Gillian Anderson Talks About Her Pregnancy

Former X-Files star Gillian Anderson, who is expecting her second child, has opened up about her pregnancy on her personal Web site.

“I am pregnant; which I have no doubt many of you know,” Anderson, 38, writes on her site’s “Latest News” page. “And I am very excited. And I am very fat.”

Gillian Anderson

Anderson separated from her second husband, foreign correspondent Julian Ozanne, in April after 16 months of marriage. Her baby’s father is businessman Mark Griffiths.

In her Web posting, Anderson writes, “This year has not been about work at all really but about endings and beginnings and change and growth and pain and happiness and ultimately slowing down…on a personal front. Taking stock of what is important to me, what matters, what I actually want my life to look like.”

Anderson, who had a daughter, Piper, 11, while on The X-files, writes that this pregnancy is different. “I have to say, the first time round I was oblivious to the miracle and the stages and the joy.

“I mean, honestly, I cannot remember P kicking! Was it the hours, the FX smoke, the dummies with maggots eating their eyes out? What distracted me from such an important and momentous experience!?”

Wow! Good to hear she is having a different experience with this pregnancy.



  1. alice says

    arr well it’s gud to see her taking this special time to enjoy this wonderful mirical, i just love babies, i bet little piper can’t wait to see this little one either!!
    good luck gillian an enjoy while it lasts!!!!!

  2. ALR says

    It’s pretty funny that she said all that about her first pregnancy. I felt the same way, but I would never say that, because won’t her daughter feel very hurt? And who knows, maybe her (ex) husband is a real jerk? Or didn’t want a baby? I wish her luck.

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