Catherine Zeta-Jones Loves Fans

I have been obsessed with Catherine Zeta-Jones for a very long time now…I admit it! She is an inspiration! Fans seem to be a fashion accessory of hers! In the first pic she is fanning herself with one (at the 2003 America’s Cup) and in the second she is as well (at the very recent Inaguration Gala for the Robert Graves Foundation). They do make her look EVEN MORE impossibly exotic and gorgeous! 🙂 Catherine is aging ridiculously well!
Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones



  1. Diana says

    I think she is beautiful but I don’t like her and Michael’s attitudes sometimes. Ie over their wedding pictures, and demanding so much money for them. They are greedy that’s for sure.

  2. Nicki says

    She is very beautiful, and always has been. One of the classic beauties. If it is hot then by all means use a fan. I lived in Lousiana for 10 years, moved ther from S. Calif, and it was sweaty hot hell. Took me two summers before I could even go outside during the daytime. Maybe if I had a fan I could have made it outside once and a while. She is very beautiful,and looks way cooler than anyone I knew in July and August in the hellest of hea. She is a classsic beauty!

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