It's Another Boy For Heidi Klum & Seal!

Heidi Klum and Seal are expecting another baby boy, according to the proud daddy. Seal let the exciting news slip while performing in Germany, saying he was excited about the birth of “the little boy.”

Heidi Klum



  1. Clara says

    This is my favorite couple in Hollywood. They seem so devoted to themselves and to their children.

  2. KTG says

    I admire Seal for the love that he has for his daughter. I also am happy for Seal and Heidi for their good fortune on their third child. Much happiness in the future.

  3. KellyMay says

    I personally think Seal is beautiful, especially for what he has experienced in his life…then he sang! Heidi, I envy you…

  4. Carleigh says

    Who cares if he isn’t the sexiest man alive or maybe even the most handsome????? When a man treats you well, respects you, cares for you and genuinely loves you unconditionally it’s very easy to look past the fact that he may not be classically handsome or even handsome to anyone but you. When someone loves you for WHO you are and NOT what you are theres a difference. Obviously Heidi saw something in Seal that made her fall in love with him and vice versa. They are a beautiful couple and seem perfect for each other. Seal worships her and ALL their kids and they are a great example of true happiness. Heidi glows and her happiness inside just shines through to the outside! She’s stunningly beautiful and gets better with each kid she has! LOL..kinda makes me wonder how she manages to do it too!??? Wonders never cease.

  5. says

    Both of those kids are very cute, and she is the only woman I have seen carry a pregnacy so well, how she does it I have no idea, cudos to her. And yes they do seem VERY happy all the time, in life and with eachother but I am sorry I have to say he is not goodlooking at all, actually he kinds scares me!! but who cares I don’t have to look at him every morning.

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