New Photos Of Brad, Angelina & Maddox

First pic of Brangelina I’ve seen for a long time! Maddox looks cute and mischievous here! It is sweet of Angelina and Brad to take the time to focus on Maddox by leaving Shiloh and Zahara at home for an afternoon.
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt’s grandmother reveals Brad’s concerns about getting married to Angelina. Pitt allegedly spoke to his grandmother, Betty Russell, shortly after the birth of his daughter Shiloh and told her he wasn’t quite ready to marry again. “He is a sensitive soul who just wants to make sure he can keep his promise this time around,” Russell says, referring to the fact that Pitt had failed his promise to his former wife Jennifer Aniston that they’d be together forever. She said, “Brad promised his last wife on their wedding day that they’d be together forever and they didn’t make it. “Brad has always wanted to have children and he is playing the father role very well,” Pitt’s grandmother says. “The family loved Jennifer. But he has got Angelina now and seems really happy with life. He’s very close to Maddox. He confides little secrets to him.”

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

That sounds a little like a veiled dig at Angelina from the grandmother. Maybe not though. Betty also spoke out in Januay 2005 when Brad and Jennifer had first separated and said she was certain that they would get back together! “I’m sure this is just a temporary thing. Brad and Jennifer are beautiful people. They’ve always been so happy,” she said. Betty went on to reveal that as far as she was concerned the break up was a real shock. “It was like a bolt from the blue when he called to say they were separating. I was shocked. Brad never gave any hint that something might be up. “They are both precious and have too much love to throw it all away. They just need to spend a little time apart before they realize how much they miss each other. I’m praying for it.” Wow!

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  1. courtney says

    i think brand and jenn were like the best couple, im not hating on angelina but why in the world would he go from jenn to angelina? i love angelina dont get me worng but i never saw that happening….i mean, i did after i saw the movie mr and mrs smith but brads a little weird all the sudden….he never used to do the things and act the way he acts before he got with angelina…shes brain washed him…but hey they have a gorgeous baby!!

  2. smile says

    will all I can say jennifer is already closed book and already 6 feet under the ground.SHE HAS TO LOOK FOR A GUY WHO CAN MAKE HERSELF SO FAMOUS AND MAKE HER HEAD BIG AGAIN.

    her character in friends is what she is in real life.And its happening to her.She should look for guys she could have sex so she wont get depressed and bored.

  3. Lisa says

    Brad + Jen= not forever, boring and Nana-you are nuts to put they still love eachother in their hearts. Also, the all caps thing is annoying.

  4. Carleigh says

    It’s sad but true that in today’s society that marriage and commitment appear to be as disposable as a used tissue. However being divorced myself I know that when I did get married I didn’t go into it with the thought of “Oh I will be with you just until I get sick of you”. I regret that my marriage tanked but yes it does happen for more reasons than cheating, womanizing, etc. Marriages basically break up because one or BOTH of the people involved grow up, grow apart, change, have different goals and values, etc. I wish I could still be married BUT only if the person I married hadn’t changed and did things that I couldn’t live with. Divorce is horrible! Maybe if it were as difficult to get married as it is to get divorced there wouldn’t be as many people rushing to do either…oh well it’s an imperfect world and nobody is perfect.

  5. Nicki says

    Unfortunately about 50% of marriages end in divorce in real life. Only in fairy tales is “marriage 4 life.”
    My opinion is they will make the most of it for however long they feel it is right.

  6. Diana says

    Perhaps they will never work out, time will see but at least those kids will have a better chance of life than what they would have done if Angelina hadn’t adopted them ;-)x

  7. nicola says

    Angelina fan, grow up and get a life………brad`s nothin more than a womanisin cheat, marriage`s 4 life not till u get bored. Brad was hardly in the tabloids till he got wiv Ange. I see this couple as nothin more than a publicity stunt.

    Face it, this couple r neva goin 2 last. So, get ur arse away from the pc, get a life and stop wiv all the language. It`s a site 4 opinions, don`t take it all 2 heart. Leave ur post and move on !!!!

  8. braydie says

    i dont have a problem with adoption, damn i did it 3 times….i just hope a womanizer and a person that doesnt know what she wants ever, can make it work for these children. Brad is going to adopt these kids and angelina is going to dump his butt and then where will these kids be. for all brad knows she can run off to the jungle of some country and he wont even be able to see his first born. theres what maybe 5 hollywood couples that have lasted for more then 15 yrs or so…some dont make it past the 5th year. most dont make irt past the first. do you really think that someone like brad and angelina will make it? i dont think they will, JMO

  9. Diana says

    I don’t totally agree with how Angelina and Brad have gone along with their relationship, but thank God for people like Angelina and Brad for giving little ones hope and love in their lives, that they have never ever had before 😉 Whatever they have done, the fact that they can provide love and care to those two littles ones is simply amazing. No matter what they have done in the past, who they are etc.. etc.. you can’t take that away from them xx

  10. Carleigh says

    I don’t want them to “adopt” me..I just want their money…LOL…your too funny Braydie! LMAO

  11. braydie says

    oh yeah and like ill believe a site that sells posters and keychains of celebs and then has their adoption things on it too lol w/e…i think ill get my own info …not your internet tabloid crap, ty

  12. braydie says

    Angelina “stalker” fan~~~~excatly it HAS TO BE FINALIZED which = HE HASNT ADOPTED THEM DUMBASS! I would give you some site names but im having to much fun reading all the crap you think is the truth. makes me laugh how much i get to you stalker. or should i say spell checker nazi now lol. nah stalkers good. i really dont have to DISCREDIT you …your doing fine doin that yourself. You should really read what you say in your own post…all you doing is making yourself look as dumb as you sound. say what you want its your opinion … me ” blabbing” on about him not adopting them yet…yeah its better then screaming he has and in the same post stating it has to be finallized… like you. as for looking up sites …im not you i have better things to do then sit at my comp searching for sites on brad and angelina. also i dont correct my spelling mistakes because frankly i dont give a damn if its spelled right or wrong.
    carliegh…stalker is just a stupid little girl, that believes that angelina and brad will come and adopt her too….sigh maybe one day…..

  13. Carleigh says

    Wow why all the vulgar language???? Trying or straining rather to get a point or train of thought across doesn’t require making things personal Angelina Fan. I like em’ too but damn your a bit obsessive aren’t you?

  14. Angelina Fan says

    Then Bradyie BIGMOUTH show me sites that prove or refute what your saying and show me links and the info to DISCREDIT me! Blah, Blah, Blah Braydie you can’t spell and your some kind of illiterate fuckin moron! You did and have said that HE HASN’T adopted THEM KIDS! Well being in the process of adopting means that he is doing just that! ADOPTING! God your so stupid! As for transcripts being “doctored” to suit a site??? You sound like a paranoid conspirasist who can’t believe or refuses to believe FACTS! HARD CORE FACTS! You can’t sit there and spout off about he HAS’NT adopted them when the link I have provided has clearly shown the court doc’s and the adoption is in process….that means that yes he is ADOPTING those kids! Unlike you blabbing on and on about NO he’s not adopted those kids yet! Well your wrong because he is doing just that! It just has to be finalized!

  15. braydie says

    Angelina Fan ~~ IN CLOSING…. you didnt give NO facts angelina’s personal rug muncher, all you did was give acouple of stupid sites. Seeing is believing and i dont believe everything i read. Since you have all this time to look up angelina site and crap maybe look up the stalker laws in CA. yes everyone is wrong a few times in their lives and when im wrong ill say it, i dont need some crazy stalker bitch to attempt to put words in my mouth, and since i am not wrong then you can just accept it and move on…and FYI …I am a bitch

  16. braydie says

    Angelina Fan~ did i get to you alittle bit?? one …your not right …so would would i say you are? as for billy bob…he ran away as fast as he could from that crazy bitch. and if i believe he had antoher child not to long after they broke up, but i guess her husband wasnt good enough to have a child with …i guess that gives her and brad something more in common huh?. but your too one sided and retarded to look at anything else but your precious angelina. and i get my info from more then what i read on the internet unlike you so i dont know where you get off telling me that a transscript cant be doctored to that certain sites satisfaction? oh yes i can follow you link and i did and i dont want to buy any keychains or posters thank you. LOL i have to laugh when you say angelina has put her money where her mouth is …. ok so all this time your saying that brad has adopted M and Z but in your long ass,about crap post #49 you state “DUH because their name is already changed and that was the first and quickest petition the court approved! to get the ADOPTION finalized but it is in process right now!” AND “ADOPTIVE FATHER TO BE” YOUR own words.I never said their names werent changed DUMBASS, i believe what i said was HE HAS NOT ADOPTED THEM KIDS. and that a name change DOES NOT mean he has … SO whos the idiot now? since you just PROVED in your own words im right??? ALSO if anyone THINKS they can back there opinions up should be put away (people like you) because NO ONE knows whats going on in thier lives but them. these are MY OPINIONS, i DONT MAKE IT personal like you ….thats why i believe you would stalk that crazy bitch if given the chance. you didnt provide proof of ANYTHING. i can find a dozen sites stating just the oppisite. so give it up, stalker. Yes i work for the goverment and let me tell ya they make damn sure they dont let people that have mental problems (like you) work for them. Do i KNOW you?? NO, then why would i give a shit if YOU believe im intelligent?

  17. Angelina Fan says

    And nana your just a fucking IDIOT to the tenth power here!

    Braydie in closing it’s real funny how you think you KNOW everything and spout off your self contrived bullshit but when someone gives you facts and hard core proof and date you say STALKER! Well if that’s your best defense I’d say your pretty pathetic and MISINFORMED AND JUST PLAIN W-R-O-N-G! Everyone is WRONG a few times in their life so just accept it and move on!

  18. Angelina Fan says

    BRAYDIE…she never had kids with her husbands because she didn’t want BIOLOGICAL children back then. She never even mentioned having either her own kids or adopting until she filmed BEYOND BORDERS in 2001 and she made a trip to an orphanage in Cambodia and found Mad. She wasn’t married to Johnny that long and she was in the PROCESS of adopting Mad while still married to BB because they went through a California state home study to adopt. By the time the boy was adopted her and BB were through and she was awarded SOLE custody of Mad. As far as not being able to follow the link I provided along with the issue/interview named…you must be just plain fucking stupid to not be able to find it…DUH BRAYDIE JUST DUMB! Too fucking stupid to follow a pretyped link and READ the entire interview transcript! We are supposed to believe BRAYDIE because she SAW the interview with her own two eyes and yet I provide a link to the direct transcript and you wanna dispute me???? OH OK! Whatever, your a complete and total IDIOT and I proved your uninformed because you’d rather run your mouth than admit I am right! Your pathetic and delusional if you think I am a stalker! Your the one sittin your fat ass on the couch with your eyes glued to the TV rather than doing actual research you just sit there and spout off BULLSHIT!

    As far as the blood vials yeah big fuckin deal you brought those up not me! Did you know that her and BB also wore one anthers undies??? Does that make her a bit strange sure it does! The cutting thing well she isn’t the only star in HOLLYWIERD that has done something self destructive look at all the anorexics, the drug addicts, alcoholics, bigots, stuck up rich snobs who do nothing to help anyone but themselves! Angelina has put her money where her mouth is and she is inspiring others in the process!!! What good has Jennifer Anniston done but to inspire that tacky, stupid RACHEL hair cut! She doesn’t give a shit about anyone but herself and you wanna blame Brad for running away from her as fast as he could! It wasn’t a moment to soon because he wanted things that Jennifer was to fucking SELFISH and SELF absorbed to give him! So he wanted a family, lots of people do and the way he went about it doesn’t make him a bad person! JEN and BRAD ARE OVER! But it doesn’t mean for one second she can’t change and grow and doesn’t love ALL of her kids! You can plainly see it if you open your prejudice eyes! As for Brad NOT adopting her kids well I love to disprove your DRIVEL and STUPIDITY check out this link if your not to fucking stupid since you work in HOMELAND security and you are to fuckin dumb to follow a link!!!!! Wow and like I believe your intelligent! NOT!

    It is going to take him MONTHS and MONTHS of paperwork, inhome supervision and a higher fee to adopt since they aren’t yet married! If he wasn’t serious about adopting then why go to so much trouble in the first place?????? DUH because their name is already changed and that was the first and quickest petition the court approved! to get the ADOPTION finalized but it is in process right now! Your sooooooo stupid!

    here’s the link:

    Check in particular petition # 3 stupid idiot! It states the sole adoptive mother is requesting the childrens names to be legally changed to incorporate the last name of the ADOPTIVE FATHER TO BE!!!!!!


    1.) That they haven’t been adopted yet and that only their last name has changed
    2.) Angelina was ADAMANT about NEVER having kids of her own!


  19. KellyMay says

    Nana, what a horrid statement
    I am speechless, you are a heartless woman and obviously have never loved a child before or the way they deserved! WOW, there sure is a lot of hate in this world!

    I love this video of Brad and Angelina with THEIR children, may God continue to bless them! Actions speak so much louder then words!

  20. nana says



    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. braydie says

    Angelina Fan ~~~first off your name is ridiculous. get a life. also what do you want me to do with this site you gave?? buy a poster or keyring? i cant find anything stating what your spewing. I didnt get my info off a internet site…i seen the interviews with my own eyes so dont try to tell me any diferently, im surprised your stalker ass didnt see it…but then again you cant get off your comp long enough to do anything else.. i can see someone changing her mind …and i dont give a flying fuck that she had a baby. only people like you stalkers give a fuck. what i think is funny is that she says she doesnt want kids, doesnt have any with her HUSBANDS, then all the sudden she gets with someone that is NORTORIOUS for wanting a kid and shes suddenly pregnant!? Angelina isnt real , shes as fake as they come with a womanizer and children she can display on a shelf. Yea she was a cutter and since shes a mother now you think shes all better? it wasnt that long ago she carried blood around her neck. shes not a “healthy” woman. and the only one i see making a big FRIGGIN deal out of anything is angelina stalkers like YOU.
    WHO FREAKING said anything about jen being nominated for ANYTHING?? I sure the hell didnt. angelina ISNT the greatest actress out there either…i believe there both crappy. so get a grip yourself and try to get a life, angelinas is taken.

  22. Angelina Fan says

    I found the website and exact quote that was made by Angelina about this topic:
    check under the 20/20 Barbara Walters Interview

    Jolie says she?d like to adopt another child, but doesn?t plan to have a biological child. ?It?s this weird feeling that if I had a … biological child next year, then there would be that kid out there that I would have adopted, that now isn?t adopted and is living in an orphanage,? she said.

    She didn’t say she NEVER wanted her own biological child states that she didn’t PLAN on having one. Haven’t you ever made a statement or decision to do something and then at some point down the road change your mind??? OMG…how stupid are you to make such a big FRIGGIN deal out of this stuff.

    Angelina wants and loves kids and she’s about as real as real can get. She has changed and grown up. The knives and shit you have talked about in pasts posts was when she was like 14 y/o. Get a grip!

    Jennifer is a SHITTY actress and when last I checked she has YET to even be nominated for an ACADEMY AWARD…and NO GG’s don’t count!

  23. says

    I do remember Ang making the statement that having children of her own was not a priority. She was single at the time and had “friends” who took care of her when she needed. LOL. Thank god we can change our minds. She obviously changed hers which is cool. After all, who hasn’t said and done things that they regret or change their minds about later?

  24. braydie says

    Deede ~~~ since your referring to all us haters then ill comment to your mini book about nothing. As with all us “haters” you bradangelina “fanatics” dont know squat about anything that went on. BUT one thing i know for a fact, HE HAS NOT ADOPTED THOSE KIDS. as of yet…why do you people keep saying hes their adopted father when he ISNT. they had a name change ALONG time ago. thats all thats happened! also jen never gave any interviews UNTIL brad went on diane Sawyer and spoke crap about her! and she still doesnt say anything bad about them, even now! as for your comment “No one knows what goes on in another?s marriage?good or bad?.even Grandma” you sure believe that YOU know everything about these people. AS for angelina not dating for 3 years …W/e omg she even said herself that she had 4 to 5 men to bed her whenever she wished and at any given time she can have any woman she wanted! I watched the interview with my own eyes so dont give me any crap about how wonderful she was not to date because of her kid? yeah like being a whore is better then actually having a relationship… aslo did you ever think that maybe vince was the ONLY one that was truthful to jen?? what if ALL these people knew that angelina and brad where together and everytime jen walked on that set to visit HER husband, there was whispers everywhere she went? Jen has said that vince is loyal …maybe thats why she found him so attractive? and maybe vince hates brad now is becuase he knows what a womanizer he really is? your statement that you made makes you sound like you just know everything and the only side your looking at is brad and angelinas. remember it GOES BOTH WAYS! as you said.
    and to Anglina Fan yes she DID say she never wanted kids that where her own, becuase there was so many out there already that needed homes. and everyone knows how bad brad wanted kids….pretty funny she suddenly changes her mind when she gets with him… probably was worried he would get RID of her too if she didnt pop acouple out.

  25. Anglina Fan says

    i don’t think Angelina stated exactly that she NEVER wanted to have biological children of her own..I think she said more along the lines of IF she had a biological child she would feel guilty because she would feel guilt about the little kids in the orphanages who don’t have a home.

  26. Deede says

    No one knows what goes on in another’s marriage…good or bad….even Grandma.

    None of us know how long Brad and Jennifer had been growing apart. Both gave interviews that seemed like they really did not think they were meant to be together forever.

    It was a matter of time when Jennifer decided not to have the child she promised Brad after ‘Friends’ was over. We all know she promised this because she said she was going to start a family after Courtney Cox became pregnant, and she wanted her child to grow up with Coco. Her career just seemed more important to her. I don’t know this for a fact, but it just seemed so. Afterall, Jen IS pushing 40. It is getting late to start a family.

    I personally think Brad was drifting in life. He didn’t seem very satisfied with a shallow existence and living in a museum of a house that even he said he was uncomfortable in. Jennifer wanted a show house and she got one, but I don’t think it helped their marriage. I do remember Brad telling Diane Sawyer that he was the lonliest man he knew wandering around that mausoleum.

    When Brad met Angie, Angie had not dated anyone since she adopted Maddox and threw Billy Bob out of her life. Angie CHANGED when she was making the movie “Beyond Borders”. She changed in every way imaginable. Her movie career gave her the resources to help people, and she has done just that. She said she fell in love with Maddox at first sight, and knew he must be her son. For all the adoptive mothers out there, you all should understand that feeling. Even I do and I’ve never adopted.

    THREE years is a long time between relationships but the haters never mention this fact. They try to put her with Colin Ferrell when there was nothing to that. She stated that until she met the man that was going to be in her life forever, she would not bring him in contact with Maddox socially. For this, I applaude her. So many times men or women go in and out of a child’s life while the mother or father is dating and all the while the child is wondering if that man or women might be his/her new stepdad or stepmom. It is so confusing for them.

    When Brad adopted the children, we all knew this was a VERY SERIOUS relationship or Angie would never have let this happen. Letting Brad adopt her children has opened Angie up to Brad suing for custody if they ever break up. She must really love Brad to do this, because despite what some of you think, Angelina is a wonderful mother.

    Brad had already become interested in helping the third world countries BEFORE Angelina because Bono had asked for Brad’s help. Bono is the one that helped Brad see the horrific living conditions in Africa and in other poor countries. George Clooney also was involved in these charities, and this gave Brad a purpose in life.

    During the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Brad and Angelina must have found that they had so much in common. Maddox was on set and Brad fell in love with him. Yes, I do believe the sparks did fly between them, but I personally do not think Brad cheated on Jennifer before they split up. It’s just my opinion, but I do believe that Vince Vaughn watched their friendship developing and ran to Jennifer with all the gossip. Funny that he used to be Brad’s friend. Funny how the two of them ended up together.

    I think that Brad knew his marriage was over, and told Jennifer so, but I think he let Jennifer tell the world as she saw fit. The trip after Christmas in 2004 was the way she wanted to tell their friends and family. He went along with it just as he has went along with so much of what Jennifer wanted during their split and divorce.

    After they were legally separated, Brad and Angie went to pick up Zahara. Vince and Jennifer were already seeing each other. So for the haters to say that only Brad was unfaithful to their marriage vows, well, do you really think Vince Vaughn was willing to twiddle his thumbs ever night while Jennifer played the martyr?

    And play the martyr Jennife has, but I don’t think she played alone.

    Brad has never said one bad word about her, but she constantly gave interview after interview where she ripped him. At least he showed class by NOT saying anything. The entire time Jen was complaining about Brad “seeing” Angie, Jen was “seeing” Vince. It works both ways.

    I wish the best for Jennifer because I think she has her priorities all screwed up. Notice how she is already changing Vince? Wasn’t Vince good enough for her as he was? Guess not.

    I wish the best for Brad and Angie and their three children. Yes, Angie said she didn’t want a biological child, but this was before Brad and when she had just adopted Maddox. I also do not believe that they will ever show favoritism for Shiloh. Remember, Brad has been Zahara’s father since DAY 1 when they picked her up.

    I don’t know but I’ve always had this strange feeling that the two of them are already married. I’ve always thought they got married in Canada, but we may never know for sure. Legal or not, if they stood before the eyes of God and proclaimed their love for each other and for their family, then that is a bond between the two of them.

    I wish them all love and happiness.

  27. KellyMay says

    Gramma I agree 100%, I believe they are in love too! I have not seen one interview to suggest wrong, I heard Brad speak when he was with Jen (very shallow) then I heard him again after meeting Angelina, he was in bless! He talked about soul mates, commitment and partners, Hats off to you Brad and Angelina! It’s tough enough in the ‘real’ world I couldn’t imagine being a celeb!

  28. gramma says

    All name-calling aside, these are two people who fell in love, who have brought a child into this world they both love and cherish, have the ability to make at least 3 little lives more meaningful; hopefully more. And they have the capability to be one of the great love stories of this time. Why not wish them all the best, maybe just maybe they realize getting out and actually making a change in our world is more important than $$$ and negative comments. It would be very hard to act natural when cameras were in every nook and cranny of ones life. And maybe they are actually smart enough to feed the press what they know it wants? I see them as an extremely smart and savvy couple who are trying their best with their children. Hats off to them.

  29. Anglina Fan says

    You can see how FAKE Brad seemed when he was with Jennifer! Look at him with Angie and you see the difference between just existing and existing with a purpose! The man has blossomed and he doesn’t need million dollar weddings and fancy things he just needs Angie and their kids. He finally found out what matters in life and it’s not all the money and fame like he had with Jen. It’s being happy and giving back some of the wealth to those less fourtunate than he is! He is even sexier now than he ever was with Plastic Jennifer Anniston..she’s homely and selfish! They should have took all the money they spent on that farcical wedding and given it to charity they got divorced anyways so what was the point of that gaudy display of wealth! Maybe Angelina doesn’t want to get married because she knows deep down if they divorced it would cost her so much money that she could put to better use in other ways!

  30. Carleigh says

    And you can’t sit there and say that you think being a single mother is immoral without examining the fact that YOU believe that sex before marriage is immoral. Well I wouldn’t be a SINGLE mother if I hadn’t had sex BEFORE marriage and made the conscious choice to NOT marry her father, right? (Without the benefit of being divorced and a single parent.) That’s why your ideals and comments burned me the wrong way. You can’t sit there and say that you believe sex before marriage is wrong (but yet you did it too!) and not run the risk of garnering some offense from others.

    And there is a portion of your blog that I agree with and that is that YES I do hope that my daughters will marry someone they love and have the benefit of a stable marriage and have babies and happy lives..what parent doesn’t want their child to be better than they are and to be happy??? IF that’s what they choose to do then I support it just like I would stand by them if they were to make choices that were so called non-traditional. Bottom line is that I want the best for my kids and that’s all I think any parent wants deep down.

  31. Carleigh says

    No Kelley it’s not that much of a stretch to read between your lines that YOU don’t agree about sex prior to marriage otherwise you wouldn’t have stated “I am not sorry that I think you should be married before you intentionally have a baby. Yes, I had sex before I was married, and guess what?” Doesn’t it take having SEX to become pregnant??? It did the last time I checked. You are all over the place in your “opinions” you want to defend your right to believe that sex before marriage is wrong/immoral and then you make the statement that YOU yourself had sex before marriage?? A bit hypocritical huh? You are entitled to any opinion you wish and I am NOT attacking you personally but it’s your ideals that I question. Just don’t sit there and ride the fence about OH it’s OK for me to do it but not anyone else. If you were that old-fashioned and based your puritanical beliefs according to your religion than YOU yourself never would have had sex prior to marriage. Anytime a woman has sex she can become pregnant because the only sure method of not becoming pregnant is to practice abstinence.

    As far as Hollywood setting examples for which I raise my kids by no not for me it doesn’t. I don’t sit there and pattern my childrearing skills/abilities/decisions according to what HOLLYWOOD deems to be normal or acceptable. I raise my kids the way I feel will allow them to step forth in this world as well-rounded, just, caring, compassionate, loving, honest and forthright people. I know that Hollywood is fantasy land and what is acceptable and normal for the celebs doesn’t neccessarily translate well or apply in real life.

    Well said #31.

  32. nicola says

    There r thousands of families out there who`s parents r not married. I doesn`t mean they don`t love their kids any less………GET IN2 THE REAL WORLD THOSE WHO THINK IT`S WRONG

  33. KellyMay says

    Well put Kelley! I read your posts a few times and really didn’t take offense to them at all. I struggled with my own choices 7 years ago, I found out I was pregnant and was due the weekend of our planned wedding. I knew that I was being immoral for having sex before marriage but also thought I was safe from the repercussions because I was on the pill, least to say God obviously intended for that little girl to bless us earlier then we planned (or very possibly to teach me a valuable lesson). I am so thankful for that. I chose to move our wedding date to the following year when our baby was 9 months old. I plan to be very honest with my children and hope to instill in them the value of marriage which is something I am learning everyday myself. My parents never followed any moral code and really felt they didn’t have to but yet they judged me when I became pregnant. I hope and pray that my children will be strong individuals and make choices that are right for them. It’s not really what happens in life it’s what you personally choose to make of it!
    I agree Hollywood is sending the wrong message and most of these relationships are detoriating. It’s one thing to have a strong mom whom values her children more then anything, it’s another whom leaps from one bed to the next fulfilling her needs first and not her children, I won’t even touch on the celebrity Dads that do the same. That certainly isn’t directed towards anyone in particular but I’m sure many names pop up right away.

  34. says

    “Too many people think it is ok to have babies without being married, so I think it?s funny to see the same people who defend people having babies without being married are most times the same ones who raise hell over people cheating or being with a married man or woman. I mean really, think about it. Neither is a very moral choice.”

    I feel the need to clarify this, because reading back over it I can see where the message is lost. First of all, I was defending Angelina, who I don’t care for because I think that she gets a bad rap because Brad hooked up with her before his divorce to Jen. I think it is unfair that she gets the homwrecker label when personally I think all three of them wrecked their home. I think Brad cheating (if he did) is immoral. I think messing with a married man is also immoral. I do happen to think that intetionally becoming pregnant without being married to someone is not VERY moral. Its one of those varying degree things to me. What I guess I should have said was having a baby without being married on purpose may not be immoral, but it isnt the most moral thing to do.

    I do not think being a single mother is immoral. I was raised by one. I do feel based on my religious beliefs that children should be a product of a loving marriage. I may be old fashioned, but I wonder. Since I am raising a child, do you feel that I should instill to my son that he should first fall in love, then get married, then have children? Or should I tell him to do it in whatever order he wants to? Were you raised that way? I was raised by a single mother, but she still told me that things should be done in a certain order. Love, Marriage Kids. Life taught me that it does not always happen that way, but I will yell you this, I don’t want Hollywood teaching my child that it is OK to start dating, fall in love, get pregnant and then get married later if you still feel like it.

    I would also like to add, that I do not look down on anyone else here or their choices, and I never did. Having a belief is not the same as passing judgement on individuals. I think some of you here have passed judgement on me that I am prissy, or judgemental or whatever, and maybe I can’t change that. My friends know me and they love me. I have seen them through pregnancies when they have broken up with their boyfriends and I have stood behind them when they were in abusive relationships and never once threw it in their faces when they ended them. I supported a friend in an up planned pregnancy. I was there when she considered abortion, and while relieved when she decided against it ON HER OWN I stood by her.

  35. says

    Carliegh you WILL NOT turn this in to me saying anything about being a single parent. At no time did i EVER put down being a single parent. EVER. Point it out please? How dare you make a comment that would allow people to believe that I feel that way. Thinking that people should get married before they CHOOSE to get preggers is a long way from not getting married after finding out you are pregnant. Futhermore I never abdocate abortion, as you pointed out by saying “never once did I think it was wrong to continue my pregnancy”. I would never put that on someone. EVER. So stop putting words in peoples mouths. I don’t think anyone here could think that I am in anyway against single parent homes. ANyone who has read how many times I have said Britney needs to leave Federjerk would know that. BTW a couple of people does not make a majority!

  36. says

    In all the pictures I have seen of that Maddox, he looks like a spoiled, spazzy little freak. I CAN’T STAND HIM, but then with a Mother like her what can be expected.
    Also, I have yet to see one, JUST ONE picture of Brad and his Mistress when they are together and smiling….
    That woman will never be happy, and Brad will be the one alone without Shiloh, cuz of course the kids will stay with her.
    You reap what you sow!!!!
    HA HA HA.

  37. Carleigh says

    Boy oh boy does comment #18 really offend me and obviously many others around here– as well it should. I have a beautiful 2 1/2 yr. old little girl and did not WANT to marry her father. I got pregnant around the time we were breaking up and never once did I think it was wrong to continue my pregnancy just because her dad happened to be a jerk and we weren’t going to be together to raise her! I made my own decision to have I think that makes me immoral? No I don’t, I think it made me into a better, stronger, wiser person to have the courage and convictions to devote myself to raising my daughter. Do I regret that she can’t have a perfect family life? Sure I do but I have also found out that the concept of family is all of what one makes it–Alyssa and I ARE OUR OWN FAMILY! I would much rather raise my daughter alone, on my own and be happy than to be stuck in a miserable, shitty existence just because society and it’s judgemental members deem my situation or me personally immoral. If we all cared about what society thought appropriate we would be no better than a herd of cows and just trudging along in blinded stupidity oblivious to life in general. Who wants to be like everyone else? Individuallity is what makes our world and diverse and interesting place. Anyone who has had a child and raised it alone can tell you that it is NEVER an easy decision but for those of us who do..we do it because we CHOOSE to do it and not because we had to. I have no regrets at all and my life is much more fulfilled, happier and just fun since having my daughter and for some people to sit in judgement of me for it….so be it! My kids are my life and I devote my heart and soul to making sure they have the foundations they need now to be respectful, strong, knowledgeable, considerate and productive adults…that is MY JOB! That’s why it is MY life and my choice–who in the hell are you to point a finger or snub your nose at me or any other single parent??? Are you really that pristine and perfect that you can say all those things with such a strong conviction or are you just that pious and close minded that you can’t see past your own archaic, old fashioned beliefs? People like you are scarey.

  38. says

    Sorry you feel that way Lisa. I didn’t realize that I addressed you by name when I made my post, I thougt I was addressing Hollywoods new obsession with having children BEFORE getting married and doing it on purpose.

    I am in fact getting older, but I don’t think waiting until marriage is an “old-fashioned” idea, but the fact that some people think so is why I made the whole statement to begin with.

    As for being mean spirited i’m sorry you feel that way. I have my ideals and so do a lot of other peoples and if they differ from yours then that is life.

    As for the things I say on this blog I generally don’t want to address people personally but I am human. I am being accused of being “judgemental, mean-spirited, old-fashioned, condescending, one-sided with blinders on and who sit atop their little high-horse soapbox condeming everyone else”

    I don’t sit on any horse or soap boxes. I am not one sighted because if I were I don’t think I would have been able to watch Angelina on Behind the Scenes for Shark Tale and think how lit up and happy she seemed. I also try not to be condescending, but I was raised a certain way and that way was that you don’t intentionally get preggers until your married. Sorry…no wait a minute…

    I am not sorry that I think you should be married before you intentionally have a baby. Yes, I had sex before I was married, and guess what? My mother and grandmother both found that immoral. Does it make me a bad person? No, I don’t think so. As I was saying in the post to begin with, Angelina being with a married man might not have been moral, but I don’t think it makes her a bad person.

    That’s IT. I acutally started out defending myself here, and I am going to stop. Blogs are about opinions I have mine you have yours whatever!. I just throw comments out there, if they land on you then that’s your problem.

  39. nicola says

    I agreed to #18, but not about the child b4 marriage. My husband and I neva only married when our son was 8 months old

  40. Lisa says

    I object to and am offended by #18- comparing the wonder of having a baby when not married to adultery-as both immoral. So on that vein, sex without marriage is immoral because in many cases that leads to baby without marriage. My husband and I had our beautiful baby girl prior to our wedding. We loved her, cared for her and supported her financially together and there was nothing that we did that was not moral. We have been together a decade and we take care of our responsibilities. My daughter was the best decision I ever made and to have someone try to label me as immoral as an adulteress is just bull!!! Do you know what I find immoral- People who are judgemental, mean-spirited, old-fashioned, condescending, one-sided with blinders on and who sit atop their little high-horse soapbox condeming everyone else.

  41. says

    A few years ago Brad Pitt was interviewed, and he told Diane Sawyer that he wasn’t sure if he believed in soul mates, and he wasn’t sure if people were meant to spend the rest of their lives with ONE person. He was still married at this time, and it was before he met Angelina.. so what does that say about his marriage to jennifer?
    he wanted kids, but jennifer was more focused on her career, which is selfish of her.
    Brad and Jennifer were a selfish couple together. They were more worried about matching highlights, then they were about anything else. Brad meets Ang, and all the sudden he’s this do-gooder, who realized there’s more to life, than just him.
    I think Angelina and Brad make sense. they are a wonderful couple, and it’s amazing what they’re doing for society.
    As for them looking miserable, I would too if I had a bunch of losers following me around with a camera alll the time. If we want to say they’re unhappy cause they’re not always smiling, I think we should be followed around all day by a couple cameras, and see if we can keep smiles on our faces.

  42. Carleigh says

    Did you all ever stop to think about the other pic’s that they have taken of Brad and Angelina in the past??? The press takes hundreds of pic’s of popular couples and then picks out the ones that will show the stars looking unkempt, unhappy, miserable, tired, overweight, depressed..etc. Of course we aren’t going to be AS interested in the happy, posed, perfectly plotted pics of celebs because we want the DIRT, WARTS AND ALL! It’s what gives us fodder for the gossip that we so much love to speculate about now isn’t it? LOL

  43. Lisa says

    The bottom line is he is divorced from Jen and no ammount of bitching or posting divorced people wedding pictures changes that. He fell in love with Angelina and lets hope for all three of their kids they can stay together. Also, there are no two people on this planet who get accosted by paparazzi then these two, so all these photos they look “misrable” in are probaly because they have to deal with hundreds of paparazzi following them everywhere

  44. Kelley says

    If your not happy, then either work at it or get out. I have told my husband before that if he ever wants to be with someone else, then he might as well just leave me cause the marriage is over. I don’t think there is any excuse for cheating, either physically or emotionally. Even though I don’t like Angelina personally, I don’t think people should blame his marriage falling apart on her. I don’t think she had any business messing with a married man, but our society today does not value marriage.

    Too many people think it is ok to have babies without being married, so I think it’s funny to see the same people who defend people having babies without being married are most times the same ones who raise hell over people cheating or being with a married man or woman. I mean really, think about it. Neither is a very moral choice.

  45. nicola says

    Whether you`re happy or not, is that any reason 2 cheat??
    You work at ur problems, face them head on, not run away from them

  46. Kelley says

    I don’t like the term “homewrecker”. I just don’t think that a man who is truely happy in his marriage can be MADE to cheat. Brad did interviews 2 years in to his marriage where he would say things like, we just take it one day at a time and if we are together forever then great, or if were not then atleast the time we are together is great.

    I don’t really think that either of them were really in it for the long haul, and even though it sucked when they broke up neither one of them looked very upset when they got back from their “Breakup vacation”.

    So he is with Angelina now, honestly I do not like the two of them together. She seems more like a wild child and he seems more like little mr. down home. But guess what? I don’t get to choose who they are with, and neither does him grandma. Do I think she should have an opinion about her grandson? Sure, but I don’t think she had any business shooting her mouth off to the press about it.

    Now we all have our favorites, some like Jen, some like Angie and some (like me) don’t really give a hoot about Brad while some fawn all over him. Please though, we can disagree, but I don’t think calling each other fat ass or trailer trash or whatever insult is going to prove or solve anything other then making people roll thier eyes.

  47. says

    Jada Pinkett Smith: Suri Is ‘Gorgeous’
    WEDNESDAY JULY 26, 2006 10:50PM EST,26334,1219552,00.html

    By Nicole Weisensee Egan

    Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

    Photo by: Jeff Vespa / WireImage

    Suri Cruise has remained out of the public eye since she was born on April 18 – but Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s daughter is “gorgeous,” Jada Pinkett Smith tells PEOPLE exclusively.

    “She’s one of the sweetest babies I’ve ever met in my life,” Pinkett Smith says. “She’s an absolute beauty and she’s Daddy’s little girl.”

    Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith have visited with Suri twice, both times at Cruise and Holmes’s Beverly Hills mansion.

    “She’s beautiful and they’re very happy and they need to be left alone,” says Pinkett Smith, who described Suri while talking to PEOPLE about her participation in the anti-violence event, Party 4 Peace, run by pal Charles “Charlie Mack” Alston. “She’s the cutest little baby. She’s got a head full of black, beautiful hair.”

    And how are mom and dad doing? Cruise is “excellent” and Holmes is “a great mom and she’s loving every single second of it.”

    Earlier this month, another famous friend, King of Queens star Leah Remini, also said she saw Suri, who “looks like Tom and Katie. She’s just beautiful.”
    Try 4 Issues of PEOPLE Risk Free

  48. braydie says

    HEY CORE stop reading tabloids will ya. all your statement is based on is lies in tabloids. no cure ? whats that supposed to mean? i guess your too high on your angelina high to notice YOU DONT MAKE SENSE! jen and vince havent broke up dumbass. jen demanding??? w/e whos the one that demanded she have kids right then and there? and when she didnt he went out to the first person he met and what 10 months later had a kid with her, even though she said herself many times SHE DIDNT want kids of her own! really “core” or whomever you are today….get something else to write instead of the same ol thing…your boring and you dont know what your talking about. “jen is a bitch” your all fat ass’s” your prob the one that weighs in over 400 lbs and doesnt have anything better to do then sit at the computer and look at all the “brad and angelina” sites bitching about anyone that hates them. talk to your personalities…tell them there making you look stupid.

  49. core says

    the loosers’ army is atacking again. 😀

    Jen had lunch with Mr. Vince in February when she fell in love with him. oh, well, so much for this fake virgin mary of all the fat asses housewives who are supporting her.

    granma is senile and indecent. she shouldn’t to family’s laundry in public, shame on her.

    BREAKING NEWS: Jen is unhappy with Vince, the wedding is off. She says Vince doesn’t do everything she is asking for, that he is spending too much time with his friends and doesn’t uses forks when he eats pizza. loooool. This Jen is just a selfish bitch who sees other as her servants! No wonder men cannot keep up with her demands. Poor Brad, waisted 7 years with her for nothing, and now poor Vince has to go through the same ordeal. And for what? For a stupid and ugly brat.

    hi braydie, no cure for you yet? 😀

  50. nicola says

    Look at Brad and Jenn`s weddin pic, they looked so happy, why did he av 2 go and ruin it?
    If ur avin problems in ur marriage or somethin in general, don`t run away from it, face it.

    Brad`s a coward

  51. KellyMay says

    Braydie good points, I never really looked at it that way before but very true in reflection!

    Oh Maria I wanted to see that Thank you!

  52. braydie says

    I dont think its a bad thing that his grandmother has her own opinion about what her grandson is doing and who he is with. I dont think their as happy together as everyone thinks they are. the minute the camara starts rolling and she has to do a interview shes all smiles. BUT when shes out with Brad, I dont ever see a smiling picture of them on a “family” outing. she always looks sad, irritated, unhappy, and just not at all into brad.JMBO
    I also believe angelina WILL marry him because IM sure its eating her alive when people still refer to jen as his wife.

  53. says

    Speak on Betty, finally someone who can tell the truth the way it is!!!! BETTY IS THE SMARTEST LADY I HEARD FROM. You losers just can’t handle it, a “real family” speaks up with the truth and you all go mental, who knows Puky Pitt better than her,
    NOT YOU.
    Far as Skankalina goes Betty is right there too, you have to read between the lines, but who would welcome some homewrecker into their homes.
    Jennifer was smart, classy, and RESPECTS AND LOVED HIS FAMILY, why else would they all still be in contact with her.
    So there! Skankalina is a WHORE!!!!!

  54. Katie says

    Well that’s comment about Brad is sensitive soul i believe for that so do Angie that she got divorce twice..But poor Jen cannot keep her word to stay a single life that she needs another man to replace Brad..It doesn’t make any sense at all that Brad’s grams hoping they get back together after going through many storms in life things aren’t the same anymore bec. Brad got kids now involved and jen will soon probably has her own kid with Vince..That’s crazy!!!!

  55. Lisa says

    Sure we as the public can speculate and gossip, thats one thing, but for your own family, your grandmother to discuss it publicly, disgraceful. Marriages end, new ones begin, life goes on, support your grandson and keep shut

  56. zwinky says

    well if he was so upset that he couldn’t keep his promise, why did he cheat in the first place? c’mon, we all know he did it.

  57. KellyMay says

    I agree Jen, poor Brad getting his stuff aired by Gran!

    They are a beautiful couple! I recently heard Brad talking about what he wanted in his life partner, about a relationship being equal and supportive. It was amazing! God I love him!

    Angelina is looking great!!! She’s barefoot LOL

  58. Lisa says

    I think granny should keep her yapper shut in regards to her grandsons life, support your family in all of their decisions and keep quiet. How incredibly rude. I also don’t care to see the wedding picture of a divorced couple, also Jen has a dog face in comparison to her hair and body, never really thought her profile was pretty at all…

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