Definitely Looks Like Sugar & Spice For Britney!

Definitely looks like Britney is going to be having a girl! She hasn’t announced it, but as she enters her 8th month of pregnancy and is shopping for dolls and pink blankies it looks pretty obvious! Congratulations Britney! She must be thrilled!

Britney Spears

Life & Style Magazine (August 21 issue) courtesy of:
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  1. Tonya says

    She doesnt need a girl you can barely keep up with her appearance let alone a girl….let her have another barefooted no pants wearing boy…..

  2. Gwen says

    i think that is great she is having a girl. but she needs to clean her self up. like her hair, avt and makeup, maybe even clothes.

  3. PaGirl says

    I’m Sure She Will Have an Adorable baby girl or boy it doesn’t really matter as long as its Healthy !She seems to stick with names I Can at least Pronounce LOL So Its Intresting To see What She’ll Name Baby Number 2 Boy Or Girl.

  4. Jessica says

    No kidding! They just need to let her go and let her be, I mean would you really want your life in the public up to what you are going to buy for you child? I did not think so, leave her alone!

  5. ALR says

    OMG is this news? Maybe she’s shopping for someone else. It’s no wonder she acts a little crazy with everyone following her every move this closely.

  6. Ann-Marie says

    I would love Brit to have a girl that would be great, however I do agree with princess. They did say Sean was suppose to be a girl and she was seen buying girl clothes. They (Us Weekly) said that Tom and Kate were having a boy, and Angelina Jolie was suppose to have a boy. So I guess you really don’t know until the baby is born.

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