Bryce Dallas Howard Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Bryce Dallas Howard is pregnant with her first child. The newlywed actress announced her happy news at the UK premiere of Lady in the Water, saying, “I can’t talk about the pregnancy too much. I’m a little superstitious.” Howard, 25, wed her boyfriend of five years in June. She is the daughter of Ron Howard (of Happy Days). I think Bryce was in a Spiderman movie too, but I could be wrong. I don’t know much about her, but she is very beautiful.

Bryce Dallas Howard



  1. Diana says

    She is very beautiful, and is in the next Spiderman movie I believe. She is playing a girl with blonde hair. I can’t wait for it to come out!! 😉

  2. Lin says

    I think she is a beautiful young woman. She has wonderful features and a lovely smile. Her red hair makes her stand out. In the movie “The Village” her acting was very good and to me, very believable. I anticipate only good things for her in the future if she continues to act. Good luck to her and her husband with their upcoming addition to their family.

  3. Carleigh says

    I’m sorry I am not very impressed with this girl in the acting department. And I think she is kinda funny looking. She does have beautiful red hair though!

  4. Angie says

    Well,Lady in the Lake is mosty silent throughout the movie, so I think she is going to have the Scienrologists just buzzing around for her to get ‘clear’ and prepare her for a silent birth………..

  5. Pika says

    I wonder if she’ll give the baby a middle name like her parents did- the middle names of the Howard children are
    the hotel/cities they were concieved in. Way to much information if you ask me! : P

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