Heidi Klum Enjoys Some Shopping..For Trendy Maternity Fashions Perhaps?

Heidi Klum took some time for herself and went shopping in Beverly Hills Thursday. Heidi looks fabulous as usual, but few pregnant women could pull off this look!
Heidi Klum



  1. jay says

    The woman is absolutely beautiful. She the type of friend you will secretely hate.
    Ps. Where did you see this particular pic?


  2. KellyMay says

    Nicki, you have my just giggling, good for your hubby sounds like mine! “Shock them Honey”, “let me know what they say” LOL I think he likes it as much as I do!

    Yes our host loves Heidi but how could you not, she’s beautiful!

  3. Nicki says

    Suppose to leave 30 miutes ago, sucks waiting for other people to come to your house, but yes from your last headline “you do love you some Heidi”. I don’t think anyone can deny the beauty of this woman, and she does always look great, not just photo shoots, can we get a pic of ??maybe Suri??, LOL, sorry, only kidding. Listening to Motely Crew Rattlesnake Shake while trying to post, and the song, the words fit, Sex in Motion, make my body ache. OK sorry, hubby was behind me while music is on and said type that, lol.
    She is absolutely beautiful, and funny too. Great combo. Oh yeah and a happy and loving Mom.

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