Fred Savage (Of The Wonder Years) & Wife Welcome A Son

Former Wonder Years star Fred Savage and his wife, Jennifer Lynn Stone, welcomed their first child, a boy.

Fred Savage

The baby was born Saturday night in Los Angeles. He weighed in at 6 lbs., 13 oz. and measured 20 inches long. The couple, who have yet to name their son, “are absolutely thrilled,” Savage’s agent reports.




  1. Rebecca Hahn says

    I half to agree she does look terriable in that pic. Viewers have no clue who she is at all ? Fred’s even hotter now met him yrs ago as a kid still have his autograph. I even use to fantasie about marrying him least katie got her guy.

  2. babyhates says

    WOW, she’s pretty !!! no make up and all !!! Ahhhh natural beauty !!! You don’t see that alot !!!

  3. Rhonda says

    Angie you are just petty!!! What did you look like when you were that far along? If you even have a kid I don’t know. This website is like a bunch of Beauty shop gossip. Who cares what these other women look like or what they let there kids play with (Kate Hudson) get a life and worry about your own kids.

  4. Diana says

    Yes Angie, she is VERY pretty and natural in this picture. May I suggest you leave off slagging everybody off, there is no room for comments like that when they are unjustified.

  5. KellyMay says

    Angie I read that she was a childhood friend he met up with again after 10 years, they immediately fell in love! She’s very pregnant in that picture and probably wasn’t expecting someone to take her picture. She is a very natural pretty girl!

  6. KellyMay says

    Oh my gosh, now I feel old he was just a kid during the wonder years now he’s a Dad! Craziness, how do we stop that ticking clock by the way!

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