Two Model Moms Compete Over Title Of 'The Body'

A controversy of monumental proportions and implications for our future! Who is the rightful owner of the moniker, ‘the body?’

“We saw that and were like, Oh my god!” Elle Macpherson Intimates spokeswoman Melissa Edwards told Lowdown yesterday. “We were initially flabbergasted.”

Now it’s a battle of the supermodel moguls — Macpherson, the 42-year-old, 6-foot Aussie mother of two, against Klum, the 33-year-old, 5-foot-9 mother of two (with one on the way).

Here is a recent photo of Elle taking 8-year-old son Arpad to school in London. She does look smart in her boho Chloe top and gleaming white jeans.

Elle MacPherson

The gorgeous Heidi as pictured in the new British Esquire magazine. Photo taken possibly while pregnant with her third child!

Heidi Klum
Elle’s flack, Edwards, invoked the 1986 Time cover and added: “We have numerous press clippings in the office referring to her as ‘The Body.’ Everything from Harper’s Bazaar to Vogue to the recent Sports Illustrated calls her that. In terms of public record, that name belongs to Elle.”

Macpherson markets her own skin-care line, “Elle Macpherson The Body,” along with a lingerie brand and a fitness video titled “The Body Workout.” Klum — who was once called “The Body Two,” in deference to Elle — is a relative Heidi-come-lately, and didn’t hit the United States until the late 1990s. Both Klum and Macpherson have been favorites of the Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue, and both appeared in the mag’s latest.

I think it is awesome that the two women competing for the title are moms! Sure, Elle may have been given the name before she had children, but not so for Heidi! So, Heidi should totally win!

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  1. Carleigh says

    I think they are both beautiful. The title of “The Body” could belong to any number of beautiful celebs we see that look sooo damn spectacular after having babies! Heidi and Elle both look great! If Elle was so darn worried about her “title” being stolen then she should have trademarked it like so many other stars do. A fantastic body for any mother is something to be proud of and Kudo’s to both of them for lookin’ so damn gorgeous it makes me sick! (And green with envy, jealous, etc. you get my drift I’m

  2. jay says

    Heidi definitely has a nice body.´The body´! But Elle is great for 42. If the both of then can still model AFTER KIDS!. I stopped taking off my clothes after my 1st in presence of friends so it´s a big deal to be able to strip while /after preggers at all. WTG Heidi and Elle.

  3. KellyMay says

    Heavens, let Elle be the body! Heidi is everywhere right now, I juts saw her ad for glasses too!

  4. says

    Elle looks great for her age, She seems like a classy lady.
    I am sick of hearing about and seeing Heidi naked , (why does she have to undress to try to get a point across, Please) yes she looks good preggers before/during/after!! We get it already…BLAH, BLAH BLAH.

  5. Angie says

    Why aren’t these stars sharing the secret to not having any kind of visible stretch mark???? I realize that they get airbrushed more than we really wanna know but look at Heidi..doesnt look like hardly any at all. U can still see her tan line on her back. stupid models-lol!

  6. Nicki says

    Elle looks great for 42, and has always looked great.
    If I had to pick whose body I would have to be stuck with for life, LOL, it would definately be Heidi. But come on both are super sucessful and anyone would be envious of either body. But Heidi is my choice. If Elle had the “Body” name 10 years before then we have to come up with a new name for Heidi. Any ideas???
    My hubbys pick is “Good Gawd Almighty!” (LMAO.)

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