Denise Richards Takes Lola For A Pony Ride

What fun! Denise Richards was snapped taking 1-year-old daughter Lola for a pony ride near her home in Hidden Hills, Calif., on Monday.

Denise Richards



  1. Lisa says

    Maybe Sam is riding, her head obstructed from view by the horse head, and the nanny, helper whoever is holding Lola up next to the horse for the photo….

  2. Nicki says

    No Helen, look, the kid has the longest leg for a year old kid I'”ve ever seen. Something is wrong with this photo, seriously. You can’t even see her diapered bottom on the horse, but from knee down you can see her leg, weird I think.
    Lola is very cute, but she should have her leg checked out, lol. (she is very cute.)

  3. Helen says

    lol has anyone else noticed how lola’s leg isnt actually attached to her body? Whats going on there? Maybe I am seeing things…..

  4. Nicki says

    Exactly, Denise is ALWAYS out with her children and we ALWAYS see pictures of it. Except for the fact she is now shacking up with the estranged hubsand of her one time friend and neighbor, WHY are they following her? She is not an A list actor. Oh yeah the messy divorce and the allegations SHE threw out to the PRESS. Maybe a little privacy(let the courts deal with it) about something so personal would have made her an “exemplary” mother.
    I have no doubt she loves her girls. I’m just wondering why we see her 5 times a week, always smiling and looking straight towards the cameras.
    And Laurella I didn’t say “It was a photo-op” I said “it LOOKED like a photo-op.” JMO. Why is Denise leading the horse, does she work there? Most Moms would be watching the kids face and seeing how much fun, not fun they are having, and enjoying the kids excitement.

  5. Laurella says

    So a mother can’t bring her children out for the day without it being considered a ”photo op”? Denise is ALWAYS out with her children and the paparazzi follow her everywhere. She is allowed to smile, Lord knows she’s been through a lot, and the children need to see a happy mother, they need to be surrounded by calmness and contentment.

    She is an exemplerary mother, one who is always with her daughters, and both girls seem happy.

    Denise is amazing.

  6. Nicki says

    It does look like a photo-op doesn’t it. All these “happy” pictures might come in handy in court?

  7. Helen says

    to me it looks like denise has just taken lola out for a chance to get her picture taken – why isnt she watching lola and just beaming away…….or maybe its just this one pic……lola is cute tho

  8. Sonya says

    Despite all that is being said about Denise, she seems like a good mom. She’s always with her kids and always has a smile.

  9. KellyMay says

    Lola is cute but where is Sam? the last few photos have been of Denise & Lola but I’m sure Sam would have enjoyed this more?!?

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