Britney Spotting!

Britney spotting! Britney was snapped while out shopping with her mom, Sean, and the yumbo bodyguard, Perry! I can’t get over how vivacious she looks with her long brunette locks!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears



  1. Tonya says

    Whats up with those clothes MOO MOO dresses…she is Hollywoods worst dressed for a preggo….but again shes country….

  2. lily says

    I really think she is trying to make the best out of her bad situation. I mean come on have you seenher husband???? I wish the best for her, sean, and the new baby

  3. jodi says

    Britney . . . . a SINGLE mother ? PLEASE ! with a husband and all the help that money can buy ? That is not a REAL single mother and to call her that is insulting to the real hardworking single mothers !!!

  4. says

    he he, I like the pregnancy test one. I had a friend do the paperclip on a string thing that if it circles it was a girl, back and forth a boy. String said girl, DNA said boy. lol

  5. Ann-Marie says

    I heard by looking at your pregnancy stick test can tell you if you are having a girl or a boy. You must by the one with the two lines, not the + – one. If both lines are dark you will have a girl. If one line is lighter than the other then you will have a boy. It was right for me, one dark line , one light line and I had a boy. My best friend had 2 dark lines and she had a girl!!!

  6. KellyMay says

    I see a lot of pregnancies and everyone is different irregardless of sex. My girlfriend just had her third girl with varying experiences with each pregnancy and she also carried very different with the last two.
    Personally my pregnancy with my daughter was amazing, healthy vibrant curls (naturally curly hair), clear complexion and not one episode of sickness. With my son I vomitted everyday for 20 weeks, broke out (had always had clear skin), looked like I was drained no matter what I did and for the first time in my life my hair went straight… I blamed it on the testosterone LOL As soon as I delivered everything went back to normal?!? For the record my diet did not change from one pregnancy to the next, I was smaller (weight wise) with the second and had the same job during both. Who knows?

    I heard rumour this is a girl for Britney, I saw a video yesterday of her looking at dolls (specifically angels) in a store. Won’t be long now!

  7. Carleigh says

    I have only had girls myself. I don’t know if carrying a boy vs, girl makes the pregnancy itself any easier. I think it’s how a woman takes care of herself, whether or not she is overweight/obese/fit prior to conception, diet, lifestyle and physical factors that will ultimately determine how a pregnancy effects a womans body. I was 23 with my first one and I was able to do almost anything I wanted in moderation. Fastforward 8 years later and I was 31 going on 32 and pregnant with my second child. The second pregnancy was not as easy on my as far as my fatique level but I was also working full time and single to boot taking care of one child already. Britney has the money, nanny/manny to help her do anything she needs to have done whereas the rest of us working out butts off have to make do with the resources we have. If her pregnancy this time around is more difficult than w/ Sean P. it’s probably because she has had two pregnancies w/in the past 11 months and didn’t give her body time to recover fully, her marriage sucks and she’s unhappy and she’s under an exhorbitant amount of personal and emotional stresses. Her diet also sucks she eats butt loads of fast food, junk food, drinks tons of coffee and soda…just look at her complexion and you can see that her total lifestyle is taking a toll and unfortunately it’s exacerbated by this second pregnancy.

  8. Maria says

    Ahhhhhhh manny’s BACK !!!!!!!!!!!! I like the hair but she needs some styling help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. says

    I’m thinking she is going to have a girl. She has said this has been a harder pregnancy then the first one. My friends all told me I was having a boy when I managed to avoid morning sickness, and they were right. My cousin, did not fair so well and she had a girl. IT may all be hooey as I like to call it, but it sure seems to be true most of the time.

    Another benefit of carrying a boy is the way you carry them may hurt your legs but your back isnt as bad, and all pregnancies give you good hair, but carrying a boy made my Fabulous.

    Any of you think having a boy or girl to be easier to carry?

  10. says

    I don’t like her in the brown, but I guess I’m just accustomed to the blonde. Not sure what her natural color is, but when she was 11 and blonde I really hope her mom wasn’t bleaching her hair out, so I want to say IMO she is naturally blonde.

    Glad Perry is back, and I hope that either Kevin becomes a responsible, loving and providing hubby, or she kicks him to the curb.

  11. impeachBush says

    She looks less like Jamie-Lynn’s sister & more like her mom’s sister. Also, not as happy-go-lucky as 1st pregnancy. Probably because baby #2 is another boy.

  12. impeachBush says

    She looks less like Jamie-Lynn’s sister & more like her mom’s sister. Also, not as happy-go-lucky as 1st pregnancy. Probably because baby #2 is another boy.

  13. lala_brit says

    Britney looks so much happier with Perry in tow. I’m not keen on her long brown locks but hey-ho whatever floats her boat. I’m glad that she seems happier.

  14. Lisa M says

    I think she looks good no matter what..People need to lay off her and let her be a mom..She is a very good one too..She is a single mother tryin her hardest with her first child..You could only imagine what it would be like if you were under a microscope 24/7 like she is..Good luck with your 2nd child Brit..You will a good mom to this one too..By the ways she needs to dump Kevin or somethin!!

  15. CJK says

    Bless her heart, she’s trying! I just hope that she’s able to have her next child in peace. I can’t imagine what comments my preggo pics would have gotten so I just feel for her.

  16. Jenn says

    I think the brown is nice, I am sure she is not a natural blond either. I think she looks great in these pictures! If you would be presentable like this more often, she probally would not catch so much crap!

    We missed your updates too! So happy you are back!

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