Kate Hudson & Ryder Frolick In Malibu

Kate Hudson has been enjoying a lot of beach time with son Ryder recently in Malibu. This pic is of the sweet pair yesterday. The brunette with them looks just like Liv Tyler.

Kate Hudson



  1. ruby says

    hi im ruby and im from englnd and i just wonna say that kate hudson i fantastic mother and that she has i great talent in acting and i want to be an actor and just 1 more thing is that i love the film HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS [ ITS GREAT ] !!!!!XxX!!!!!!

  2. Leigha says

    Kate is a gd mum i do agree with sum ppl..but u dnt let dangerous things in ur kids way say if he burned himself when kate wasnt looking..im noh being funnie lyk buh she aint a bardd mum she is a gd person and a gd actress i have neverr met herr but lyk from her actressing she seems lyk a gd personn soo i dnohh ppzz…xx

  3. AMBER MACKAY says


  4. Miranda says

    Yeah, and hopefully there’s a safety-thing on the lighter. I think Ryder’s adorable with his long hair.

  5. Carleigh says

    Team Anniston this girl and her MOM have never had boobs…just look at the mom and you will see Katie is built just like Goldie thin, lean and lanky and barely any chest to speak of. She might “appear” to have boobs in movies but that’s probably from extra padding. She did say she loved being prego because it was the first time she actually had a chest. She’s cute and looks just like her mom.

  6. Ann-Marie says

    sammie, he is 2 and a half, 5 more months until they can cut his hair. did you see the picture of Ryder at his uncle’s wedding, cut the hair already and get rid of the soother as well, or his teeth will be crooked.

  7. Marti says

    Cut that kids’ hair! Has anyone seen a picture of Kate & Chris together, lately? Just wondering????

  8. Sandey says

    Doesn’t everyone look at photo’s, old and new and say OMG what was I thinking? Any one who says oh never not ever ,either isn’t to truthful or not too smart. Any child capable of the thought process, told no once or twice is going to be even more curious and come hell or high water will find a way to check it out, with or without you. They all gotta check out the NO’s. To my thinking I’d much rather they check it out with supervision than have them do it on their own. A lot of fires are started by curious children told no. So, in my opinion those of you who truly believe you said no and your chid would never think of doing it anyway are at real risk of having your haous burned down.

  9. tash says

    The lighter has a safety switch on it. The kidn’t strong enough to push the the one button while holding the other one down and pulling. Plus if Kate knew what she were doing, she would tell the kid that it’s a lighter, and not to light it, and the kid would listen. My son has played with one before, but it didn’t have anything in it. So maybe the one that the kid had was out of lighter fluid. Ever think of all that? yeah cause yall don’t have kids 😛

  10. babyhates says

    Everyone in here is always trying to stick up for these people….. it should matter it there in hollywood or not there still parents and you don’t let your child playing with a LIGHTER !!!!! Can you image if that was you at the beach some one would want to call social service and you’d be labeled a BAD PARENT that was ENDANGERING your child but everyone wants to say “oh she took it away”…. how do you know ??????? Whatever people !!!!!!!!

  11. Diana says

    Kelz – I agree, I just stated my opinion that I think she is a little thin, that’s all. I still think she is lovely looking, its just not that healthy to be that thin.

  12. Diana says

    I think she is pretty, but too thin. She needs to eat a bit more. She isn’t a good role model at all.

  13. Jude says

    Would you all get off your high horses oh perfect people who do no wrong. I don’t think I have ever read such a lot of self righteous nonsense. Go and do something constructive instead of sitting in judgement on others!!!

  14. KellyMay says

    It is quite possible after the pic was snapped that Kate talked to Ryder about how dangerous lighters can be. I know my own children are often curious about new objects, it’s the approach after the fact that determines the situation! Kate is a good mom, and children are children. He probably doesn’t even know what it does and I’m sure the safety buttons are the same in the US as they are in Canada. Personally I try to limit their access to dangerous stuff but like has been pointed out we don’t know the whole story…

  15. Angie says

    i love how ppl think they know everything about the situation when they see a picture. who knows (or cares) if it is in fact a real lighter or a toy. wha ti want to know is why do these rich and famous ppl never put clothes on their kids at the beach? do they not sell swimtrunks/bathing suits in California?? someone pls explain this to me!! lol

  16. Emily says

    do you see him trying to light anything with it…..No, you see him holding it while is Mom is lifting him into the air. I really doubt she was letting him “lite” something.

  17. tina says

    my kids don’t play with lighters they are all kept out of there reach, my daughter knows not to touch anything like that, they even learnt a song about it at school, i don’t understand how any parent would put dangers in front of there child like that, my kids prefer to play with toys not lighters

  18. braydie says

    i thought too that she should cut his hair but who cares its not hurting him, and he seems to like his long hair…religion or not i dont think she will cut it after the 3 years is up either…he’s old enough now to know if he wants it short or long. as for the lighter, im sure she took it away form him, for some reason lighters are ALWAYS the thing kids want to play with.

  19. Sammie says

    Just for information Ann-Marie they say jewish religion that you can’t cut your child’s hair till their three and he’s only two. And who really cares what you think about his hair. I’m sure she’s not crying about what you think either.

  20. Ann-Marie says

    she did have a boy right……that long hair really makes him look like a girl. Get with it kate he is an XY not XX Cut his hair already would ya

  21. babyhates says

    Either way Sean P isn’t in this picture but I guess there all going to end up with skin cancer ! Oh well !

  22. Carleigh says

    That little boy might be in the sun everday but we have yet to seem him fried to a crisp like little Sean P.

  23. babyhates says

    Ahhhhhh playing with a lighter !!!!!! What a bad mother !!! You know that little boy is always in the sun also !!! It’s like everyday !!!

  24. KellyMay says

    Ugh I love Kate but letting Ryder play with a lighter 🙁 Yes that other girl really looks like Liv!

  25. AnotherMama says

    Cute – But A Big GRiLL Lighter IS NOT a TOY!!! Come on, fine him something else to play with.

  26. lynn says

    yes it is ,and that’s not safe…. parent’s don’t alway’s think about what could hurt the child… yes she is there now however when she isnt he may try to get a hold of something that is dangerous …..he need’s to be told no

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