Denise Richards, Richie Sambora, Sam & Lola Enjoy A Day At The Beach

Denise and her daughters are adorable. Sometimes Denise seems a little bewildering, but no one can deny that she makes motherhood look impossibly effortless and glamorous. She definitely looks like she is having fun with her adorable girls! Here Denise, Richie, 2-year-old Sam and 13-month-old Lola are seen enjoying a day at a Malibu beach this past Saturday.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards

Denise Richards

Denise Richards

Denise Richards

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  1. Spohien says

    How do you know what Denise said to Heather, and do you really believe that? Who in their right mind gets talked out of a 12 year relationship, 11 years of marriage with an 8 year old child, by a woman who had only really been a friend for about 2 years anyway?

    Seriously, you read InTouch magazine (yes, I know where that story came from) and BELIEVED that trash? ITouch doesn’t have a CLUE about it.

    All I know is, the marriages broke up, Heather and Denise’s friendship broke up, Denise felt terrible for Richie having run into him at a restaurant and in turn they started supporting eachother through their marriage breakdowns. Feelings developed from there.

    Denise did nothing behind Heather’s back, they weren’t even friends (I’m taking that from DEnise’s mouth by the way) . Heather is a despicable HYPOCRITE who told lies and covered up the fact she had been having an affair for at least 6 months before filing for divorce.

    Richie has watched those 2 litle girls grow up, he LOVES them so why bash her about bringing them to his house? How about Heather bringing Ava to David Spade’s? Far worse.

  2. MFEMF says


  3. Gwen says

    her girls are so cute, but she is not very pretty.
    carliegh, you are like so right she tries to make it look like she is like protcting them so much there “dangeruos father”

  4. Bree says

    Carleigh, chill out…I’m not racist or bigoted. Ghetto isn’t referring to color; it’s the way a person carries themselves and a lady picking toe-jam and walking around like she just rolled out of bed would be ghetto whether she’s white, brown, red, whatever. You can’t judge me by one comment, that’s ridiculous.

    I don’t like the whole Richie/Denise thing but have to agree that he must want her there and see something good in her to go thru all this judgment from the public–people who don’t know what he went thru to do what he’s done. Nobody has proof he cheated, all hearsay. Personally, I’ve met him before and he’s a very sweet, funny, charming person and I can see why she fell for him. He can make a person feel special and that would be hard to pass up indeed; especially after being told you’re worthless, can’t do anything, and being called names by your ex. While I don’t approve, only the 4 people involved know the real story so for now I just wish Richie the best and hope he finds peace and rises above this craziness.

  5. Carleigh says

    YEAH Richie’s a good man?????!!!!!! OMG..isn’t he the same man who was having an affair with his assistant and Heather found some nudie pics that the woman sent Richie via email. Denise played like she was a friend to Heather and the second she turns her back Denise is screwing her bf’s hubby? Gimme a break these two aren’t good people neither of them. Denise is trampy and skanky and has no sense of friendship or loyalty and she’s tacky and tasteless. I think maybe Denise had it in for Richie from the start and was just waiting to spring into action. She trapses around Europe chasing Richie like a horny schooled Bon Jovi groupie and leaves her little kids with a nanny. And their father is supposed to be “dangerous” so much so that they have to have a restraining order and supervised visits??? What’s wrong w/ that picture? There would be no way in hell I would leave my babies alone in the states with a supposed drug addicted, violent father while I go off chasing dick all over Europe! At least Heather is remaining classy and devoted to her kid and not off acting like a sex starved hooker!

  6. Carleigh says

    Laurella…Richie is a good man???????? Yeah smoke another one! LMAO!!!!!!!! This is the same “good” man that his wife is now divorcing because she hacked into his email and found some illicit photo’s thatRichie’s assistant had sent him…hello…can we say AFFAIR!!!!! Then the man hooks up w/ his ex-wifes friend………..HELLO…..isn’t there possibly any other woman in Hollywierd for Richie to be with? Why Denise? I’ll tell ya why probably because after Denise gave Heather marital advice (hello..why would you take marital advice from Denise when she’s already tanked in her own marriage) and Heather left Richie. Then BAM…fastforward a month later and Denise and Richie are photographed groping each other and drinking on a balcony…can we say “get a room” and HOW TACKY! I just couldn’t believe what I was reading considering the antics that led these two to be together…and you think these are GOOD people and they are a GOOD example? Of what how to screw over your friends and be trashy and tacky? I darn sure wouldn’t be parading my lover around my two little girls so quickly but I guess Denise is such a good mother that she doesn’t think this might adversly effect her kids right? Not she’s a horny woman who is reliving her second childhood w/ her rock-n-roll boyfriend. She needs to grow up, get a job and a clue.

  7. Laurella says

    Oh how funny you all are…Richie looks bored, Richie looks unhappy…

    if he didn’t want her there at his house she wouldn’t be there. If he didnt want her driving his car she wouldn’t be. He WANTS to be with her. Judging someone’s ”happiness” from one picture taken by a paparazzi photographer who is invading their privacy and upsetting two little girls is just crazy. Denise has always dealt with it by smiling aroudn the girls so they don’t get even more upset. When she is on her own with the papz she doesn’t smile, simple as that.

    He is a GOOD MAN. Always has been, always will be. She deserves some happiness and a little bit of fun in her life. He does too, and he has it. I wish them all and more of what they have already. They are the only two putting their children first. Heather would rather drag Ava on dates with her and David Spade and have the poor child leaving the restaurant crying. sickening.

    Go Denise and richie!!!

  8. Angie P. says

    i hate that bony, grandma cleavage she’s got goin on. it looks so nasty. those little girls get cuter w/ age for sure! i don’t really like her much- horrid actress..but at least she puts her kids in clothes at the beach!!
    that is so adorable in the last pic how the little one is suckin her thumb w/ the finger on the nose!!

  9. Deede says

    Richie looks VERY BORED!

    This man got himself into a mess…..and that mess is the psycho Denise! They both are getting exactly what they deserve.

  10. Carleigh says

    AND Bree the Bigot STOP believing everything you read in the tabloids… em’ just don’t believe what they print to be the GOSPLE truth!

  11. Carleigh says

    “Ghetto” nanny Bree…we have enough debates going on around here w/o your biggoted ass bring that phrase up around here. Grow up and keep your biggoted comments to your sad, pathetic, little, racist, narrowminded self. There are good and bad in all races and someone like you sure as hell doesn’t need to spread your hate and ignorance on a board where as much as we lose sight sometimes…we generally like to have fun w/ our comments and opinions.

  12. Bree says

    I don’t think Denise is beautiful–Heather’s beautiful but Denise kinda looks like a horse. Her features are too harsh. US magazine says Denise babysat Ava while Heather was in Hawaii and Richie was off somewhere. I think she tips them off to make herself look so kid-oriented. When she drops that ghetto nanny and actually does what we mothers allover do everyday AND holds a job, I’ll believe she’s a great mom. Until then, she’s just another bimbo who screwed her way up in Hollywood and got lucky. Poor Richie. He already looks down for the count.

  13. Carleigh says

    It’s to soon for her to be parading her “lover” around those little girls! She always pretends to be sooooo worried about exposing her kids to their so-called violent father???? What kind of things is she teaching her daughters? She is parading around in front of her little girls with her ex-bf’s ex-hubby and that’s tacky. I hope when those little girls get older they have more moral character than their mother! Denise is really beautiful but she’s an extremely trampy woman too!

  14. Nicki says

    I think both kids look like Charlie. (the oldest one the most.) Look at 4th pic down, good thing the nannies are there because it looks like the kids are in the ocean or at least near it, without Mom near the, just smiling from her beach chair. Wow wouldn’t that be a vacation for most Moms? Not worring about the kids while lounging? I guess money talks, lol.

  15. Bree says

    Richie looks VERY bored and sad, defeated. So opposite of his usual happy self–hard to look at. Denise is really clueless…..

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