Brooke Shields, Grier & Rowan Have To Evacuate Home

The Brentwood home of Brooke Shields has been infested by termites, forcing her to take her family to NYC until the problem is resolved. Brooke is seen here arriving at LAX with her daughters Grier and Rowan, while workers were busy fumigating her home.

That is a pain!

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields



  1. Nicki says

    Wow her little girl, Rowan is getting really big. She is cute.
    Good luck with the termite problem and enjoy your home in NY. If I had a termite problem(I’d be F’D) and staying in Motel 6 or the compatible cousin to it, waiting for insurance to kick in. But hey I’m not an actress who was working since she was under 11 years old.
    Her children are as pretty as her and I’m thinking one of them will light up the screen. They are really pretty kids.

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