Heidi Promotes 'The Body' Bra

Here Heidi was photographed on her way to the CBS Early Show early this Wednesday morning to promote the latest Victoria’s Secret bra, The Body.  I have been receiving the deluge of fall Victoria’s Secret catalogs and have seen her modeling the bra. It looks great, but I think it was $42. That is a bit pricy, but I did just pay that for their Very Sexy bra. Oh well.

I won’t even attempt to describe how lovely Heidi looks! 🙂 Randomness: The German word for pregnant is schwanger….weird.
Heidi Klum



  1. Angie P. says

    i agree, she’s gorgeous..but ummm…doesn’t she get paid to be gorgeous all the time?? she doesn’t take a break so she HAS to be in “supermodel” mode all the time. i mean come on, did ya’ll see her body only 6 wks after giving birth on the VS runway??? that’s insanity!! i’d love to know how many ppl it takes to make her stunning all the time- maybe it would make me feel alittle less “plain” . lol

  2. Nicki says

    My favorite bra from VS is the IPEX. It feels like your wearing nothing. Plus full frontal coverage with feels like nothing there. It does or use to 7 months ago cost $42. but it is totally worth it. I have 4, 2 beige, great with see thru shirts, 1 pink and 1 black. It took me 4 months to get all 4, at that price, but I will buy more. I don’t like the body bra, bought one with a coupon about 1 year ago and at an A cup, small B, it wasn’t right. It is almost pointy, like the bras my Mom wore and still does. She is a C cup and look alright for her. I felt like Madonna on that tour 10 yrs or so ago with the torpedo style bra, lol.
    But I would totally recommend the IPEX for total comfort.
    Heidi is as always, beautiful.

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