Britney & Sean Being Cuties!

Britney looks great here with Sean! I love the dress! I think Sean is wearing a Lyla Blu onesie or tee but am not 100% certain. Their stuff is really cute.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears



  1. PaGirl says

    I Think Sean Preston Is absolutely Adorable!!! & As I Said In Another Post Concerning Britney, I Thought She made Some Bad Decisions Concerning Sean But I Really Do think Shes Trying To Be a Good Mom & shes always taking sean out & about wherever she goes & she could afford to hire someone to watch him at home when she runs her errands & goes out & about but she chooses to take him with thats a great thing! shes a hands on Mom!& As For Her Hair, I Think That She Likes To Have It Dark Because The Papparazi Seems To Treat Her With More respect & not dwell on her as much.

  2. Kelly Rose says

    I really don’t like Britney’s hair dark, she looked better as a blonde. other than that she looks cute with her belly, and the pink dress, Shawn is so adorable. Is Brit really having a girl?

  3. nicola says

    Steppin away from Britney 4 a moment….is it ok 2 dye ur quite often????? Anybody know?

    Brit looks gr8!!

  4. says

    Fumes, now you got that right. My poor nails looked horrible because I could not stand going to the nail salon. I also chose to dye my hair a little darker since I also wanted to avoid highlights because of the bleach.

  5. braydie says

    I also meant to put in…highlights are probably fine if it doesnt actually touch your scalp. just the fumes to worry about.

  6. braydie says

    Coloring hair is fine….anything over 20 percent developer is bad…bleaching is another story, it takes 30 to 50 to bleach hair how light britney usually goes… my 2 aunts, my mother,my sister in law and my gay friend nick are all cosmatologists, i usually put honey colored highlights in my hair but when they told me bleach can go though my skin and into my blood, in turn goes to the baby it scared me so i opted to color it one color while pregnant.

  7. Carleigh says

    Well Britney has made it ONE month longer than Shar Jackson did! So I guess she has maybe broken some kind of personal record since Shar was 7 months prego when Brit snagged Kevin away from her! Like the dress and the baby is soooo cute but she’s still gotta wonder how long her and Kevin are gonna last! Tick tock tick tock even milk has an expiration date!

  8. Thawny says

    Yes Britany looks good, surprisingly, I love the dark hair and the dress and the fuchsia color is beautiful againt the dark hair. I just pary that she is and remains happy, it appears that Kevin is doing just enough to keep her happy and quiet, we really don’t know all that goes on in their lives. Personally I would NEVER, EVER, EVER marry a man that leaves a women 7 months pregnant with his second child. So to me Brit should have seen this guys true character, there is no SEX that good to make me blind to it (not good at all) so she made that bed for herself if she is not happy, it’s her own fault, and her family and especially her mother tried to warn her. It was the sex, the sex is good so she said.

  9. says

    I agree with the Dr’s are paid by pharma comment, but I am wondering what connection their opinions on dying hair have to to with that. Are they being paid by Clairol too? Im not trying to be a smart (you know what) just wondering. I trusted my Dr. If I didn’t I never would have gone to him. I also hear a lot of other things like tickling a baby will cause it to stutter. You have to take some things and make your own decision. My decision was to trust my doc and I waited till I was 6 months along before I finally covered my roots. LOL. I also heard from hairdressers (who all wear gloves when dying even if not preggers to protect from staining, that they come in contact with the chemicals in other places where they are not protected by gloves, i.e. arms in the sinkn when washing out hair, arms touching clothes bins with contaminated towels.

    Again, all my Doctor actually said was that there have not been any reliable studies that prove the dangers and that again Better safe then sorry and just told me to avoid it in the 1st trimester. As far as I can tell all Dr’s are afraid of law suits, so no matter who is lining their pockets I don’t think they would ok hair dye if they thought it might hurt.

  10. Nicki says

    KellyMay | August 10th, 2006 at 4:04 pm
    . I recently read the story about Thalidomide babies, this was a drug in the 60’s marketed for morning sickness, it was on the market for many years before someone realized it was causing horrific birth defects in babies! Scary…

    I know a few kids that was affected by this, and most were physicial defects, some might have been more, like mentally. It was a sad thing for the kids with half an arm that was useless and didn’t do anything, even grow with your body. And kids that had a leg 4 inches(could be less or so) shorter than the other. It was hard for them. I remember after all the defects started happening it was like OK stop using this. I mean WTF, doctors were saying its ok its safe, I ahte the money
    mking between the pharm. co’s and the docs. It just seems self beneificial. It is sad that money comes before the welfare of children, then and now.

  11. Erica says

    i think that sean is soooooooo cute he i hope will look like his mom and not his father who is a complete jerk and dont take care of them…. anyway i cant wait to see what her baby girl looks like!!!!! is it a grl though?!?!?!? i love britneys hair that color to but it makes her skin look white, its cool though

  12. KellyMay says

    One of my bestfriends is a hairdresser, she says the risk in dying is absorption through the skin. As a hairdresser whom just had a baby she always wears gloves when dying hair so she is diminishing that risk by doing so and she did not dye any hair in her first trimester gloves or not.

    I am weary about what they deem safe and not, as a nurse it is so commonplace to see the FDA say “oops we made a mistake it isn’t safe so please stop using it and we are so sorry that you experienced such a great loss, here’s some money from our abundance to help you feel better” Harsh but so sadly very true! Doctors are paid by the pharmaceuticals, I weigh their opinions greatly! We are our own best physician, the information is out there. I recently read the story about Thalidomide babies, this was a drug in the 60’s marketed for morning sickness, it was on the market for many years before someone realized it was causing horrific birth defects in babies! Scary…

  13. says

    My doc said dying hair was ok after the first trimester. He also said that there are no reliable statistics on it, but that it falls in to the better safe then sorry catagory. He also pointed out that every hairdresser would have to retire for nine months if the risks were very high,

  14. KellyMay says

    Oh and I read that Sean P took his first steps this week, it’s so much fun when they start walking! I love their little toddle!

  15. nicola says

    I was 8 months pregnant wiv my son when i dyed my hair, or rather bleached it. I spoke 2 my midwife 1st and she said 2 go ahead. My son`s 17months now so it proves it`s not that dangerous

  16. Sarah says

    I think the whole “you can’t die your hair when your pregnant” thing was just an old wives tale. I’ve heard of many mothers to be coloring their hair. I think its ok as long as you dont color your hair say once a week. I think she’ll be just fine. Yes she looks great and S.P. is so cute also. They look so happy when its just the two of them.

  17. beth says


    i read in an interview/posting that britney dyed her hair by herself, but used vegetable dye. don’t know if it’s reliable info or not, but that’s what i heard.

    i sure hope for sean p’s sake that his parents realize that he will be and is the one who will be hurt the most by the “odd” and “risky” behaviors, both on fed and britney’s parts.

  18. Tasha says

    SEAN is adorable as usual and britt is so beautiful i just love that dress, i totally cant wait to see brittys second child! Is it really a gurl!? anyone?!

  19. christina says

    i was smaller with my second pregnancy than i was with my first and even smaller with my third baby, and they were all 9lb i think its just the way your body knows whats its doing 2nd time around, (in my experience) also i didn’t think you were supposed to dye your hair during pregnancy? or is there a way around this with certain dyes??? anyone?
    Britney looks great not sure about the dress but better than some of her outfits recently and she looks genuinely happy, sean is so cute!

  20. KellyMay says

    She looks great! Sean P continues to get cuter everyday! I can’t wait to see what her daughter will look like….

  21. braydie says

    she doesn look cute but her roots are going out …doesnt look too good. …shes looks alot smaller with this baby then she did with sean

  22. Diana says

    She looks really good in these pics, and that baby just gets sweeter by the day. The pink is a little too bright though with her dark hair! Nice otherwise though!! She has lovely features 😉

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