Just Crazy Cuteness With No Purpose!

Here is Jamie Lynn (Britney’s little sis) with Sean Preston. Such a cute pic! Looks like they’re sharing a pudding pop!

Britney Spears



  1. Diana says

    Katie – I COMPLETELY 100% agree with you. One person has written on here that they hate Britney and Kevin. Reason? I am not sure they have one, but that’s a pretty strong word to use x

  2. katie says

    can i just say something. I am astounded at the comments i have read on here. some of you slate britney and say how horrible and fat and ugly she is, yet you are here on this site taking your personal time to look at pictures of her and then make an effort to write things about her. And please dont get me started on her baby!

    I think its very very sad.

  3. says

    my baby is chubby, he has started crawling and though at 6 months he was in the 95th percentile on his weight, now at 8 months he is in the 60th. I love him to pieces. I feed him exactly what his age group feeding suggestions are and he weighs what he weighs. I feer for him about a lot of things that can happen to him to hurt him. I even hope that he does not become an obese adult.

    Right now though all I care about is that he feels loved, feels safe and feels happy. The rest will come naturally.

  4. Diana says

    Makenna – I agree with you. Britney’s baby Sean is chubby, but not overweight and is absolutely gorgeous. He looks well cared for too. I thought babies were supposed to be chubby or am I wrong?

  5. Makenna says

    Some people need to go by the GOLDEN RULE, “If you cannot say anything nice, DON’T say anything at all.”

    Why must people act like immature highschoolers? Grow up. It’s the freaking internet.

  6. Nosy says

    maybe she took the picture!!Leave Brit and SP alone you sad, miserable people! I think he looks absolutely friggin lovely!!

  7. niesha says

    Out of all of this I have to agree with post#71 and from me to eveybody who gives a damn this is brittany’s baby not ours and if she wan’t him fat skinny ugly or handsome its there business fyi she don’t take care of him no way some nanny do as you can see where the hell is she in this picture.

  8. says

    She looks like she has anyway. I liked the pics though, I loved the colors. I had planned on using similair ones if my he had been a she. Maybe next time.

  9. Jackie says

    I think those pictures are creepy! The set looks like a 6 year old girl’s bedroom and she’s all smiley and pregnant in it. She has aged 15 years since then.

  10. Diana says

    What a gorgeous baby, and Britney’s sister is very pretty! Just like Britney at her age! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. PaGirl says

    Ok I Just want To Say Sean Preston Is Adorable! & I Think The Chubbier The More Adorable!! babies are! I Also Think Jamie Lynn Looks Just Like Her Big Sister Brit But I’ve Seen Her Interviews & She Has Her Own Personality ,She Seems Like a Great Aunt!!! Shes Havin Fun Being Aunt Jamie You can see That!!! LOL I WISH Her the Best In her career .

  12. nicola says

    Since i had my son 17months ago, all i`ve done is put on weight, not on my arse or face just my stomach and thighs. I`m covered in stretchmarks, but at the end of the day i`m happy wiv the way I am. I know i got this way by avin my wonderful, handsome little boy !

  13. Mum on a powertrip says

    Hi Braydie
    Cindy comment 30 said the following:
    ‘yes iโ€™ve been pregnant!! stupoid bitch. I was 5?11 and 125 lbs gaind 30 lbs before i got pregnant and only gain 30 which i soon lost. iโ€™m sick of people thinking pregnancy is an excuse to get fat. wait i can picture u now 2 kids, about to have ure thrid c- setion,50lbs overweight and full of strech marks. sound about right!! ‘

    I was responding to her comment that I was probably fat ,as I defend people who are not stick thin, and really do not think we should care if anyone is fat or thin, so she felt that she needed to have a go at me by saying that I was fat and going to have my 3rd C section. I am not quite sure why that is an insult,, but Cindy obviously thinks it is. As I said before who cares if you have just gas and air or a c section, it is either your personal choice or a choice made for you by a situation that you are not incontrol of, either way fine by me.

  14. Sammie says

    And everyone wonders why all these girls are obsessed with their weights now, it’s because of all you disturbed people who sit at there computers and bad mouth the babies and each other I don’t think you all should be mean to each other saying no one knows any more than the next person. It’s not the end of the world when another mother doesn’t do the same thing as you or maybe disagree with you. All you mothers think that there way of feeding their child is the right way for everyone but all babies and mothers need different methods it’s not a bad thing.

  15. nicola says

    I think #52 is tryin 2 say that ppl who`ve given birth by c section av a fat arse…………….My son was born by c section, does this include me? I know i ain`t got a fat arse

  16. nicola says

    Misses the mark SOMETIMES?
    Try 90% of the time. Yh he`s fed and clothed, most likely the nanny`s job, she just doesn`t think. She really hasn`t got a clue. Let`s all go and put our kids in danger, y not? If Britney does it, then it`s gotta be right!!!!!

  17. Lisa says

    very true about mothering choices that are ill-advised versus choices that are illegal. The whole unsafe driving stuff had to stop. I think how Sean is fed, dressed and cared for is another matter. I do think Britney loves her baby to bits, that she tries her best and just misses the mark sometimes. Do I think SP is in danger in her care? probaly not but is it really my business anyways. I do think he is a cute baby, all babies are cute !!!

  18. nicola says

    #36, whether u like Britney or not, is there any need 2 attack her son?
    That child`s done nothin 2 u, he`s adorable, leave him alone, he`s a baby, he can`t defend himself

  19. says

    I think everyone will agree with you Lisa that mothering is a personal choice, and how you raise your child and what you do and do not allow is your business and your business only. The only time anyone should become involved is if you are doing something illegal.

    Pudding pops, koolaid and no shorts is not illegal….now driving with your infant on your lap…..well now thats a different story.

  20. Lisa says

    LOOK, I think prior to K Fed and babies Britney had the most spectacular body/shape. She was the epitomy of athletic, sexy, curvy, six-packed abb hard body. She was on every best body list and the star playboy playmates try to look like. Now she looks like a healthy pregnant woman, with that body the way it was before the only way she could go was down, will she recover that same exact body?? Probaly not…

    Also, Kool Aid and chocolate (pudding pops or not) are not foods I would feed a baby under one ever, or at least I never did with my child-Sean is cute, all babies are cute and he will thin out once he starts running around…

  21. Mum on a powertrip says

    braydie look ta comment 30, then it will make sense. It does not matter how you give birth and I will not accuse anyone of being a fatass

  22. braydie says

    Mum on a powertrip~~~ so if i had my child c section im a fatass? Your statement doesnt make sense.

  23. says

    I never breastfed, but I don’t think anyone should tell anyone else how long is too long. Did you see the episode of Desperate Housewives when Lynette hired that new girl and she said she breastfed her kid and it turned out that the kid was 5???? Wow!

  24. Mum on a powertrip says

    God I would hate to be your children – you are all so minded, and by the way I am not overweight even though I am having my 3rd child naturally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Jen says

    I breastfed for 2 years and my baby wasn’t chubby at all. I always thought bottlefed babies gained more weight. Anyway, I recently saw a picture of Sean Preston with a bottle filled with what looks like Kool-Aid. There’s no way i’d feed my kid that red sugar water! I guess it’s a southern thing…

  26. Jackie says

    The greatest eating disorder is that people can’t stop eating! Waaaaaaaay more people are overweight than underweight.

  27. Mum on a powertrip says

    Dear Cindy – britney is pregnant with normal weight gain for a pregnant woman, would you like herto look like Victoria Beckham or Lionel Ritchies daughter – I guess not. we all really need to stop criticising people for being not stick thin or we will end up with a huge amount of our children with eating disorders.
    But pat on the back for you Cindy – you managed to stay thin

  28. Rhonda says

    I think that some of you are never happy. Maybe some of you should find a life away from this site and stop aruging with each other. You guys always trash Britney for everything she does with her child, what are your children doing while you are on this site arguing with each other like a bunch of high school girls. That’s what’s wrong with the world today people need to take a look into there own lives before they judge other people. That’s my opinion and you can trash it all you want.

  29. says

    You can’t reason with some people. The best thing to do to those bloggers who insist on saying hateful malicious are just trying to get attention, and from now on my mission is to try to ignore them and give them as little attention as possible and hopefully one day they will get the hint and go away!

    Notice I did not mention any names, but I will bet you that by tomorrow there will be people jumping up attacking. When this happens I want everyone to remember something that my preacher says “I just throw it out there, if it hits you…then it was for you!”

    I’m going to enter my URL here, and let you guys see what my little man looks like when I have him at home. Just check the photo albums section on my 360. If you want to join as a friend then cool. Even create your own page. My son spends time in a diaper with a shirt, and a daiper with nothing else. He eats Graham Crackers and sometimes I will let him have a little taste of things here and there like pudding pops. http://www.babycenter.com has a feeding chart that will show you that babies as young as 8 months can have small amounts of processed dairy like cheese and yogurt.

    I’m not a thin woman. I only gained 14 pounds with Jaiden, but that was ok because I was overweight to start with, and guess what. I was far from an overweight infant.

  30. Diana says

    Cindy – Britney is pregnant remember, and I wouldn’t call her fat at all. Healthy more like. I don’t think any babies are ugly. That is a horrible thing to say.

  31. braydie says

    Annonymous i hope you dont have kids. why would you call a baby the ugliest baby in the world? has this baby done anything to you or anyone for that matter? You people have no right to say anything about my “negitive ” posts anymore. at least I dont say mean things about kids.

  32. braydie says

    kellymay i didnt mean to say YOU would have a bitchfest with me ….im just so used to it from others lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Annonymous says

    He is the ugliest kid ever…i am not just saying that cuz its Britney’s kid either, I just don’t think he’s cute!

  34. Susan says

    I agree about the kid never having any pants or shorts on.
    I think it is slovenly to let your kid run around in a diaper with a t-shirt. She has enough money to put a pair of shorts on him. I never let my kids run around like that.

  35. KellyMay says

    I agree Braydie being a nurse does not give me more knowledge then anyone else. Nurses are specialized in many different areas, I have a good friend that is a surgical nurse and has no interest nor no desire to care for babes as is my specialty and would never try to advise anyone in those areas just because she is a nurse. Also being a doula I have extensive training in mother and child care. I am in the process of becoming a midwife and feel strongly about mothers and children. I am sought out for advice numerous times daily because of my expertise, I take my career very seriously and educate myself so I can be that authority.

    Oh and I try desperately not to be a bitch, so I hope I don’t come across that way. That is nothing like personality in the ‘real’ world, an unfortunate downfall of the internet. Thank you for understanding and again I am sorry.

  36. braydie says

    this post might sound harsh but im not tryin to be a bitch.i wasnt offended by you saying dont judge babies. i agree with that i was offended because i bottlefeed my baby and hes perfectly healthy. im perfectly healthy. IM very well educated and ive raised 3 boys and now i have a 5 month old. JUST because your a nurse doesnt mean you know anymore then the rest of us. as for the statement by far a real woman? its sounded like you said just because you breastfed your better then the women that dont. i took offence to that. you should say things more better. not to tell you how to write your posts so please dont think i am , just a example. you said “Do I feel I am authority yes I do, I am a Mother of two, a nurse, a birth doula as well as a postpartum doula and by far a real woman!” not what you said in post 29, you could of wrote “IF you were by far a real woman, you wouldnt judge babies.” it made you sound like you where on a ego trip even though you might not see it like i did.. i know now since you didnt have a bitch fest with me that wasnt the case. thank you for explaining.

  37. says

    yes i’ve been pregnant!! stupoid bitch. I was 5’11 and 125 lbs gaind 30 lbs before i got pregnant and only gain 30 which i soon lost. i’m sick of people thinking pregnancy is an excuse to get fat. wait i can picture u now 2 kids, about to have ure thrid c- setion,50lbs overweight and full of strech marks. sound about right!!

  38. KellyMay says

    Wow Braydie, I’ve read and reread my post, I’m lost as to how or why I offended you? Misperception perhaps?

    My response was in direct reply to #9
    “Ugh you guys are all way too nice. I really don?t want to get into an argument neither of us can win, however, there is such a thing as an overweight baby and it leads to obesity later on. This may or may not be the case with Sean, but I think he looks fat. It?s not about weight obsession, it?s about health. It?s also surprising that breast-fed babies in your office are chubby because they are less likely to be overweight later on. ”

    From my post “Breastfed babes double their weight faster then commercially fed” this does not mean that formula fed babes are not healthy or that breastfeeding is better. I think that’s why your upset with my post, I was strictly pointing out facts about BF and why these babes are generally bigger in their first 4 months of life. Breastmilk has a much higher fat content then formula, this may or may not be a good thing therefore BF babes pack the weight on fast and formula fed babes have a gradual gain. Every babe is very different just as a mom’s choice on how to feed their child is theirs. I am neither pro-breastfeeding nor pro-formula, these are choices that have to work for both parent(s) and child. It will not and cannot by mutually beneficial if your not comfortable with your choice. I am thankful that formula is available, in my career I have seen many woman that were unable to nurse, there is nothing wrong with that!

    “by far a real woman! Stop judging babes they are beautiful no matter what, look in the mirror and look at yourself!”
    A real woman soley because I will not criticise any child and I really cannot fathom why other woman feel inclined to do so that is not a real woman in my humble opinion.

    I am deeply sorry you took offense from my post, I have learned from this that maybe I need to direct my posts more clearly.

    I apologize again…

  39. Mum on a powertrip says

    so cindy how fat are you, have you ever been pregnant.
    I am worried that I am reading these comments but more worried that there are so many cows out there who get a kick from putting others down, look inward to criticise not outwards – you never know it might help you all stop criticsing others to make you self feel good

  40. braydie says

    KellyMay im sorry but my 5 month old has chubby legs and is actually bigger at 5 months then sean p is now. hes bottlefed. and very healthy. as a “nurse” i hope you dont go telling your patients that crap your telling us. I believe that im “by far a real woman” and i am deeply offended by post 22. JUST because your a mother and a nurse DOESNT mean you are a authority on ANYTHING. MY grandmother was a nurse for 35 yrs and had 12 children. she still thinks babies should sleep on their stomachs!
    I believe that no baby should be judged on whos cuter then who, whos chubbier then who.so on and so on.
    but i also believe the mother of her baby knows whats BEST for their child. IF someone came up to me and said what you said IRL i would punch your ass out. exspecially (sp) IF YOU WERE MY NURSE.

  41. nicola says

    #7…..My son was chubby when he was younger, he`s 1 and started walkin at 9 months, since then the weight fell off HIM due to the amount of runnin around he does, I`ve lost loads just chasin him, lol

  42. KellyMay says

    Oh and be concerned when you don’t see a rotund babe!

    Yes breastfed babes are chubbier by nature as nature intended. I breastfed my children they had beautiful chubby little thighs and we’re very healthy as was I for the act of Breastfeeding alone! Breastfed babies double there weight much faster then commercial feeding, there is a reason for this I encourage you to educate yourself!
    Do I feel I am authority yes I do, I am a Mother of two, a nurse, a birth doula as well as a postpartum doula and by far a real woman! Stop judging babes they are beautiful no matter what, look in the mirror and look at yourself!

    Ugh I hate when my buttons get pushed, I apologize for my behaviour ๐Ÿ™

  43. braydie says

    I do agree about leaving the baby out of any neg comments please! Its not his fault who his parents are. he looks PERFECTLY healthy.

  44. braydie says

    I agree. leave that poor baby alone and start bitching about his mother for goodness sakes! ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Mum on a poweretrip says

    Maybe it is beacuse I am english but I am shocked by the nasty comments, people believe it is OK to attack babies, Gwyneth paltrows first baby was slammed by all for being so huge at birth – why do we feel the need to criticise others. My 2 babies wer large when they were born, my first was chubby until he was 18 months – he was breastfed and has always had the healthiest diet, but people like you would say I fed him on biscuits all day, why are babiesan easy target – maybe the people that enjoy criticising others shoudl take a good look at why they do so, are there lives so shallow.
    Sean Preston is perfectly normal chubby baby (baby fat which will go once he starts walking) and is loved by his family

  46. Jackie says

    Ahhh moms on powertrips. Just because you are a mom/nurse/babysitter doesn’t make you the authority on babies.

  47. Maria says

    Why is this baby never wearing pants or even shorts ???? Also why do his cheeks look sunburned !!!!!!!!! Poor baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Lisa says

    I seriously did not feed my daughter anything like that before she turned one. Her birthday cake/ice cream on her first b-day were her first sweets.

  49. Lisa says

    You are truly gullible if you believe that silly little statistic that breast fed babies are skinnier later on….

  50. Kelsey says

    I think everybody just needs to stop criticizing someone else’s child! Sean Preston isn’t even a year old yet, and here we are arguing back and forth about how cute he is, and being judgmental about his size. He is a CHILD and I think we should all be happy that he is healthy and has a family that loves him.

  51. Jackie says

    Ugh you guys are all way too nice. I really don’t want to get into an argument neither of us can win, however, there is such a thing as an overweight baby and it leads to obesity later on. This may or may not be the case with Sean, but I think he looks fat. It’s not about weight obsession, it’s about health. It’s also surprising that breast-fed babies in your office are chubby because they are less likely to be overweight later on.

  52. KellyMay says

    Jackie that child is not overweight!!!!! I am a nurse that works in a Dr’s office and see tons of babies! Sean P. is perfect! My gawd, what next! LOL I read a report recently he was underweight compared to Violet Affleck, they are children already being plagued by weight issues! You should feel good about that one!
    Interesting the chubbiest babes we see in the office are usually breastfed, nothing wrong with a healthy baby also in the medical community it is much better to see a child with some extra then not enough! The first thing babes stop doing when ill is eat so the extra fat has a purpose. Much less the fact he isn’t walking yet either! Do you have children by chance?

  53. Jackie says

    I don’t think Sean is that cute. He is overweight (don’t blame it on baby fat!! It’s not healthy.), his lips are really skinny and he always has that ‘deer in the headlights’ look. Maybe he’ll get cuter…

  54. Diana says

    Kendra – we all make mistakes. Britney may have perhaps made more than you, but don’t be so judgemental ๐Ÿ˜‰ She is beautiful, rich, talented and most importantly loves her son. Good luck to her, and my God Bless her in the future.

  55. Vicki says

    awwww !! I think Sean Prsetom is the cutest celeb baby at the moment, cant wait 2 see wat her next baby looks like !!
    Also how much does Jamie Lynn look like Britney used 2 ?? I had 2 do a double take i though it was her before she died her hair !! Lol xx

  56. kendra says

    Oh, how Britney must WISH she looked as cute & pretty as her sis.

    Hope Jamie learns from Brit’s slovenly mistakes. Doesn’t marry an unemployed dancer, doesn’t let herself go physically/mentally, doesn’t smoke… the list is endless..

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