Kate Moss & Lila Are A Stylish Mother-Daughter Duo

Kate and Lila look super stylish as Kate drops Lila off at preschool. I love Lila’s gold sequin headband!

Sorry…image removed.


  1. titi says

    O my god… Jess really? How can somebody so …… like you know if Kate spend time with her kid? Oooh, you probably know her I forgot. Get a life honey.

  2. Deb says

    Kate Moss’ personal flaws aside. On the subject of her carrying her child, if I had paparrazzi stalking my every move I’d be afraid for my slower moving child as well as myself. If she is trying to boot it past prying camera lenses the best way to do that is to pick up her child and motor. I also don’t know how celebs hold up with the threat of kidnapping always in the forfront of their thoughts. There are a lot of wackos around. Call me paranoid but I’d be a nervous wreck!

  3. kelly says

    just because she has a drug problem doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her child. i think it is unfair to her because she has been a model since she was 13 and has felt the pressures of that world for so long how can everyone just turn there back on her?

  4. Helen says

    Braydie what an example, how fantastic is that. Wish you and your boys all the luck in the world. And anyone who is struggling with or knows someone who has an addiction xx

  5. Diana says

    Braydie – that is amazing what you did, well done to you! I work on a psychiatric ward, where a lot of patients are very unwell, due to drugs, and it is very sad. I guess you don’t know where people have come from, and what has turned them to drugs either. It is very sad. I just guess that the companies who have kept Kate on their books should have been a little wiser and stayed clear of her until all the hype had ended. She isn’t such a good role model in still advertising make up etc… but then who would turn down getting paid all that money!! 🙂 I hope you continue to be happy with the kids. It is a real credit to you. May God bless you all x

  6. braydie says

    I dont usually get so personal but I know what it is like to have someone in your life on drugs.when i was 18, just turned, my b-day is in dec and i got full guardianship of my 3 nephews in feb.they were 5, 3 and just under 1, my brother and his wife both had adiction to meth, herion, crack and coke. my oldest nephews first word was coke and he didnt mean the soft drink. They loved there kids but it wasnt enough to stop them from loving thier drugs. my sister in law died with a needle in her arm 5 days after i got them and my brother ..whos was ten years older then i died in a car accident 6 months after i got them. he was high on meth. Kate moss looks like shes doing so much better. but who knows what goes on behind closed doors. I know for a fact she does take a drug test every month just to show everyone she ISNT on drugs. I gave up everything i wanted to take care of those kids who are MY sons . I gave up going to MIT, i gave up any kind of relationship.( the min they found out i had 3 kids to take care of they were out of there) I couldnt even amagine doing anything that would hurt them. Thnak god i found a awsome man to be with and he loves those kids just as much as he does our 5 month old, NOW those boys are OUR kids.I also did end up going to college and now i have a great job i love. I hope kate now feels the same way. I wish for her daughters sake ..she will stay clean.

  7. Konstantina says

    People shouldnt be so judgemental…you dont know the whole story behind her life. Just cause the tablods say she is an addict isnt nessacerly true. She seems like a good mother, her child seems very well taken care of. And if I was a celeb with all those paparazzis around Id hold my kid close too.

  8. Helen says

    I agree too, I cant believe Rimmel still have her – a make up range aimed at teenage girls whose role model is a drug addict? or was. whatever. Anyway my theory for the carrying – its another way to burn a few calories and keep skinny!

  9. Maria says

    I agree with Eyesofpearls She’s nothing and shouldn’t be thought to be more then an over paid drug addict !

  10. Lisa says

    I cherished carrying my daughter, even when she became too big for it, I loved the smell of her, the feeling of her little arms and legs clinging to me, the little kisses she’d give me on my cheeks, Cut people a little slack-of course her daughter can walk- she as a mom who chooses to carry her, who knows why, out of love?

  11. Eyesofpearls says

    What is this thing about carrying the children, even bigger ones? Can’t any of them walk??

    And what is so fab about kKte Moss on this pic? Or, even better, on any pic? That girl is epiphany of sins! I wouldn’t mind if I don’t see her on this blog ever again. She is not a celebrity, she is a disgrace!

  12. Diana says

    I do think the little girl looks gorgeous but I think that Kate is no role model for young women. You should take the consequences of your actions rather than get every contract under the sun, and get paid loads. Perhaps a time out of the limelight to reflect on what she has done would be a good step, rather than just get back all the contracts she lost temporarily. Plus, she isn’t all that beautiful either. But that’s my opinion. 😉

  13. clemmie says

    kate continues to look fab what ever situation she is in, and as for lila its so refreshing to see a little girl dressed with such class, it must be a british thing, as some of you’re US celeb mum’s seem to get it so so wrong. kate is a credit to british fashion, with all the scandal’s in the past she has remained a style icon. burberry and h&m must be really pleased that they droppped their contract with her, as kate is reportedly going to make 10 million by the end of the year.

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