

  89. Tess says

    Her goal right now is not to sit in the limelight and be a superstar singer so why the hell should she look that part. She is enjoying being a mother. She looks like your typical everyday mother. WTG Brit!

  90. says

    I also agree with Angie, before I had my daughter I would have probably said the same thing as carleigh. But these days I’m lucky if I get the time to take a shower when my 10 month daughter is sleeping.Being a parent, especially being pregnant and a mother is Very demanding. there isn’t time for u anymore U live your life for your kids and thats a decsion that people make Before.. they get pregnant. I hope u dont have kids Carleigh, cause if you have time in the day to put on makeup and curl your hair your children are seriously being neglected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Angie says

    Wow girl don’t take everything on here so personal……..5 minutes? I’m lucky if I have 2 minutes to pee by myself, and all of the ladies out there with small kids (especially more than 1) know what I am talking about. We do the best that we can and are only held accountable to ourselves. I’m just saying just give the girl a break……..

  92. E says


  93. Carleigh says

    Angie you are certainly entitled to your opion. Just as I am entitled to mine. I understand the whole situation of having two babies close together but damn take a shower, curl that mop of hair and get some clothes that match and just take 5 minutes to actually survey yourself before leaving the house. It’s called having a matter of pride in your appearance.

  94. Angie says

    Hmmmm, seems to me it is always sooooo easy to pass judgment on other people. Um, HELLO, she is 8 mos pregnant with a 11 month old… do you think you would look? I don’t care how famous or how rich you are, that has got to take a lot out of anyone in that situation. My kids are 19 months apart and I go crazy on a regular basis……her kids will be close to 12 mos apart. Get a grip people and cut the girl some slack!!!!! I think she looks great!!!!!

  95. Leah says

    Britney does look great! and so does Sean P!

    But..why does he never to seem to have pants on just a diaper?

  96. says

    She looks amazing! I wish I looked that awesome when I was pregnant with my second!
    And shes got such a cute little man, Sean Preston is adorable!

  97. babyhates says

    I said it before and I’ll say it again !!! She looks bad !!! I agree with you CARLEIGH ! She looks like crap all the time… Half the time her cloths don’t match ! This girl has lost all sense of being famous !!! I mean hello instead of the cheap dollar store flip flops get her some gucci loafers !!!! Has anyone else notice she looks like CRA P 98% of the time but her so called “husband” is always wearing expensive cloths ??? She needs to stop having kids and start singing again before people stop remembering why they liked her to being with !!!!

  98. Carleigh says

    Jessimaca..whatever! You have your opions and I have MINE! Move on and get over it! Britney doesn’t impress me much in the looks department and never has since she got hooked up w/ that TRASHY nasty K-Fed. She has let herself go. Now she does look much, much better than I have seen her look in prior times but IMO she has looked far, far, far better in the past. And no it’s not just because she’s had two kids that she looks like she does most of the time’s simply taking the time to put herself together better. Britney can be a pretty girl but she just hasn’t really given two squats about her appearance in awhile. So I DO NOT think she looks amazing.

  99. says

    Why do people get so hung up on the pants thing? Admittidly I save the pantsless times for when I am home, but I was thinking that maybe Sean gets prone to heat rash with those wummy wummy thighs so she has to give him a break often. Perhaps she should look in to one piece sets where the shorts are not so binding.

  100. alr says

    I think she looks just like a normal kinda fat but happy pregnant woman. It’s got to be hard to have a camera in your face all the time. Thankfully I didn’t have paparazzi following me during my pregnancies!

  101. Jessimaca says

    Britney DOES look amazing……what is it you cant find anything wrong with the way she looks so you come up with something that is just simply LAME!!!………….Brit you look beautifull and Sean P…..such a lil spunk!!!

  102. Carleigh says

    Britney looks far from amazing. She looks like any other pregnant woman with a baby on her hip. It is nice however that she is still so hands on w/ Sean always he is tooooo cute!

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