Britney's Pregnancy Cravings For Organic Baby Food & Soil

Britney was spotted at a Malibu toy store recently and she looks great!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is having cravings for her son’s baby food.

The ‘Toxic’ singer is eight months pregnant with her second child and has cravings for Sean Preston’s organic baby food.

A friend of the star is quoted by Britain’s The Sun newspaper as saying:

“Britney is trying hard to eat healthily with this pregnancy but she’s getting cravings for weird food.

“She munches through tubes of baby biscuits.”

During her pregnancy Britney has been craving Cheetos crisps, fried chicken and even soil.

Last month the 24-year-old singer was rushed to hospital, when she suffered false labour pains, seven months into her pregnancy.

She resolved to improve her diet after doctors told her junk food cravings were not good for the baby.

A friend said: “She wasn’t eating enough vegetables. But Britney is now determined to enjoy the rest of her pregnancy and stay healthy after she gives birth.”

Cravings can be so weird! I remember craving a LOT of different things, but my top cravings were for mango, fresh squeezed orange juice and steak.

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  1. nicola says

    Well said Carleigh.
    I also had a thing 4 FOAM SPONGES, ur not tellin me Maite that it was just hunger…..If u`ve eva had kids then u`d understand what strange things pregnancy does 2 u.

    I neva actually ate the sponge 4 those of u who think i`m wierd, I just chewed on it !!!!!

  2. Ashlee says

    I don’t get her. She was way better with justin, she was not crazy then, justin could contral her. i don’t get why she is having another baby. All her and kevin do is fight, she to me is not going to be a good mom , like gwen stefani.

  3. Carleigh says

    And Teri btw I ate whatever i craved and gained 14 lbs with my first child and lost it all before I came home. Second child I put on 17 lbs. and had a c-section I lost the weight pretty quickly but the swelling was another ordeal altogether. I believe it’s more about moderation and not OVER eating during pregnancy. Women who give into cravings I don’t believe gain anymore weight than a woman who uses the excuse of being prego to gorge and let her eating get out of control.

  4. Carleigh says

    With my first daughter I wanted and CRAVED guacamole, salsa, sour cream mixed together from Casa Guallardo on BLUE (only blue now) tortilla chips. With the second one it was Godiva white chocolate raspberry stars (OH GOD THOSE ARE TOO DAMN GOOD!) and spinach artichoke dip from California Pizza Kitchen! It wasn’t about being hungry either I just HAD to have it! My body did CRAVE it! ( I also stumbled upon something absolutely disgusting that I loved too! I had a strawberry shake and my hubby had a dr. pepper and I drank some of the cola right after my swig of shake so after that I would get both and dump half of each out and MIX it and it was heavenly but now that I think about it——EWWWW)

  5. Deborah says

    Maite, really hun, learn how to read.
    I will quote you:
    “A craving is nothing more than being hungry.”
    Thanks for the positive feedback. You’re kind and charming. 🙂

  6. Teri says

    I never had cravings during my pregnancy. I was the way I was when I wasn’t pregnant I tried stuff once and if I didn’t like it I didn’t eat it again. To me women who have cravings for stuff have a tendency to gain more weight than they should

  7. says

    I dont remember having too many cravings, I remember one week I wanted nothing but a Bo Jangles chicken sandwich and even ate it for lunch and dinner two days in a row. The a little later on, I wanted Mayo with my potato chips. I ended up having a boy.

    I know people who did get a uncontrollable needs for certain things in pregnancy, and some women who had none at all. I think it is a case by case thing, and anyone who doesn’t believe in it should just lay off and not worry about it.

    Now the poor husbands who have to run out and fetch the stuff, let them whine to their buddies about it later.

  8. Maite says

    Deb, really hun…. learn how to read. Its the rediculous rantings I hate.

    I will quote myself:
    “dont get me wrong…when you wanna have something in particular to eat, its nice to have it. But those women that insist on these outrageous foods, from out of the way places, at outrageous hours?! Ladies please. Stop the dramatics! ”

    Thank you for the attention Deborah!

  9. Deborah says

    Maite, you can “hate” that some women crave different food items. And sure, some are probably just being dramatic but, some cravings are induced by the bodys need for certain nutrients. It is a proven fact. Maybe you should read up on the subject before you spout off about your “hates.” I think your posting is a little “dramtic” but hey, it’s your craving not mine.

  10. nicola says

    I was pregnant at the same time as my friend and we both couldn`t stop crunchin ice. My friend also had a thing 4 grass !!

  11. Maite says

    oh god, that video! It looks like she’s on extacy. That is NOT acting. I adore her music. But she is no actress. And when she DID do SNL… she really sucked.

    I cant believe she would allow herself to be videotaped so stoned!

  12. Maite says

    jesus….I hate when women use that escuse: “I’m craving ______”. Please! A craving is nothing more than being hungry. Some dramatic women use the word to be annoying and get what they want.

    dont get me wrong…when you wanna have something in particular to eat, its nice to have it. But those women that insist on these outrageous foods, from out of the way places, at outrageous hours?! Ladies please. Stop the dramatics!

  13. Ann-Marie says

    I craved orange juice and I had a boy. someone else i know craved orange juice and they also had a boy

  14. Carleigh says

    I hate that trashy dark hair she looks like she now needs a good shampooing herself…kevin brings her sooooooo down!

  15. kaisha says

    speaking of weird cravings, with my daughter I craved cereal (frosted flakes) and now that I’m pregnant with my son, I have to have a bottle of pine sol around just to constantly clean and smell it. Its crazy I know but I find something to clean every day just so I can expereince the smell. I need HELP

  16. lynn says

    whoever say’s britney looks grate need’s to get a good look at her she looksa healthy but dresse’s like a poor lady

  17. KellyMay says

    Interesting that she is craving those things! Our cravings tell a lot of what our body is needing in pregnancy! Personally I couldn’t get enough greek salad in both pregnancies!

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