What Hollywood Kids Will Look Like In 20 Years

US Magazine has a really cool (and sort of eery!) array of pictures showing what today’s Hollywood babies will look like in 20 years! It features Apple Martin, Sean Preston, Madonna’s children and more.

Check it out here!



  1. Traci says

    You can tell NOW, that Zahara is going to be regal, elegant and beautiful. She has the attributes of an Ethiopian goddess.

  2. courious says

    What’s with all the hateration for Maddox and Zahara? They look no worse than the other kids! Maybe we should leave personal biases out of the whole thing.

  3. Eva says

    WOW!!! my favorite pic was the one of CoCo Arquette. But then again all the kids are and will be beautiful when they grow up. If they actually look like that when they get older OMG I’ll be amazed.

  4. Amanda says

    now if they said it was done with digital aging then ya we could see that, but they didn’t say that, they said they put the parents together to see what they would look like. so ya i think the adopted kids are off, and by them using them even makes me wonder how off they are with the other kids too.

  5. niesha says

    look I think it’s all in fun and it actually looks right . I think all of those kids will honesty look like that hopefully trump’s hair don’t . lol

  6. Crystal says

    you guys thinking that using adopted kids is wrong are off. they dont use the parents to blend, its a digital aging done on the basis of how a face naturally ages. pretty cool actually.

  7. says

    Maddox is scary as hell, I hope to god that sketch artist is wrong.. Then it really doesn’t matter what he look like money buys lots of things. And ya okay whatever on Zahara.
    Coco, Apple, and Lourdes are SO beautiful, even though we won’t know till they are older, they are such sweethearts now ya just know they are gonna be heartbreakers! Dad’s keep your doors locked at home 🙂
    I think Sean, Barron and Rocco are little sweeties too. Mom’s watch out for the “girl next door” 🙂
    The next generation of Hollywood heavyweights are going to be a BEAUTIFUL bunch. All the best to these fine 6 children.

  8. Lisa says

    I don’t think they were meshing mom/dad. i think it is similar to the aging procees that police use for missing kids. They digitally “age” the picture and I think that is what happened here, I hope, otherwise including adopted children is pure nonsnece and cruel…

  9. Maria says

    That was dumb !!!! First of all the “pitts” can’t look like there parents there ADOPTED !!!!! Unless they found there parents in CAM/AFR (which I doubt) and all those are just computer drawings !!!! Ahhhh and I agree that little girl needs something done to her eyebrows (also won’t she be like 30 in her updated picture ?????)

  10. Carleigh says

    I saw the before pic of Madonna’s daughter Lourdes and all I can honestly say is that little girl needs a date with some hot wax or a good pair of tweezers! OMG she has some hairy little brows she could give Brooke Shields a real run for her money!

  11. Kelley says

    I don’t think it was fair of them to use Zahara and Mad. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I know people who have children that they have adopted, who thanks to personality and facial expression do favir their adopted parents but come on! You can not possibly determine what a child would look like based on adopted parents. Whoever this forensic person that they hired is, I should have thought they would decline doing that. People who work inthe field would not want the science involved to be “diluted” by doing it with just anyone. I can imagine they can show what a kid of two people might look like, but not when the actual child is involved.

  12. anothermama says

    Since Maddox & Zaharra are adopted, they really dont know what their real parents look like so it cant be a combo of mom & dads looks really. right?

  13. Lisa says

    I thought Brit’s baby was unrealistic, as well as Apple Martin. Madonna’s daughter, and Zahara Jolie-Pitt were done very well.

  14. eBirdie says

    Barron Trump and Maddox J-P are really scary. The rest look at least a little normal. They’re all cute as little ones, though!

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