Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner To Move To Boston

So long, L.A.! Ben Affleck, 33, and Jennifer Garner, 34, have plans to raise 8-month-old Violet in his hometown. “They realize it’s important to be as ‘un-Hollywood’ as they can,” says a pal. Plus, they’ll save money on a sitter: His mom, Chris, lives in the area.

This is cool news! Boston is my home city…never lived in the city, but always just a half an hour away. Boston is such a down-to-earth classy city. Best wishes to their family!

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner



  1. KellyMay says

    I love them too! So in love and so real!

    Lara, that is so cool that she chatted with your grandmother!

  2. Lara says

    Boston is my hometown — lived there for 33 years before moving to Georgia. I actually went to high school with Ben and Matt. My family is still there. In fact, my grandmother works at Harvard University, and the other day she was getting out of her car on Brattle Street in Cambridge (where they are living) and Jen Garner was walking Violet down the street in a stroller! My grandmother got up the nerve to say, “Excuse me, are you Jennifer Garner?” and she removed her sunglasses, and replied, “Why, yes I am, and this is Violet.” And the two of them chatted for a few minutes. She said she was very sweet and “normal”!

  3. Nicki says

    My hometown also. The best place for just about anything.
    Also lived outside the city, about 30 minutes, without traffic, south. Think Gillette Stadium, although it will always be Schaffer Staduim to me where I saw Elton John July 4 1976. I don’t even own an Elton John CD, but the concert was one of the most entertaining ones I’ve seen. It was also our Bi-cenntenial celebration. Boston Rocks!!!!
    I know Ben and Jen and Violet will be safe and happy there. Best to them. Violet will have a quieter life there than in Hollywood. Smart parents!

  4. fawna says


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