Feminist Icon Ani Difranco Announces Pregnancy

Musician Ani Difranco, 35, announced her pregnancy at the National Organization for Women 40th annual convention. She is due in February. She is a prolific artist considered by many to be a feminist icon and is very politically minded. I am not personally familiar with her, but remember hearing her spoken of when I was in college. The baby’s father, Mike Napolitano, produced her upcoming album “Reprieve.” Best wishes!

Ani Difranco



  1. Mahalia says

    Congratulations to Ani on her gorgeous baby girl, along with her new album. Can’t wait to hear it; love her.

  2. braydie says

    i know diana, where i work there all over it too. it is a shame that its come to this…but i guess id rather be safe then dead. πŸ™‚ i fly ALOT and Ive been on more then acouple flights where we had to land because of “threats” … One time right after 9/11 i got off a plane because i was to scared to fly and drove over 6 states to get home lol.

  3. Susan says

    Wow… what a lot of cranky people. I too love Ani DiFranco and have been listening and attending her shows for the past 12 years. I think that it’s exciting that she is going to be a mom. I look forward to hearing how this new experience will play out in her music.

  4. Diana says

    It is a shame everything that is going on at the moment Braydie with the world situation. Although, security is very tight over here in the UK. It is good that they haulted that terror plot before anything happened. They said that they had been investigating it way back since December 2005.

  5. braydie says

    lol diana why do you think i didnt take my husband LAST time i went πŸ˜‰ i cant wait to shop. after whats going on now i doubt ill be able to take a empty suitcase with me this time:(

  6. Diana says

    Men are like that aren’t they! I have got to try and get rid of some of my many clothes for our trip to Aus next year, but I really don’t know how I will be able to do it! There is only so much we can take, but I really am a shopaholic!! You will go mad for the clothes here, there are so lovely shops here in the UK! πŸ˜‰

  7. braydie says

    yeah i know i love it when people come on here and its there “first” time but yet they think they have a opinion about US. lol, to be honest, i believe alot of these one hit wonders are just other posters pretending…they want there posts to seem more important.
    Il’ll be sure to try to check it out:) i wrote down those places cuz ill never remember the names lol. ive been shopping already for the trip and i tell my husband the things were on sell and i will save alot in the long run…so he says …we cant afford to save anymore money πŸ˜› he thinks hes funny. πŸ™‚

  8. Diana says

    Braydie – I always find it funny when these random people come on the site who have never been on before, and then never come on again. Ie William!! πŸ˜‰ It really is beautiful the Cotswolds/Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire, all round that area really. Unfortunately its getting the nice weather in England, but you must have to make the most of the weather, raining or sunny!

  9. braydie says

    celeste…yes we are all crazy …you should run NOW far, far away…dont come back cuz you will get sucked into our PSYCHO ways…. hurry before we catch you celeste….

    Diana~ someone actually just told me to go there this time around so i think if i have time ill go:)

  10. Diana says

    Braydie -that sounds really cool! England is a lovely place, although I am biased!! Berkshire is wonderful too, very posh also, but beautiful. I am glad you enjoyed your time in England!! If you get the chance, visit the Cotswolds next time you are in England. It truely is wonderful.

  11. Angie says

    if i’m not mistaken…aren’t these comments OPINIONS?? ive always been under the impression that opinions are just that..not truth. who freakin cares if some ppl have heard of Ani Defranco and even more havent. “william’s” comment was very ignorant..he was trying to sound just and self righteous but it made him look like an ass.
    Congrats on the pregnancy, Ani Defranco- whoever u are!!

  12. braydie says

    Diana~~I went to birmingham, Berkshire, london, southampton, stone henge, and alot of other places, my fave place was Berkshire though it was awsome there! I also went to england for work but i was there for 3 weeks so it felt like a vacation! I want to move there one day, for real, thats how much we loved it. Im going back in about 3 months to do some security and computer work for a major company in london when they get their new system, but ill only be ther for 5 days πŸ™ Im tryin to get my boss to let me go for longer but so far ..well im not getting far lol.

  13. Diana says

    Chick – How do you know that Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears haven’t done there bit for humanity/charity. Some celebs probably don’t shout from the roof tops that they are so high and mighty and good all the time. Sometimes the people who do the most don’t go telling everybody that they have done so much. They are humble. I am sure she is amazing in some people’s eyes. Just not everybody eyes who I know!! πŸ˜‰

  14. chick says

    lol wtf just because you dont know who she is, doesnt mean shes nothing. theres pleanty of amazing artists who arent mainstream, and shes done so much more for humanity then justin timberlake or brittany spears. you arent all knowing, neither are your friends, so therefore i dont think it is your place to determine who is important, and who isnt

  15. niesha says

    who the hell cares can we talk about someone we all no next time. That like a picture being posted up with me on it who the hell cares aboout me being preg. no one no’s me (lol)

  16. Diana says

    And Carleigh – I totally agree with you!! πŸ˜‰ And William, I lack no depth, just insight in to true musicians, ie Coldplay etc.. etc.. etc..

  17. Diana says

    Braydie – whereabouts in England did you go! I like living here too – I was born in Cambridge, but am going for a year to Australia with my hubbie next year for work/travel etc.. etc.. I can’t wait! πŸ˜‰ England will always be my home though!! πŸ˜‰

  18. braydie says

    “william” “if they lack the depth to appreciate truth” OK wtf are you talking about? well you got one thing right WHO CARES!!!

  19. william says

    you don’t have to defend Ani — if they lack the depth to appreciate truth — who cares!

  20. Carleigh says

    I just got my internet back up and running that’s why it took me four days to comment. I just was responding to someone above who stated this woman was sucha great artist and BIG time feminist. I had never heard of her before so I did a google, found her homepage, played a few clips and can honestly say I still don’t know who she is. Hence my comment about sticking to my predictable, boringly entertaining Top 40 tunes. I still don’t know who she is??? LOL

  21. braydie says

    wanna know what i think is funny…some post dont go 30 seconds on here without a post on it….i put “who cares??” 4 DAYS after this was posted and you all think you have something to say now? WHY WAIT until someone (likeme) says i dont care to say something? im going to address each one of you.

    Misty ~~~do you for SURE she will be a fantasic mom? no you dont. im sure your not off everynight listening to “true musicians” im sure that you have a radio and probably listen to all kinds of music. not JUST hers.
    Lauren ~~~ IF she was soooooo great ….why doesnt ANY of my co workers- friends-family know of this incredible artist? dont get me wrong. im all for womens rights and GO feminists! and ive actually looked her up and heard her music and i gotta say its not for me and i can see why no one knows who she is.
    Alicia~~~ complain? the only one i see doing that is you. i just said who cares and all you self rightous bitches think you can cut me down for it? IF she was such a great artist why wait until someone says something negitive to say something or should i say bitch about?
    and Carleigh ~~~ DITTO
    Diana~~~I LOVE COLDPLAY:) and i love England, was there last summer with my eldest son, people are so straight forward!…LOVED IT:)

  22. Carleigh says

    OMG…I just googled this woman and played a couple of tracks from her website like Oragami, Bliss Like This and Animal and JMO…I think I shall stick w/ my boringly, typical, yet entertaining TOP 40.

  23. Alicia says

    It seems like some people want to complain just to complain. If you don’t know who she is, why did you follow the link and take the time to comment. Ani is an amazing singer/songwriter and has created amazing album after amazing album. Many of her songs have been covered, and the Top 40 crowd might know them (32 flavors is definitely coming to mind as a bigger cover that she wrote).

  24. says

    Familiarize yourselves, it will behoove you. She founded the recording company when she was something like 15 years old. She’s cranked out incredible album after album and now she produces a number of great indie artists on said label, Righteous Babe.

  25. Diana says

    Jessica – there is nothing wrong with listening to top forty musicians. She can’t be that good if neither me nor Braydie, or all of my friends haven’t heard of her. But good luck to her!! Nothing wrong with not knowing who she is. Plus, there are many excellent musicians who have more than just one hit in the top forty. Coming from England, Coldplay are just one of our bands who I can think of who are excellent, and have had more than ONE hit blunders.

  26. Misty says

    Jessica, I think, I know who SHE is, and I think she is great too! Apparently some people only listen to top forty one hit blunders and never have the plearure of hearing a true musician. She will be a fantastic mom.

  27. braydie says

    Diana i dont know and i dont “think” anyone but the “free thinker” jessica knows. thats why i said who cares πŸ™‚

  28. Jessica says

    She’s is a leading woman in vocal, musical, and lyrical artistry and she is amazing. And she’ll make a beautiful and open-minded mother… unlike some of you others………..free thinking is better than no thinking.

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