Blurry Pic Of Katie Holmes & Suri Emerges

I realize that these pics aren’t completely brand new, but things have been slow as my daughter(who just turned 2) poured water all over my laptop in the 5 seconds that I was helping my son out of shower. Ugh! Then, just a little but later, a bird pooped on me when I had just stepped out onto the porch. (That has never happened to me before) Obviously, it is just not my day! I was able to bring my laptop back to life, but that was surely not good for the computer. Oh well.

If anyone wishes me to remove these pics I will! They were taken by x17online while flying overhead Katie and Tom’s Beverly Hills mansion. You can see Katie gazing out the window and baby Suri laying on the bed wearing a diaper.
Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes



  1. braydie says

    charline and Vicky….LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL …. yeah they show you guys their baby…people they dont know but yet have a problem showing them to katies own family. Word of advice…never say on a blog something everyone knows your lying about.

  2. Rick Osborne says

    Only a slimy person would take photos into someones bedroom with a long range lens. If someone were taking pictures of YOU from a distance into your bedroom and then posting them them on the internet that would be called invasion of privacy. Very disrespectfull ! I’d remove them. Thank you.

  3. Lisa says

    Okay, I saw Tom and Katie before she got pregnant , it was at my work. She looked so happy but kinda weirded out to be there. Like she did not know what to think. Tom is really wierd, he jumped around in the lobby of my work screaming. Katie just kind of stood there. Tom is crazy, and I really think katie should leave him. She looks so sad. I just want to got to her house when tom is gone and be like come on grab the baby lets go. Scientology is crap and everyone who believes in it is crazy!!!! I hope they read this too. Those followers are murderes and they brain wash you. they take you away from your families. Katie will disappear. there are a few site about it like stop narconon and remeber lisa. It is really sad. Look it up get educated and maybe someone will have the guts to help katie some day.

  4. Taz says

    maybe katie wants to leave, but because she apparently can’t go alone, & can only go out with TC, or a scientology person aproved by TC, she no longer has any freedom, which leads mew to believe, he is afraid she will leave him, & blurt out the truth of what’s happening, & if you know anything about what powerful cult leaders are like – do some reasearch if you don’t – it is not good, not good at all! So if that pic is real, she knew they were out there tryin 2 get a pic, & was tryin to show that things are bad. tho, it is so distaced, u can’t see the babies face, or even katies face well, it’s much to far away, so could easily be a stand in too!!! or some other cult member with her kid instead!

    Before she had baby, kate said she’d raise the kid her way, like she was raised – she was determined on this! did not belive in his way of raising baby at all – so what changed her? why is bub & kate not allowed 2 see kates parents & kates siblings? it is cause TC & scientology rules say kate & bub must be kept away from any non-scientology influences!

    I believe TC & high ranking cult members have got too much of a hold already, right from the birth. & cults, high celeb leaders or not so well known, once you are in, or a child born into, there is often no way out, especially for a well known name & face as katie, where can she go & hide forever from TC & his cult buddies, as he is so powerful, nothing would stop him. I thing he has total control of suri, & katie has no control over her, who knows what kind of dark things are happening behind the closed doors of their home, where all is cult based & cult ppl. i heard even breastfeeding & touching (like cuddling) is against scientology religion, so if katie is not even allowed to do either of those motherly things! & she has no freedom of expression & is trapped & no way 2 escape.
    that is just my oppinion, based on what i’ve heard about kate not goin out alone lately, &TC’s eratic behaviour / vocalisations about his cult, & knowing what i know about hown cults operate & what i read in a mag about some of scientology cults weird rules.
    oh yeah, instead of mums milk, the stuff they gotta feed baby, can actually be poisonous / kill some people, so yeah

  5. sophee says

    why doesn’t tom and katie just do what angelina jolie did and reveal their baby on a magazine cover and give the money to charity? it’s not going to hurt to show the baby, even just to close family and friends!!!

  6. mad science says

    I feel so sorry for Katie Holmes and her baby. Tom has brainwashed her. She needs to run back to “Dawson’s Creek”, where it is safe.

  7. charline says

    I saw suri cruise! she looks kind of like Camilla Belle from the ballad of jack and rose, beautiful baby!

  8. Hayley says

    OMG!!! that pic is SOOOO fake. It doesn’t look like a real baby at all. My friend had a baby 2 days after Katie apparently has Suri and he is no where near as big as that (and he was a big baby born!!) Surely it won’t be against any religion to release a picture of her!! If she is as cute and beautiful as Jada Pinkett-Smith says then what is the problem!!!!

  9. tammy says

    Katie was his prize, or his china doll so to speak for so long! He paraded her around like a crown jewel, and now he expects her to hide from the world! This is classic neandrathal behavior, and it is all about control! Let the woman live her life her way! Yeah she may have to compromise on some things, but not every aspect of her life! Show the world the baby, and enjoy having her! If they don’t show affection to this child, as far as the Scientology thing goes, she will grow up hating the world around her.

  10. tammy says

    I really think that Katie should realize that she had a life before Tom and now she has to learn to live again. No woman should be controlled by any man, rich or not!!! She needs to realize that even though she is a celebrity she is still a woman, and a mother, and her child should come first! If it is about security let the world have what it wants, a real picture of baby Suri, and it will all ease up on them! Tom has no right to be angry at tabloids that question whether or not the baby has deformities, he should just prove them wrong!

  11. jen says

    this whole thing has been really really wierd. Tom Cruise
    creeps me out. I’ll bet money that a year or two from now
    there is going to be some breaking new story with
    katie on the cover saying something like
    “My side of the story; how I was brain washed and held
    captive by Tom Cruise”

  12. KIA says



  13. Tina says

    maybe katie is happy and wants also to keep her baby out of the spotlight and to live a normal as possible life with tom, being a mother is such a big step, we don’t see some other famous babies for a long period of time but no one really begs as much for pics of those, is it just because its tom cruise?, the only people that know whats really going on is tom and katie, and they don’t have to let us know anything if they don’t want to, but saying this i disagree with the way they have gone about it, as they had a very public romance a very public pregnancy and then no baby pics!! if they wanted privacy they should have done it from the start!
    Also babies come in all different sizes my son is much bigger than my niece and he is two weeks younger!! i think it just depends on the parents put together.

  14. says

    I want to see some pics. I don’t like the razzi getting all close to the babies and being scary like they do when they are trying to get a shot. I would really like to see some nice ones like Shiloh’s. I admit I am nosey and am part of the reason that razzi’s do ignorant things to get shots of these kids. I can’t help it. I loves the bambinos. Hell, I take hundreds of pics of my own baby and i see him everyday.

  15. Cheryl says

    I think everyone has their opinion. Just like Tom and Katie and if they are not ready to show their child to the world then just let them be. Why is it such a big fuss they are trying to raise their child the way they want. Just like myself and everyone around. My first born was not out in public because I just didn’t want to bring her out because she might catch something from being around others so early in life it was my husband and my choice. My my second child I didn’t want to go out either just to the docter and home. People always told me to get them out so they can build up their immune system. Both children are very healthy regardless of what others say. My first born is now 7 and healthy and my second is 15 monthes. Just let Tom And Katie raise their child no one tells anyone else how to raise their kids so why tell them!

  16. Jewels says

    I really never liked Tom, but I did like Katie. I think its REALLY weird to not show your kids—-AFTER you boast about them so much, and “can’ t wait to show her to the world.” Plus I really hope Katie can get out while she can, whoever said that the pic looked fake was right. makes me feel as though I am looking at a prisoner staring blankly (and planned) out of a window. I tell you this, though, I am sure gonna pray for them!

  17. says

    Thank you Carliegh for the pictures of Bon Jovi’s kids and family. I was curious, cuz as stated in #14, he stated that he woudln’t let the razzie’s take photos of his kids, (or something to that effect)
    but very nice ya thanks!!!!

  18. Carleigh says

    #27…I think the reason people are giving the Intergalatic Lord of Cruise Control so much sh*t is precisely as you described. Because he first gave sh*t to everyone else about his opinions and beliefs and he spent all of last year parading Katie around, bragging about Scientology and couch jumping and the like. Tom Cruise has never shut his mouth about his love for Katie, his precious Scientology and everything else so I think the reason people have so much trouble keeping their mouth shut now is because Tom hasn’t shown off his daughter yet. It’s just a bit too wierd that he has been so vocal and public about everything else and that he be so intensely and covertly private about him and the wonderful, phenomal, perfect, amazing Katie’s baby….? I think that has a lot to do with it.

  19. teresa says

    picture real or not..the issue is.. regardless of religion humans and animals as a natural response bond with their offspring by physical touch and sound..this hands off and silence..if real gives me the a mom of 5 i could barely keeps my hands off each of my infants from birth..

  20. tina says

    I think people just need to leave TomKat and the Tomkitten alone and let them live theire lives and raise Suri as they see fit…either as a scientologist or whatever religion they choose to believe in. They will revel Suri to the world when they see fit…if the situation with Brangelina had been reversed…Shiloh not been seen but Suri was…would people be hounding Brad and Angie and dising them as they are Tom and Katie?!? Even if it were Brooke Shields refusing to relese pics or show off adorable little Grier would people be making as big of a deal? Or is it such a big deal over Suri’s exesistence such a big deal because her dad jumped on Oprah’s couch and bashed Brooke for taking antidepressants for PPD what is causing everyone to give them hell?

  21. T says

    It looks like a baby to me.

    And some people DO have a big baby even at Suri’s age.

    All of us are acting like its a big conspiracy, that I bet if it was even proven it is TomKats baby you all wouldn’t believe it.

    Some stars themselves have seen the baby, I suppose they are liars? They aren’t too hurting for parts either and I highly doubt its cuz they know Tom (since you all say his career is going downhill–true IMO–his influence must be going downhill too, so the stars shouldn’t have anything to worry about)

    but, I see a baby, on a bed, and nearby is Katie.

  22. Terry says

    looks staged….why would Katie take a chance a lay the baby that close to an open curtained window… she knows that there are photo. out there just waiting…

  23. Nicki says

    to #21. Irene
    In the second pic you can make out something laying on a bed, looks like really long arms and the diaper. The ?kid? in this pic looks at least a year old. JMO. Suri would be 1 to 1 and 1/2 months older than Kingston. Look at the size of him, then picture a baby under 2 months older than him, the kid on the bed in the pic is not Suri, or even a real baby in my opinion. More BS from TC camp. Poor Katie.

  24. tina says

    Ok…I can see the pic with Katie staring out the window…but the other 1 is very fuzzy and I don’t see the baby….can yoiu make the pics. clearer?

    I have a feeling Katie is so caught up with the IDEA of Loving Tom that she has convinced herself she IS IN love with Him…who knows…and I read a report about Suri’s pics from Tom saying that until the pics failed to get a high enough bid Tom Had already HAND PICKED and Suri look alike that TOMCAT was going to use for the pics…they weren’t going to use the real Tomkitten,so everyone would have thought they were seeing Suri but it would have just been a fake…
    Also there have been reports that Katie is breastfeeding Suri so she would have to be held to be nursed…or Katie would do alot of laying in bed with Suri.

  25. says

    Poor Katie, I can’t believe that she is actually putting up with Tom. Not being able to show off her daughter from day one. To top it off, no one is allowed to play with Suri and not even make baby noises. Not even touch or carry her. That family is all messed up! Poor Suri, when she grows up she will never know what playing is or to interact with people. Is she supposed to be alone with the religion that Tom is? He needs help! I think Katie and Suri need to leave before Katie goes crazy and Suri’s life is destroyed. I wish them luck!

  26. Carleigh says

    I sure will Karen…I love being a little snoop sometimes! MMMMMWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Kidding I sure will keep you all posted if I come across anything I think ya might find interesting…k! : )

  27. Karen says

    You don’t have to reveal your secret, but if you find more random celeb photo pages, let us in on it. k???

  28. Carleigh says

    John has 4 kids Stephanie, Jesse, Jacob and Romeo. As far as pictures of them I have looked around myself and can’t find anything. I do know that he told a reporter that he wasn’t going to raise his kids like Madonna does because he doesn’t want them to be dragged out and paraded around for celeb events and the such. He wants his kids to have a normal life and not to be surrounded by all the Hollywood crap that other celeb kids deal with. Kudo’s to him he seems to have a level head! An interesting fact he married his high school sweetheart, they are still married and SHE is a karate CHAMP! WOW! Kind cool I thought!

  29. katie says

    hey yo! yah i think katie and tom should show their baby!! because it doesnt look normal? are they trying to hide something?

  30. Chenal says

    WOW!!! This looks a haunted house. Maybe a ghost looking through the window. I dont even see the baby on the bed. This whole thing with this image is a bit creepy to me………..ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………

  31. KellyMay says

    Gosh, I reall wish that we see Suri now as opposed to then…

    I want to see her recently, newborns are quiet! Now we see personality. Does Suri have a middle name?

  32. says

    Hi, I would really like to see pictures of Jon Bon Jovi’s kids if the owner of this site can get a hold of any. He said once when he was fighting with Madonna that the public has never seen what his kids look like, why isn’t that weird???
    It would be great if anyone knows where to see some.
    Just curious.

  33. impeachBush says

    Katie’s trying to send secret SOS msgs to the photogs –
    (like Princess Di used to do.)

    And, why does that ‘baby’ take up 1/2 the bed?

  34. Nicki says

    Looks to me like a staged photo. I mean come on, if helicoptors are flying overheard, which I’m sure they areand have been since April 18th, and this is the first pic we have in 4 months. Oh yeah and the curtains are pulled back and she is looking aimlessly out the window (Oh can’t hear the coptors?) and the kinda big 4 month old, actually 3 and a half month old, is laying in photo shot, please. Come on. Plus it looks like bad shoot from a horror movie, Omen anyone? etc,
    I wish Katie and Suri the best, I don’t like Tom at all. We will see her newborn pics “in the fall” when she is already almost 6 months old, I mean come on he has top notch security, what is he worried about??????

  35. Shelley says

    Katie looks like a prisioner. Too bad she isn’t strong enough of a woman to take her baby and run for the hills. What a pathetic situation. Suri could flip off the bed, just left laying there, CPS will be after Katie next.

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