Gwen With 2-Month-Old Kingston

Gwen Stefani heads home with 2-month-old Kingston in Hollywood on Thursday after spending a long day in the studio recording her new album.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

I really can’t get over how coiffed and trim Gwen looks! She always looked amazing throughout her pregnancy and right after Kingston’s birth, but those sleepless nights appear to have never caught up with her! She looks refreshed and gorgeous!

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  1. sparky says

    So, are you knocking all working moms or just celebrity moms? Cuz I think alotta mommies are gonna have something to say about the “drop the nannies, you are supposed to be the caregiver” part.

  2. carli says

    yeah, the baby is cute…Gwen looks fine…til the bleached hair and caked -on makeup catches up to her when she’s 50. Anyway, if Gwen’s baby is sooo important to her, then maybe she should reconsider her much- attention- needed career. Her son needs her more than Mtv does. Yeah, “hats off to Gwen” for breastfeeding. Maybe she does it out of guilt cause she doesn’t spend much quality “alone time” with her son. A baby SHOULD be breastfed (if both mom and baby are able), but a baby also needs it’s mom…Gwen, and all you other celebrity women who “wanna have a baby and be a mom” Drop the nannies, YOU are supposed to be the caregiver. You can have your cake and eat it, but your kid(s) will be the one(s) who suffer. So whats it gonna be?? Motherhood or Fame? You can’t do both and be a good, personable, nurturing mother. At least not without the help of a Nanny.But then in that case, wouldn’t it have been easier to just hire a Mother and her child to hang out with you? So it’s your pick. Which one is MORE important to you?

  3. ZOE says

    They are a beautiful family. Baby Kingston will be a gorgeous man some day, there is “no doubt” about that.

  4. jackie says

    Gwen Rocks whatever she wears!! Ya’ll could too if you just had the guts too. That is all it takes.
    Her baby boy is beautiful and nice and chubby like a breast fed baby should be. Good job gwen, you are doing a terrific job!!

  5. Carleigh says

    OH I love Gwen’s style no matter what she’s doing she always seems to look so fab! Her baby is just so adorable you just wanna tweek his little cheeks he is just a doll! I have always loved Gwen and have enjoyed watching her come into her own w/ fashion and being stylish never looked so good or easy. She just has her own sense of style and doesn’t follow trends she makes em!

  6. Gwen says

    Omg, you and i agree wit almost everything for what i have read. Gwen and Kingston are so cute!

  7. sparky says

    the outfit she’s wearing is hideous, but i read somewhere that it’s from her new Harajuku Lovers line of clothing. even little Kingston’s outfit is.

  8. Kelly Rose says

    That Baby is adorable. Gwen looks great for just having a baby. I wish I was that thin after having a baby! I have 4 kids, and it’s hard trying to lose the weight I gained with them.

  9. Cat says

    She may have a nanny, but she seems to always be with him, and she is always carrying him herself. It’s really great to see someone famous taking care of her kids.

  10. gwen says

    Gwen Stefani is my role model! Kingston is SO CUTE! Gwen loooks so good, she is so pretty. I love her style, looks, hair, makeup, you name i most likey love it about her.

  11. Diana says

    Susan, I do agree but lets face it is is hard work having little ones and so it is good that she is having some help as well. I am sure she doesn’t love her baby any less just because she has a nanny! 😉

  12. Diana says

    Susan, I agree, but at least we see her with Kingston looking happy and gorgeous. Lets face it it is good to have help when you have little ones, I am sure it doesn’t make her love her baby any less by having a nanny!!

  13. Angie P. says

    she is lovely and her baby looks like a 2 mo. old- cute i guess. but i wonder- did she never put the bleach down throughout the whole pregnancy? it would be interesting to see her go natural.

  14. Nicki says

    I love Gwen, she looks fantastic. I hate what she is wearing, (another site shows her grampa DIOR old man sandals, I know they are or at least use to be popular but look like community shower sandals to me, always hated them.) Not liking the tube top with the overly decorated left leg on the pants. JMO. Her figure looks great and her lil Kingston is so adorable. She has a beautiful smile.
    Glad she is back in the studio, wonder when the next CD will be released?

  15. Tasha says


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