Madonna's Son Celebrates His 6th Birthday

Guy Ritchie (Madonna’s husband in case anyone didn’t know) and son, Rocco were photographed out ice-skating for his 6th birthday at the Queens Ice Bowl in London.

Happy Birthday!




  1. Diana says

    Claire – I dare say that Madonna has talent, she sure does! But she took it too far doing the whole crucifix thing! That was just so disrespectful to mock Christ like that.

  2. claire says

    I’m sure these negative comments aren’t borne of jealousy – you’re obviously all far too wonderful for that. So it must be the hundreds of thousands of people who have been totally impressed and inspired as they’ve followed Madonna’s career spanning 20 years who’ve got it wrong, not the handful leaving these messages. You must all be sooooo talented and perfect – WELL DONE YOU!

  3. sparky says

    I love the way you worded that Sheree..”gets a licken”…isn’t that the truth!!! (barf!)
    I’ve never been a fan of her, her music or any of her lifestyles but I respect the opinions of others and I’m glad you are such a devoted fan. But what don’t you blame her for?? I didn’t understand what you meant by that. I don’t really feel like I need to be justified by a silly little opinion I happen to have about someone who’s life is basically an open book.
    Carleigh- heavy metal polka band….lmfaoooo!!! good one!

  4. sheree says

    I’m sorry Little Rocco,I meant to say Happy Birth day To You on the last comment I left for your mom.
    So Happy Birthday little Man!!!

  5. sheree says

    First off I must say,I have to defend Madonna.Not just because I’m a fan,but you all will say what you will.The thing is,nobody really knows her like they might think.The fact of the matter is NOBODY KNOWS HER! And I have a feeling thats the way she intends to keep it.I dont blame her really.Every person is enttitled to their privacy.Even as a star,atleast to some form or degree.So say what you will,you are entitled to your opinion.But that does’nt mean anything you all say nasty about Madonna will justify anything.I clearly beleive she has come along way in her carrer and personal life.If anyone was her true fan like I am and have been since the beggining of her carrer would be able to see that.As far as I’m concerned Madonna has always had a lot of talent,beauty and creativity.She has always worked very hard and given her allll!!!!!!!Madonna gets a licken and keeps on a ticken
    MADONNA YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
    Your fan always,Sheree

  6. Diana says

    I totally went of Madonna in her latest tour she posed as Christ on a crucifix. That is the lowest of the low.

  7. Carleigh says

    madonna is gonna join a heavy metal polka band…talk about reinventing the wheel here. She’s been a vouyer, sex depraved deviant, worn cone bra’s, been married to Sean Penn ( even I’m not touchin that, slept w/ half of Hollywierd. Being a mom is her most “normal” role ever and I am just as curious as anyone would be to know what her kids are like, what their home environment is like, does she cook, clean, etc., etc. There is just nothing that seems normal about anything this woman does so I would imagine for her kids that their childhood is an interesting ride and never boring.

  8. Gwen says

    Madonna is old and needs to retire. She is done! Over and not hot, and never will be. she is like 40 something at least. And she is like stilling thinking she is young looking for love, at least in some of her songs i hear on the radio.

  9. sparky says

    awww, he’s cute and looks like he’s a daddy’s boy! i never see pics of the little guy, just eyebrows, i mean Lordes.
    of all the stars in Hollywood, i wish i could be a fly on the wall in Madonna’s house. after all the, shall we say, controversial things she’s done, how is she anywhere near normal?? i just want to know what a typical day is like w/ momma Madonna!!! i want this Kaballah cycle to wear off so we can see where she goes next..perhaps become a Buddhist? maybe shave her head and wear robes? can’t wait!!

  10. Carleigh says

    Well Madonna didn’t always look like Queen Skankarama…she was a pretty cute kid for awhile…and then the kids also got some damn good DNA from the dad’s too no doubt about it! LOL

  11. says

    LMAO!!! Okay okay, your right girl. I agree Totally!!!
    I agree with you on both topics, Rocco is the cutest little boy ever, his Mom if anything is SCARY.
    Tell me though how can one lady who looks like she was run over by a truck have such cute kids??

  12. alr says

    He’s hot. Madonna had better watch out that she doesn’t get too skanky. He could do way better.

  13. Carleigh says

    TEAM ANISTON..your comment about Madonna going down hill in the past few years????? Where have you been??? Madonna was never at the top of the hill to go down..she has always been at the BOTTOM! LOL.. so the only place she could logically go would be the top and she hasn’t done that at all.

    And Julie….what is soooo scary about a 6 y/o little boy? enlighten me please? Your comment is a bit scary.

  14. says

    Happy B-Day Rocco! He sure does look like his Dad, yes very cute little boy.
    Too bad his Mother is the way she is. Man she has gone down hill in the last few years, I feel she is a VERY icky woman. She needs to throw in the towel.

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