Just wanted to say that I am about to crash…kids are down and I should have followed suit a long time ago if I knew what was good for me! Sorry postings were slow last week..my son turned 6 last week and it was a busy time. It was the first year I felt like he actually had expectations for his birthday(and quite particular ones I might add). I miss the Thomas the Tank Engine days sometimes. Things were so simple and straightforward then. We did Thomas parties for his 2nd and 3rd birthday parties! Now, of course, he thinks Thomas is boring. So much for all the money we invested in Thomas paraphenalia! Anyway, I had to make a very long excursion to the nearest ToysRUs to get the Shake and Go Speedway by Fisher Price and since I hadn’t been in a ToysRUs in years (I love internet shopping) I was totally overwhelmed. I had to make an emergency call to my husband and have him talk me through exiting the store! They had a gigantic Barbie section full of amazing things! I wanted the Barbie playtent with a light-up chandelier for my daughter who is about to turn 2. It was getting BAD! Luckily I got out with just the gift for my son, but I was exhausted! 🙂 Anyway, my parents provided him with great birthday fun after camp on his actual birthday and a few days later we had his party with his friends. Back to normal now hopefully…But when you are a mom there is never really a normal, is there?


  1. nicola says

    I av a 1 yr old boy and things av never been the same since he was born……..they`ve been better, he`s my world and gives me reason 4 livin, bein a mum is the most precious and awesome thing ever, I love it !!!

  2. Stacey says

    My “baby” is 11 and boy do I miss those Thomas the Tank days. The books, tracks, trains, videos, games, etc. He even had a Thomas Halloween costume, lunch box, back pack, dinnerware, bedspread, pillows. Everything was Thomas. Enjoy while you can, your baby grows up fast.

  3. Helen says

    lol my son is 2 in October and just getting into the Thomas stage – so will make the most of it! Did he have a nice day then? Happy Birthday to him from us! xxx

  4. KellyMay says

    My son turns 5 in October, if ever in doubt for another amazing gift! Fisher Price Geotrax, amazing!!! He loves it a ton, it stands up well (sturdy toy)but room is a must! Half of our playroom is designated to the Geotrack. I too love internet shopping!

    You are doing a great job, no worries the majority of us enjoy this site immensely! Keep up the good work, and no I don’t there is anything normal when it comes to being a mom. Gosh I had no clue what I did with my time when I had no children!

    I’m interested to hear how he likes the speedway, please let us know! Take care!!! I love the personal touches…

  5. Mama in Arizona who can relate says

    Oh, can I relate! My son just turned 2 on Thursday. I bought him the whole Thomas the Train thing. I’ll be lost for ideas as the years roll along here. For all that you do for this website, you’re doing a fantastic job (especially with juggling kids, life, etc). Thank you for that!

  6. AnotherMama says

    Ive got my sons 5th birthday coming up in Sept. And I SO understand what you are saying about him being particular. It used to be so easy. Oh well I still have my little guy (now 2+ months) to go through all the “easy” birthday’s & gifts with. And since they are both boys— I dont get to shop in the Barbie aisle much at all except to marvel at how much She has changed since I was obsessed with Her. Happy Belated Birthday to you Son!

  7. Nicki says

    So please, let us know how much he love the speedway. Also what else he got and loved and hated (it will help with buying unspecified gifts for 6 year olds later, thanks) I also love internet shopping if you have a specific gift you need, otherwise I do love looking at all the cool stuff and finding the perfect one.( I also don’t have young ones with me)

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