The Secret To Having A Celeb Smile Like Catherine Zeta-Jones

I have been in a real funk about my teeth (even though they are perfectly fine) and now I know why. We are constantly looking at celebs on tv, the movies and in magazines who have gleaming white smiles. I have actually started to feel so self-conscious about my teeth that I don’t want to smile fully. I used to have very white teeth, but after becoming a mom I developed an addiction to coffee (only Dunkin Donuts will do) and red wine has become one of my guilty pleasures. I feel no guilt for the coffee…that actually feels noble! 🙂 But the wine definitely feels guilty! The point is that my teeth are no longer a beautiful shade of white. Catherine Zeta-Jones is an admitted wine and cigarette aficionado….so why are her teeth so white? Looks like anyone with $30,000 to spare can have the perfect celeb smile!

Catherine Zeta-Jones



  1. says

    Seen hundreds of common looking women, the earlier photo only has the glow of youth and nothing significant. the more recent one has the glow wealth can bring in erasing wrinkles, straightening crooked teeth, reducing hair frizz, filling moneybags while obliterating eyebags. common looks getting a makeover. thatzall…. better to be a rich old man’s queen than a young man’s slave. better if the old man is a s– addict than a dysfunctional young man…smart crone that zeta.

  2. Lisa says

    The secret is to marry an over the hill judgemental jerk who lost his first wife cause he could not keep his D*#k in his pants. A beauty, she is for sure.

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