What Is Going On With Cindy?

Ok…I grew up loving Cindy as a teenager and even met her at the grand opening of Planet Hollywood in Singapore. She looked AMAZING. I remember thinking she looked even taller and skinnier and more awe-inspiringl in person. This isn’t a great look for her…or I imagine for any 40-year-old mother of 2. She looks a bit like a J Lo loving teenager. Yikes! Also..this outfit looks like it took a lot of time and thought to put together..with the shiny gold bag and hat and all…but where is the lipstick and blush? Note: I still think she is very pretty and she seems like a great mom! She just looks baffling here.
Cindy Crawford



  1. Diana says

    I have got to say I think Cindy can look beautiful, but my Mum at 52 looks better without any make up, than Cindy in this pic. But I like her shoes too!

  2. KellyMay says

    Cindy sure does look great but a bit of makeup would do wonders! Gosh the world has warped us haven’t they! Kudos for her to go ‘au naturel’ over 40 at that!

  3. kendra says

    Look at those muscular legs & thin thighs!
    Most moms haven’t a prayer looking this slim. And she’s over 40! Awesome.
    If had hair down & ditched hat, she’d be stunning… even sans makeup. Cute shoes too.

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